Here Are The 10 Best Kidnaping Movies


Here Are The 10 Best Kidnaping Movies:

You’ve heard stories about brave escapes, clever kidnapping plans, and angry rescues. But these days, you don’t have to leave your living room to enjoy the thrills and drama of a great kidnapping movie.

There are many movies that will get your heart racing and keep you guessing, whether you like deep psychological dramas or action movies. This piece talks about the greatest kidnapping movies ever made, ranging from old-school crime pictures to newer works. Hold on tight, get some popcorn, and dive into the exciting world of kidnapping movies.

Taken hostage scenes are common in movies because they create a certain mood. It makes people feel tense and sympathetic right away, sometimes before they even know who the players are.


Taken, starring Liam Neeson, is one of the most famous action movies ever made. It has a lot of lines that people still quote today. The actor is a former CIA agent who uses his skills to find his daughter, who was taken while she was on vacation in Paris. He goes upon a quest across Europe to discover her.

It was clear that Taken had to be at the top of the list for Reddit. It has become one of the most-mentioned movies within pop culture as well as one of the best at dealing with this particular plot point.

But when someone on Reddit talked about the movie, Bmac_TLDR made sure to point out that the initial one was genuine. They wrote, “Don’t bother alongside the other two.”


If you liked the movie Taken, you might also like Prisoners. A father’s daughter as well as her friend go missing in this exciting story.

Even though the police haven’t found any tips, the father decides to look for his daughter himself. He has to get past a lot of problems to find his daughter, and the movie shows how he does it.

Like Taken, Prisoners builds tension and mystery, which keeps people upon the edge of their seats. But it also looks at how far a parent will go in order to keep their child safe and how that can hurt a person emotionally.

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The Beast:

The main character of “The Beast” is Leonida Riva, an ex-special forces captain who lives with PTSD from his time in battle. Riva seems like a very private person. The way he lives makes him seem distant from his children and wife, who live separately.

Even though Riva tries very hard to keep a good relationship with his kids, his son hates him and loves his daughter a lot more.

But when his daughter Teresa is taken from a nearby diner, everything goes crazy. Riva fights his PTSD episodes, uses his military skills again, and puts his life at risk for a one-man rescue mission because he wants to be there for his kids and save Teresa.

“The Beast,” which was influenced by movies like “Taken,” is a crazy, exciting, as well as thrilling ride that will make you root for Riva until the very end.

The Black Phone:

The movie coming out in 2021 with Ethan Hawke is based on Joe Hill’s 2004 short story of the exact same name. The Black Phone, directed by Scott Derrickson, is about a 13-year-old boy who is caught and held captive in a basement. While he is there, he gets calls from a child killer’s past victims on a broken phone.

The horror movie has gotten mixed reviews, but the kidnapping plot works really well. When someone asked for suggestions upon the platform, diavolo_187 wrote, “Be quick, go to the theater and see Black Phone while you still can.”

Man On Fire:

Another exciting kidnapping movie that will keep you upon the edge of your seat is Man on Fire. The movie is set in Mexico City and stars Denzel Washington to be John Creasy, a former CIA agent who now works as a protector. Creasy is trying to keep a young girl named Pita Ramos safe from thieves.

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Washington gives a strong performance as Creasy, showing how versatile he is as an actor and giving the character’s inner struggle more meaning. Fanning is just as amazing as Pita. She acts mature for her age and makes her relationship with Creasy realistic.


“Extraction” takes place in modern-day Bangladesh and India and follows commando Tyler Rake, who used to work for the SAS, upon a mission to save the son of an Indian drug king.

As the movie starts, Ovi Mahajan is taken hostage by dishonest police officers who are working for a rival drug lord named Amir Asif. Ovi is the son of a drug boss who is in jail. The drug lord uses his contacts to get Tyler Rake to help him free his son.

Rake quickly gets inside the kidnappers’ group and frees Ovi, but the plan goes wrong when Saju betrays Rake as well as kills most of his men. Since Ovi is now upon the run, Amir Asif tells everyone in Dhaka that they can’t get in or out.

So, the stage is set for an epic battle between a skilled former special forces agent as well as Dhaka’s criminal underworld.


Fresh is a captivating movie starring Sebastian Stan as well as Daisy Edgar-Jones that follows Noa’s mysterious relationship with the charming Steve, which turns into something darker than Noa could have imagined when she agrees to go on a romantic weekend getaway with Steve.

True to what PhantomKitten73 said, “Fresh” is one of the greatest kidnapping movies because it perfectly mixes horror and action. It’s fun to watch and sometimes very upsetting, but it’s definitely worth it.


After an accident that leaves him stuck in a snowstorm, Paul Sheldon, a famous author, is taken hostage through Annie Wilkes, who is also his biggest fan.

Annie taking care of Paul’s wounds, but as she reads his most recent book, she gets angry at the way the plot is going and tells him he needs to change it to suit her tastes.

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As the unstable and obsessed Annie, Bates gives a scary performance, and Caan gives a convincing performance as the powerless and stuck Paul.

People who are being held hostage are shown in this movie to have different levels of psychological power. It shows how far people will go to stay sane.

The themes of addiction, control, and trickery in the movie make it both exciting and disturbing to watch. It’s a great lead-in to our next movie, Ransom, which also looks at how far parents will go to keep their kids safe.

Kidnapping Stella:

“Kidnapping Stella,” a thriller written and directed by Thomas Sieben, is based on the 2009 movie “The Disappearance of Alice Creed.” You can watch “Kidnapping Stella” to get an idea of what a simple movie is. The movie is mostly about three people: Tom and Vic, two thieves, and Stella, the girl they become stealing.

It shows how Stella utilizes her limited strength to get away from the people who have her bound and gagged. Sieben tells an exciting story with only three players and a few settings. The audience remains on the edge of their seats the whole time.

Buffalo 66:

Buffalo 66 was a fascinating addition to the subgenre as well as definitely not your average kidnapping movie. Christina Ricci gives what is thought to be one of her best performances.

He plans to take a young student when he gets out of jail after five years so that his parents will think he is going to get married soon. “Buffalo 66” was brought up on Reddit, and Molly Claire quickly replied, “Such a great movie.”

In fact, Gallo’s independent crime comedy is a unique and interesting film that is bound to kidnap movie fans and make you think about how hard it can be to live a life without love.