He infiltrated the locker room, took the sweater and fled, but a mistake gave him away to the FBI: the unprecedented robbery of Tom Brady that embarrassed Mexico

(Photo: Jovani Pérez Silva / Infobae Mexico)
(Photo: Jovani Pérez Silva / Infobae Mexico)

Tom Brady, quarterback of Tampa Bay Buccanners, is one of the most important players in history in the NFL. This Sunday he will play his tenth Super Bowl and although this game has given him many joys, win it six times with the New England Patriots, has also caused bitter moments like the theft of one of his jerseys which you used in the LI edition.

On the night of February 5, 2017, Brady’s shirt was special, because with it, Brady and the Pats produced one of the most spectacular comebacks in sports records, defeating the Atlanta Falcons 28-34, after to go losing 28-3 in the third quarter.

After this event that was part of the glory of American football, the Mexican journalist, Mauricio Ortega, who was director of the newspaper The Press, took advantage of the chaos for the festivities and stole the quarterback’s uniform that was valued at $ 500.

According to media and surveillance videos from the stadium in Houston, Texas, at 9:36 p.m., Brady took off his sweater to wear another shirt with the champion legend. The uniform was given to one of his attendees, who at 9:41 p.m. left the team at the dressing room.

(Photo: Jovani Pérez Silva / Infobae Mexico)
(Photo: Jovani Pérez Silva / Infobae Mexico)

After 10 minutes, the lenses captured Ortega Camberos walking on the field and taking photos with the players. Later, at 10:04 p.m., he was seen walking into the Patriots locker room together with a retinue that accompanied the team coach, Bill Bellichick.

At 22:08, the reporter accredited to be there appears under a security camera in the hall that you look directly at. Although he stayed at that site for a few minutes, at 10:11 p.m. go back into the locker room empty handed. However, at 22:18 he leaves the site with a black bag under left arm.

A few minutes later, the top winner of the competition noticed the theft and even declared it at a press conference, where he commented: “The shirts with which you win a Super Bowl are quite special to keep. What can you do?, i will take the ring and that’s good enough for me. “

Following these statements, the Houston police and the FBI mounted a large-scale investigation. They analyzed hours of recordings to build the evidence and that’s how they identified Ortega. Once booked, it was necessary review more than 20,000 accreditations to identify it.

With this photo, Mauricio Ortega tried to sell Brady's jersey through websites (Photo: AFP)
With this photo, Mauricio Ortega tried to sell Brady’s jersey through websites (Photo: AFP)

Another element that helped in this investigation was the collaboration of Dylan Wagner, a teenage Patriots fan whom Ortega had tried to sell the shirt. The place where the objects were located was a house in the Condado de Sayavedra subdivision, in Atizapán de Zaragoza, State of Mexico.

“You cannot come to Texas to embarrass ourselves in our own turf”Huston Police Chief Art Acevedo said days before the items were found. In the same house they were found other belongings of Super Bowl champions, as another jersey de Brady corresponding to the big game of 2015 and the helmet Von Miller, of the Broncos, used in another final.

Following the discovery, the historic quarterback did not file any charges against Ortega, however, this disappeared from public light and even the newspaper The Press made it known that there was resigned from his direct position for “personal reasons”.

Last year, the television network Fox Sports broadcast a documentary in which Ortega Camberos gave an interview, but avoided delving into this matter. He only said that it had not been a premeditated act.


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