Here Are 15 Detective-Themed Anime Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are 15 Detective-Themed Anime Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Even though they aren’t usually the main characters in the most popular type of anime, detectives are often some of the best and most memorable characters. They are known for their amazing intelligence and surprising answers to the show’s biggest secrets.

It seems like these agents constantly know how to get all the information they need to obtain the right answers, no matter how hard the case is. People who like police shows should never miss these shows.

Detective anime from the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s includes scary, magical, psychological, and comedic themes. Everyone can find a mystery anime they like, as well as the greatest part is that all of them have already aired, so fans can watch all of them at once.

Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time:

This show, Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time, also known as Meitantei Conan: Zero No Tea Time, is based on a novel that is a sequel of “Case Closed.” One of the secondary characters from the first show is at the center of this one.

A lot of people can live two lives, but not many can live three. Rei Furuya is a top agent in the Security Bureau of the National Police Agency. Rei works at Poirot’s coffee shop and learns from Richard Moore while going by the name Toru Amuro.

Under the code name Bourbon, he has also joined the Black Organization, which is in charge of Conan’s shift. Like the book it’s based on, “Detective Conan: Zero’s Tea Time,” the anime is mostly just a side story to go with the main series.

B: The Beginning:

The main character in B: The Beginning is a famous detective named Keith Kazama Flick who works for the Royal Police Service and wants to find out who Killer B is. Even though the murder of his sister caused him a lot of stress and made him want to stop being a detective, he ended up getting the case because an old friend asked him to.

People often think he is lazy based on how he looks and acts, but the truth is that he is a math and calculation genius who uses his skills to correctly guess his target’s next moves and then acts in a way that gives him the upper hand.

Sherlock Hound:

In the 1980s, a lot of cartoons were based on old books. Because of this, the TV show Sherlock Hound was made. It was based upon Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective Sherlock Holmes, but everyone in the show was a dog.

In this kids’ show, Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty, his old enemy, play a game of wits. One of the biggest changes for Sherlock Hound is that everyone has turned into dogs.

There are also a few excellent Victorian steampunk aspects in it, which Moriarty often uses to pull off his heists. One of Hayao Miyazaki’s last times as a TV director is still worth seeing, even though it’s geared toward kids.

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Agatha Christie’s Great Detectives Poirot And Marple:

This show has talked about the English mystery writer Agatha Christie as well as her books over the years. The Poirot coffee shop, which is one floor below the Mori Detective Agency, was named after Hercule Poirot, one of Christie’s most famous characters.

“Agatha Christie’s Great Detectives Poirot as well as Marple” is an anime show that mostly stays true to Christie’s stories about Poirot and Jane Marple, another famous character she wrote about.

This is one among the few artistic freedoms the anime artists have: they add Mabel West. She works as a junior helper to Poirot and is Jane Marple’s great-niece.


In the world of Id:Invaded, there is something called the Mizuhanome System that lets people explore human brains by going into vague psychological planes that show people’s inner thoughts.

You can get into these ID wells, but only if you’ve killed someone else. Akihito Narihisago was one of these detectives who turned bad and ended in a police jail after killing the person who killed his daughter.

He still has a strong dislike for serial killers and is a very good detective with a lot of experience. He now solves murder cases through employing the Mizuhanome System and looking into ID wells, acquiring knowledge of criminals far better than they know themselves.

Fuuto Tantei:

With Fuuto Tantei, an anime version of the Kamen Rider manga’s follow-up, the world of Tokusatsu meets the world of anime. Philip and Hidari Shotarou are in charge of the Narumi Detective Agency.

They keep the city of Fuuto safe from crooks who use thumb drives called Gaia Memories to turn into monsters called “Dopants.” In their most recent case, they are looking into a strange woman named Tokime. She is linked to a new type of Gaia memory.

Studio Kai makes the globe look cooler than ever, even though it’s weird to see the live-action Kamen Rider series in anime. All the things that made Kamen Rider W a popular show are in this one, from the weird characters to the great fight scenes.

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited:

“The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited,” also known as “Fugou Keiji: Balance: Unlimited,” is about Daisuke Kanbe, who is the head of the rich and powerful Kanbe family.

Even though Daisuke is very rich, he chooses to work as an agent at the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters, a job that is only for unhappy Metropolitan Police officers. Daisuke solves crimes with his money, power, and cutting-edge tools.

Haru Katou, a young agent whose attitude is very different from Kanbe’s, joins him at the Modern Crime Prevention Headquarters as his partner. Both “Case Closed” and “The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited” are about agents who are very good at figuring things out.

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However, Houtarou Oreki is not really a detective yet, but since he is still within school, he might soon become one of the greatest if he put in the work. Hyouka follows Houtarou as he utilizes his amazing reasoning skills to solve riddles. He is inspired to do this by Eru Chitanda, who is always interested in new things and likes him.

He is usually quiet and uninterested because he believes that he should only do what needs to be done. But whenever Eru brings up something she wants to know more about, he surprises everyone by showing that he is much smarter than his grades would suggest.

You’re Under Arrest:

Back in the 1990s, the anime series You’re Under Arrest was one of the most popular fan-made series. The story was mostly about Natsumi Tsujimoto as well as Miyuki Kobayakawa, two young police officers who just started working together at the Bokuto Precinct.

Of course, not each police show needs to be serious. There are parts of You’re Under Arrest that are both comedic and detective-themed. In some episodes, the ladies are on a case to find an avenger who hits people who are breaking the law with a bat. In others, the episodes are about relationship drama.

Detective School Q:

Kyuu Renjo was a boy in “Detective School Q” or “Tantei Gakuen Q” who is very good at math and thinking. He wants to be a detective all his life.

He starts going to the famous Dan Detective School, where students learn how to solve puzzles, are allowed to carry guns, and make friends with other students who share their interests.

This includes Megu, who has an amazing memory, Kazuma, who is a genius at coding, Kinta, who is a great martial artist, and the mysterious Ryuu. Both Conan as well as Kyuu fight against strong, bad groups. In this case, Pluto is the one who comes up with complicated and bad plans for its clients.

Beautiful Bones:

Sakurako Kujou, who is the main character of Beautiful Bones—Sakurako’s Investigation, is a trained osteologist who really loves bones and skulls. She also got help from a famous forensic scientist, who helped her learn even more skills.

Forensic analyst for the local prefectural police: she helps them solve murder cases that would seem impossible to solve otherwise thanks to her vast knowledge and experience. Sakurako may not solve very many cases, but she is very good at bones, so she would be able to solve any riddle involving bones.

Double Decker: Doug & Kirill:

Double Decker has a cartoon police show with a superhero twist. The show is about Doug Billingham as well as Kirill Vrubel, who work for the Seven-O special investigation unit.

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Seven-O was specially made to fight a new crime group that is spreading a drug that can give people superpowers. Doug and Kirill don’t have much within common, but they both love their jobs more than anyone else.

A lot of police shows have a more low-key feel to them. On the other hand, Double Decker has a lot of set-piece fight scenes to balance out the secrets in the show. Double Decker will appeal to people who enjoy witnessing heroes with tools face bad guys with powers.

Moriarty The Patriot:

“Moriarty the Patriot” or “Yuukoku no Moriarty” changes the plot of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes” books by making Professor James Moriarty, one of the best monsters in literature history, into an antihero.

Muroiry the Patriot is based on a comic story by Ryousuke Takeuchi. It takes place in Victorian England, when it was the world’s most powerful kingdom.

Still, regular British people were in pain and couldn’t do anything to make things better. That’s when Moriarty as well as his brothers start to punish the British elite in the way they see fit. Like Christie, Doyle as well as his works are often mentioned in “Case Closed.”


Shinya Kougami is a clever agent who used to work for the Public Safety Bureau and is now with the Criminal Investigation Department’s Division 01. He would do anything to find the truth about a story, even if it meant losing something.

At first, he is an inspector, but when one of his coworkers is killed by the killer they were investigating together, Shinya’s feelings get worse and his crime rate goes up. As a result, he is downgraded to being an enforcer.

The first main character in Psycho-Pass handles cases in a way that no one else could because he is bold and has a lot of knowledge, experience, and senses.


While reading both Marvel and DC Comics, Hamatora imagines what would happen if superheroes joined forces with detectives instead. There are very few people in this world who have special skills called minimums. Yokohama has two Minimum Holders named Nice and Murasaki.

Their job is to solve crimes within the city. But when a new case comes up that involves the murder of Minimum Holders, the two are sucked into a situation that is too big for their new agency to handle.

It’s likely that most people have seen “stylish detective” cartoons before. However, Hamatora is far and away the best because it has better graphics and personalities that you like more. It’s kind of like GetBackers meets the X-Men.