He is 20 years old and achieved a feat in BMX: the first “triple flair” in history

The 20-year-old Brit shocked the world with his prowess

Despite being only 20 years old, British rider Kieran Reilly made history and confirmed why he is considered one of the main emerging stars of BMX worldwide. The young man broke a record by adding half a turn to a triple backflip and thus achieving the first “triple flair”, also known as “triple style”.

The event, which was sponsored by an energy drink company, took place at Asylum Skatepark, Nottinghamshire, on a custom ramp and roll-in. THE FIRST TRIPLE STYLE IN THE WORLD!!!🤯I can’t believe it. So happy to show you all this! You can see how high the emotions were in this video, I want to thank the people who made this possible, “he wrote, still emotional, on his Instagram account. Instagram.

After showing some failed attempts, Kieran achieved his goal and there the joy exploded. He was fired from his bicycle with a smile drawn on his face, which was immortalized by one of the cameras.

Kieran Reilly became the first person to achieve a "triple style"
Kieran Reilly became the first person to achieve a “triple style”

The raised in the city of Gateshead, after taking this sport to the next level, in dialogue with Red Bull told details of his feat. “When you’re at it it’s a bit crazy and you try to look at some brands. I remember that in each rotation I saw certain things -the ceiling, the foam pit or the ramp- that helped me count them. The rest is muscle memory: once you do one rotation, you only have to do two more. The point was to psych myself up to do the triple flip as fast as possible and then stay upright as long as possible. With that extra time, I just had to drop my weight to one side to finish rotating.”

His feat was not achieved overnight. The English recognized that after a year throwing a double flair, he began to plan his next move. “It was always in my head because no one else had done it and seeing two scooter riders iron it in the foam pit I saw that rotation was possible. Once I had the double flair under control and I felt comfortable, I tried to go a little further”, he confessed. And then, he added: “I started testing in May 2021. I had two weeks to test and record it. I thought it would be like going from flair to double flair, but it wasn’t, in fact I couldn’t be more wrong. It took me two days to understand the rotation and two more to get it right to be able to test it on the ground”.

“I will be competing in the UCI events to get points and work on my competitive side. My goal is to be at the 2024 Paris Olympics. I would also like to participate for the first time in an X Games. Anyone who is in the world of action sports knows what an invitation to this event means.”


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