Heavy rains increased the problems of the villagers, the bridges and roads were washed away, so they started making improvised bridges

new Delhi: On the one hand in the country, where we talk about the development of all with everyone. On the other hand, even after 70 years of independence, proper resources have not been delivered to our country in some parts. Uttarakhand also comes from those few selected places which are quite famous in the name of cultural, religious and tourism, but people here do not even have a bridge to cross the streams of small rivers. Also Read – Aftershine rains in Mumbai: Two local trains stuck in water accumulated on railway track, 290 people rescued

Putting their lives at risk, the people of Sabha Ghurdi village of Pithoragarh were seen crossing the river with the help of wood. Here the support of these wood is considered as bridge. But due to lack of resources, people here started constructing a stop-gap bridge on their own. Also Read – Warning of heavy rain in Mumbai for next two days, advice people not to get out of the house

Due to heavy rains, roads and bridges of this area have been washed away. However, many bridges are being constructed so that villages can be connected to the main stream. But until the bridge is built, these villagers will continue to cross the river, risking their lives in the same way. That is why the people of the village built a stop-gap wooden bridge by themselves so that the river can be crossed easily.

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