Here Are The 10 Best Comedies On Peacock


Here Are The 10 Best Comedies On Peacock:

There are many good things about watching comedy movies. These things aren’t drugs, but they can do amazing things for your mental health. To cool things down a bit, watching comedies is a great way to escape from your everyday life and ease stress.

Of course, you are able to view them even if your life isn’t boring. They will still make you feel good, maybe even better than normal, because they will make your life even happier. That’s why we’re giving you nine great comedies of different types that you can watch on Peacock.

Even though these movies all have funny parts in common, they each have their own unique kind of comedy that fits the story. We’re sure you’ll like most of them, if not all of them. You could enjoy one more than the other. Okay, let’s start.

Asteroid City:

“Asteroid City” is a visual treat that only Wes Anderson can pull off. It shows both the making of a play and a play about a stargazer gathering that takes place in the retro-futuristic desert town of Asteroid City within 1955.

Scarlett Johansson, Jason Schwartzman, Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks, Bryan Cranston, Adrien Brody, Edward Norton, as well as Steve Carell are just a few of the great actors in the movie. It will take you to a different world where the funny parts are in how people normally talk and act.

While the movie is set in 1955, it is actually set in the retro-future. This means that it could be our future, and the actors could be us, maybe 100 years from now.

While you’re laughing, please think about this because it looks like Wes Anderson needs you to do it, and if it looks like it, it must be true.

Stuck In Love:

This is a beautiful love story about the ups and downs of love between a father, his ex-wife, as well as their children. The movie skillfully ties together three love stories from three different generations, making you care deeply about each one.

It has great acting and a great music that makes you feel like you are going through the same things as the weird, crazy family. If you want to see a love comedy alongside a little more depth than most, this is the movie for you.

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Poker Face:

Charles is running away from some bad people. She travels across the US doing odd jobs wherever she finds them. By being able to tell lies right away, she solves crimes and helps the friends she makes along the way get justice. Each week’s surprise show has a different guest star, and Charlie always has to find a way to get out of trouble.

Like Rian Johnson’s Knives Out movies and his first movie as a director, Brick, Poker Face uses common mystery tropes to make a new movie in the genre. That movie or old TV shows such as Columbo as well as Murder She Wrote? You won’t want to miss a few of the greatest comedies upon Peacock.

Tucker And Dale vs Evil:


It’s fair that this movie makes fun of every “cabin in the woods” horror movie ever made. We promise that you will be happy you saw this film after thinking over and over that any cabin in the woods has to be the home of a serial killer or a crazy person with an ax, a chainsaw, as well as a pistol that has been sawed off.

In “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil,” a group of college students go to the woods to party, but they run into two scary guys. But the truth is that Tucker and Dale, the two “scary” guys, have additionally traveled to the woods for some time in their cabin, but the group doesn’t understand them.

Obviously, they have also had the same thoughts as the ones above. What happens next makes everyone’s holidays worse, and it makes us feel sad because we enjoy all of the blood that has been spilled. Look at the video to understand what we mean. Eli Craig stars as Tucker in “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.”

Handsome Devil:

It’s the UK hit from 1985 by Prefab Sprout called “Desire As.” I can’t get it out of my head. The sensitive kid who doesn’t like rugby and the school’s rugby star are the two main characters. This song plays when they talk over the “Berlin Wall” that splits their dorm room.

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“It’s perfect as it is, so why crush it with your perfect hands?” is repeated in the song. Two people who don’t seem to get along form a friendship that is threatened by the traditional authority at their school when one of them comes out as gay.

This may seem like a tough idea, but Handsome Devil serves as a comedy. The coming-of-age story is sweet and easy to follow.


On NBC’s Superstore, the staff of a big-box department store are shown going about their daily lives and relationships as they try to do their work well.

The show is a great workplace comedy that does a great job of mixing political criticisms of working-class Americans’ working conditions with funny sitcom antics that are based on interesting characters. This is a great choice for people who like The Office, Parks as well as Recreation, as well as Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


‘Bridesmaids’ will be on any list of the greatest chick flicks ever, regardless of how short it is. The movie is directed by Paul Feig and stars Kristen Wiig as the lead and co-writer.

Annie Walker, who is in her 30s and has a bad personal life, is approached through her childhood friend Lilian to be her maid of honor. After that, she meets Rita, Becca, Megan, as well as Helen, the four girls.

The movie shows how Annie deals with the stress of being the maid of honor and with these four other women. ‘Bridesmaids’ is definitely a fun movie to watch, from the beginning to the end.

Meet The Patels:

Geeta and Ravi Patel, who are brothers, worked together on the cute and funny show Meet the Patels. There is a documentary in the movie, but it feels a bit like a real-life love comedy. This makes sense since the movie is about Ravi’s search for the right wife.

Sometimes parents don’t like their kids dating, but this movie stays interesting because it’s about the complicated parts of Indian dating, like traditional matching as well as modern internet dating.

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But, like the best romantic comedies, the story isn’t really about Ravi’s love life. The story is about how Ravi as well as his family interact with each other.

Everyone knows how hard it is to balance family standards with personal dreams. This movie shows this through funny arguments about marriage.

On the other hand, these arguments are usually very educational and show important values that the family holds dear. Ravi finally finds out his love life after he solves problems with his family.

The Office:

The show is about the people who work at a paper company within a small American town and are led by a boss who means well but is incredibly bad at their job. People who like the show might also like The Office Superfan Episodes, which are longer forms of episodes that can only be found on Peacock.

Another famous Peacock show is The Office, which is based on a British show with the same name but has become a bigger cultural hit than the original. A lot of other shows with a mockumentary style came after it, such as Modern Family, Parks as well as Recreation, as well as Abbott Elementary.


As kids, a lot of us wished that our favorite doll as well as action figure will come to life. But what would happen if they did? This is exactly what happens to John Bennett. He now lives alongside his teddy bear Ted, who came to life 27 years ago after John wished for it when he was eight years old.

That John smokes pot, drinks beer, and watches movies with Ted in his free time when he’s not working at the car rental doesn’t sit well with Ted’s girlfriend, Lori Collins.

If John wants to spend the rest of his life with Lori, he will have to finally understand that he needed to grow and learn to be responsible. That is, Ted needs to leave if John wants Lori to move in alongside him. Is it even possible? “Ted,” which was directed by Seth MacFarlane, is a very funny R-rated movie.