He ran out of money due to the pandemic, painted a painting of Messi that went viral and now he will go to Qatar

Claudia Pérez was invited to Qatar to present her works

claudia perez lives in a town of 200 inhabitants in Argentina. In her room he painted a picture of Lionel MessiHe took a photo of it and uploaded it to Facebook. This went viral, reached Qatar and as a result was invited to exhibit at the Qatar International Art Festival. Originally from Avellaneda, a small town in the province of Córdoba, the artist also wants to bring to the Arab country in October a painting of Diego Maradona which he created shortly after the star’s death.

“Since I was a child I have been self-taught. I dedicated myself to pencil portraits. There was a standstill in my life, a time when I was married. After I got divorced I went back to live in my village. This was 12 years ago and there I dreamed again of taking up painting again, which was my thing, my life, my passion,” Pérez said in an interview with the EFE news agency.

”I start to make a horse that I Google the photo, of an Arab. I also didn’t know if it was going to work out because it was my first oil painting. There was also no money to invest and I finger-painted it,” she added. When he was halfway through the frame, he contacted the horse’s owner on Facebook, who asked him the price and asked for three. ”I couldn’t believe it, I started dreaming big. He opens the doors to the world of the Arabian horse for me and gives me the opportunity to travel to the deserts to paint his horses. It was a chain of horse breeders who knew each other. They were recommending me. A) Yes I was traveling seven or eight years to the Emirates and other countries but always piloting it and rowing it a lot because it paid my ticket and I had to stay in very expensive places“, accurate.

“I have had exhibitions in Dubai, but here in my town nobody knows me, I am just a country girl from a field”.

The Qatar World Cup will begin on November 21, after the art exhibition to which Claudia Pérez was invited (Reuters)
The Qatar World Cup will begin on November 21, after the art exhibition to which Claudia Pérez was invited (Reuters)

That lifestyle came to a complete halt in 2020 with the pandemic. ”I was left with no savings, with nothing. That’s where Diego died. I said: ‘It can’t be that I don’t have a super portrait of Diego, I have to paint it’. After Diego obviously you can’t miss Messi with what he means worldwide, for the Argentines and for me, “said Pérez.

The team of the captain of the Argentine national team demanded Pérez “about 30 or 32 days” of work. ”They were very tiring hours, perhaps six and some days twelve and thirteen hours. Since I paint in my room, I ended up talking to Messi. I couldn’t give any more, it was two in the morning, she put me to bed, I had him in front of me and I said: ‘Messi, please let me sleep, I can’t give any more’”. Indian.

Pérez had planned to call a photographer to take a good photo of her new work, but she was “anxious” and the night she finished it they took a rudimentary photo with a cell phone, in which “no details could be seen.” She uploaded it to Facebook, with no expectations. ”The next day I was woken up by the cell phone that had been ringing since seven in the morning. She didn’t understand anything. They were calling from radio stations in Patagonia, in Salta. It was amazing to me, it was so much,” she considered.

”Two or three days later I receive the invitation to the art festival called QIAF, the acronym, in English, from October 25 to 30, to exhibit. My heart stopped, I swear. I could not believe it”, counted. Pérez told them that, in addition to Messi’s painting, he wanted to take and exhibit, at a minimum, also Maradona’s. ”I need Diego. Argentina is Messi and Maradona, I need them both. To go to represent Argentina I need both of them. They invite me but I have to take care of my expenses, “he said.

”The painting is very recent, I am still waiting for possibly Culture, the Sports Secretariat, the Tourism Secretariat… I am not expecting them to pay me absolutely everything, but I think that, not me, but the painting, after seeing the repercussion it has had I believe that painting deserves to come to Qatar and represent us”, he said.

The Qatar International Art Festival ends on October 30, about twenty days before the start of the World Cup. Pérez does not conceive the idea of ​​being in Qatar days before the start of the World Cup and having to return without being able to see Messi and the national team. ”I stay there for about 20 days in the air and I don’t know what I’m going to do. Imagine arriving and having to come back, being there from the World Cup and not being in a game. I die. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping something happens on that side, ”he concluded.

”I am not a graduate of that side, nor do I have the resources, nor do I have the support or political contact of anyone. I come rowing it alone and knocking on doors. I’m after that dream”, he concluded.

With information from EFE


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