Here Are The 12 Best Chick Flicks You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Best Chick Flicks You Can Watch Right Now:

As we looked through Netflix for something to watch, we came across What a Girl Wants. She was a little surprised that I hadn’t seen it before. But since I was born in 2003, the year the movie came out, it made sense that I hadn’t seen it. I was shocked to find that I hadn’t seen the majority of the movies she was talking about from her youth and teen years.

That’s why we made a list of the most effective 2000s chick flicks. Because I hadn’t seen approximately two thirds of the movies, I chose to watch them myself so I could tell you which ones are good.

As movies have changed over the years, each year brings a new era of chick flicks that rule the box office. Now, chick flicks aren’t just about teenage love or sadness they’re about a lot more than that. We’re going to talk about all sorts of chick flicks today, both new and old. The best thing regarding these movies is that you are able to view them all at home.

Senior Year:

Teenage Year is about a dancer named Stephanie and stars the talented Rebel Wilson. Her dream of being the prom queen doesn’t come true because of an accident at cheering practice that puts her into a coma.

When Stephanie wakes up 20 years later, she finds that she is 37 years old. She doesn’t have to give up her dream, though, right? She goes back to high school to complete it, but she finds that the idea of a prom queen as well as king no longer exists because of efforts to be more open to everyone.

The Princess Diaries:

This movie has everything. It has romance, finding your own path, and a princess. When Mia Thermopolis finds out she was a real princess, it throws her off.

As the heir to the crown of Genoa, Mia starts her business career when her grandmother tries to teach her how to be a princess. Fox+ lets you watch it for free.

Legally Blonde:

With its uplifting message and memorable comedy moments, Legally Blonde goes beyond the standard chick flick plot and deserves to be on the list of the greatest chick flicks of the 2000s.

The movie is about Elle Woods, a sorority girl who goes against the norms and goes to Harvard Law School. Along the way, she finds love and company in strange places.

Legally Blonde is one of a kind because it combines romance and humor in a way that celebrates the brains and drive of women and shows that falling in love doesn’t mean giving up your goals.

Elle Woods, the bubbly main character within Legally Blonde, was a fashion-merchandising major at UCLA. When she decides to go to Harvard Law School, her life takes a dramatic turn.

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Warner Huntington III, her boyfriend, breaks up with her for someone more serious, which makes her make this shocking choice. Elle defies expectations and proves her worth as she goes through law school, which is shown in the movie.

This movie got the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress within a Motion Picture Musical as well as Comedy. It’s a comedy-drama with a lot of heart and wit. The main plot of this interesting story is Elle’s change from a naive beauty to a recognized law student.

Do Revenge:

“I’m vengeance,” says famous high school girl Drea after her boyfriend Max shares the private video she sent him. Then she joins forces alongside another woman named Eleanor, who also wants to settle down with a girl named Carissa.

This girl made up a story that Eleanor was trying to kiss her against her will, which made everyone think that Eleanor was a stalker. They both want to get back at their enemies, but there is a catch Eleanor will “take care” of Max while Drea deals with Carissa.

Here is how the two girls plan to get back at the person who hurt them. Jennifer Kaytin Robinson’s “Do Revenge” is the movie to see if you want to feel the bitter pleasure that comes alongside getting back at someone who has hurt you.

Freaky Friday:

This movie is very well known. The movie upon this list is the reboot from 2003. There is also the 1976 original movie. The movie revolves around a girl and her single mother who are very different from each other.

One night, they get a strange fortune from a Chinese restaurant. The next morning, they wake up with different bodies. Since they can’t go back to their original forms, they pretend to be each other. While they’re doing this, they learn to respect each other more. Fox+ lets you watch it for free.

Wild Child:

Themes of self-discovery, excitement, and budding loves make Wild Child a classic 2000s chick flick that really grabs the attention of teenagers.

Emma Roberts plays a wealthy Malibu “princess” who is sent to an English boarding school. The movie shows how she changes as she makes new friends, tries to find love, and learns what she’s really worth.

Its unique take upon the coming-of-age story, along with its smart humor and sweet love story, makes it stand out among wedding comedies. It shows how important it is to accept change and find love in others and yourself.

Poppy, who is sixteen years old, has everything she could want thanks to her endless credit cards. She also acts like she deserves it all.

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After one last careless joke, her angry father sends her to an English boarding school. Poppy meets her match within a strict teacher and a group of girls who won’t put up with her being selfish.

Along For The Ride:

In “Along for the Ride,” 18-year-old Auden West leaves her mother to spend moments with her father in the beach town of Colby before going to college. The story is similar to “Rip Tide” but also different.

It’s there that she meets a lot of new people. Eli, one of her new friends, is the strangest because he has trouble sleeping. As the two become close and spend nights going on trips together, Auden discovers many parts of herself that she never explored as a child.

Eli is keeping something from her, though, and even though they are having a good time, Auden seems to be really hurt by it because it’s making them not talk to each other.

Is she going to find out what it is? Is Eli going to tell her? She might find out, yet only if she’s “on board for the ride.” She also wrote “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” and she wrote and directed “Along for the Ride.”

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants:

It means a lot to me that this movie is also my chapter film. It’s a sweet story about friendship, and it shows how young girls really live.

Four best friends are going their different ways after spending many summers together. There is a pair of shorts that fits all four of them that they share and wear together. This shows how close they are for each other.

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days:

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is one of the greatest chick flicks of the 2000s because it cleverly mixes a high-stakes bet, a funny movie, and a romantic movie that will make you swoon.

The movie stars Kate Hudson as a reporter whose job it is to get a man to leave in record time as well as Matthew McConaughey to be a beautiful ladies’ man who bets he can make any woman fall in affection for him. Their different goals cause hilarious mistakes and unforgettable moments.

This movie does a great job of playing with the idea that love can overcome any problem, even ones that are purposely put in its way. It shows that real love can grow even in the strangest situations.

In How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Andie Anderson as well as Benjamin Barry play a love game of cat and mouse with a lot at stake. As a driven writer, Andie has been asked to write a piece about how to keep guys away. As Ben walks in, he bets that he will make any woman instantly fall love with him.

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When their paths cross, chaos breaks out because they are both working on different things at the same time. This romantic comedy takes place in the lively city of New York and is full of funny moments, love stories, and life’s surprising turns.

Rip Tide:

A story about coming of age that is about an American teen model named Cora who decides to visit her aunt in Australia after her video of her fall goes viral. Mostly, her job has been a way for her to please her mother. But this trip is making her realize who she is and who she wants to be within more than one way.

Going on a trip called “Rip Tide” can help you figure out if your life is really yours or if you’re just living it to show other people how smart you are. For what better way to understand this than by the sea? Rhiannon Bannenberg is in charge of directing “Rip Tide.”

What A Girl Wants:

One of my favorite movies upon this list is this one. I really like how the movie isn’t about a sexual relationship but about the relationship between the main character and her father. It’s funny and warm.

When Daphne takes a plane to London to find her father, she finds that he is actually Lord Henry Dashwood, a politician from the British upper class.

Once he learns about her, he makes her feel welcome in his home, but she’s not sure if she fits in with his family.

A Cinderella Story:

There is a masked ball, secret text messages, as well as the dream of finding true love in A Cinderella Story, which gives a well-known fairy tale a new and interesting twist.

Hilary Duff plays Sam, a sad teen who lives with her mean stepmother and stepsisters and finds comfort in a strange online relationship with Chad Michael Murray’s character, the famous jock at her high school.

Through a gripping mix of funny, likeable characters, and surprising turns, the movie shows that love may be found anywhere, even in the middle of high school cliques. A Cinderella Story was a new take on the old fairy tale that is full of teen energy.

Sam Montgomery, a sad diner girl, wants to go to Princeton University but her mean stepmother and stepsisters are stopping her. A bond that starts online could turn into a relationship with Austin Ames, the quarterback at school.

They have never met in person, though. Will they ever find out who the other person really is? This love comedy from 2004 mixes high school drama alongside the magic of being anonymous and looking forward to something.