Here Are The 12 Best Chinese Movies You Can Watch Right Now On Netflix


Here Are The 12 Best Chinese Movies You Can Watch Right Now On Netflix:

The history of movies in China goes back to 1905 and includes a wide range of movies from three different film industries: mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The story and the actors’ and actresses’ great playing skills aren’t the only things that draw people in. This is the reason why a lot of people in Indonesia like Chinese shows.

Hong Kong film, which stood out because artists were free to work there while Britain was in charge, became a major force within its own right, especially in martial arts movies. Important parts were played by production companies like Shaw Brothers as well as Golden Harvest.

Hong Kong crime movies became popular in the 1980s and 1990s. Directors such as Ringo Lam as well as John Woo made hits like “A Better Tomorrow” and “Hard Boiled,” and stars like Chow Yun-fat became famous all over the world.

There are a lot of great places to watch TV shows, movies, and series on Netflix. Then Netflix can help you find the best shows and movies. If you’re looking at Netflix Chinese Movies, I really think you should try it.

There have been a lot of important stages and achievements in the history of Chinese film. China made a lot of movies in the 1930s, which are known as the “Golden Generation” years. Most of the movies were propaganda for communist and nationalist groups.

The Yinyang Master:

Chen Kun as well as Zhou Xun lead a great cast in Li Weiran’s The Yinyang Master, a Chinese fantasy movie based on the NetEase game Onmyōji. As the story goes on, Qing Ming, a Yinyang Master who is being blamed for a crime, goes on a trip between the human and evil worlds.

The demon king says he will come back, and Qing Ming has to deal with deception, fights, and an upcoming demon attack. The story weaves together themes of friendship, suffering, and the supernatural, making for a stunning movie experience.

With riveting performances and an engrossing plot, the movie looks at fate as well as loyalty against the background of a war from another world.

Hidden Love:

In Hidden Love, a girl named Sang Zhi falls in love with Duan Jia Xu, who is friends with her brother. Duan Jia Xu is Sang Yan’s best friend and a college friend. He often comes over to play games with them.

Three years ago, Sang Zhi was 14 as well as Duan Jia Xu was 19. That was the first time they met. That’s when Sang Zhi fell within love right away.

Since they haven’t seen each other in a long time, Sang Zhi has grown up and made it through high school. Jiao Xu is still important to Sang Zhi, so she chooses to go to college within the city where he lives.

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Double World:

The main bad guy broke into the Southern Zhao state at its highest level and convinced the King of the South to let him compete to see who will be the next Great General of the Southern militaries and lead another great war between the Northern Yan as well as the Southern Zhao.

Having said that, the acting is really great, and this is one of the best Chinese movies in that regard. According to more borrowing, the movie is based on a Chinese computer game, and the reason for the story holes is that, like the World of Warcraft movie, you would have had to play the game to understand it better.

Falling Into Your Smile:

When it came out in 2021, Falling Into Your Smile had a lot of committed fans online among drama fans. The subject of the show is very current, and it was based on a Mandarin Chinese webtoon.

Tong Yao is the perfect example of a young, feminine adult. But she has a hobby that breaks gender norms: she’s really into videogames, which are mostly played by guys.

But her fame goes beyond her group of friends, and when a team manager hires her as a public relations stunt to be the first big female player, her work and love life change. In this world, she wants to break through the glass roof. Things could not come back to how she thought they would before.


“Incantation” is a magical folk horror movie from Taiwan that was made with found footage and was directed through Kevin Ko. The story is about Li Ronan, who was cursed 6 years ago for breaking a religious rule.

Faced with the consequences, she tries to keep her daughter from seeing the results of what she did in the past, managing a tense and mysterious story full of magical elements. Kevin Ko creates a spooky and atmospheric movie experience with a gripping story about forgiveness and the lasting effects of old curses.

When I Fly Towards You:

Su Zai Zai’s love story is told in When I Fly Towards You. People say that Su Zai Zai changed schools and went to Yucai High School during the early fall of 2012. Su Zai Zai meets Zhang Lu Rang, a cold and distant guy, upon her first day of school.

She fell within love right away. Their relationship grew stronger over time. Their goals can be reached with the help of each other. Through their friendship, love began to grow.

The Wandering Earth:

The Wandering Earth was great, but the captions may move too quickly for people who speak English, and some of the players aren’t right for their parts. The people in the movie all speak their own languages. Mandarin, Russian, French, as well as English are the most popular, but Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, as well as Hindi have also been heard.

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Some groups might have thought the characters were a bit “immature,” but most of the people within my meeting grasped the main idea of the story and how the characters moved just fine.

Other sync errors, like some of the dialogue from characters I don’t know, really make me think about how hard some Korean productions or even characters within the John Wick series work to train their actors to be able to say certain lines in new languages.

Do not keep looking for a confusing or exciting plot in The Wandering Earth; it is mainly a show of improved visuals. In the end, this is just a well-made science fiction action movie with great CGI and nonstop action just the type of movie.

The best thing about this movie isn’t just the fast-paced plot or cool special effects; it’s also how it shows different countries and has an internationalist spirit. This is Netflix’s best Chinese movie. People who say that making movies about things like China was great should give up.

Put Your Head On My Shoulder:

Also, Put Your Head on My Shoulder is based on a webcomic that had devoted fans before the show came out.

The main character, Situ Mo, is about to graduate from college as well as isn’t sure what it means to become an adult. She meets a cocky physics student one day who is thought to be one of the smartest people on school.

They fight every time they see each other, but their moms are trying to get them to fall in love. The watch Put Your Head on My Shoulder was fun and sweet, and it doesn’t last long.

Us And Them:

In “Us And Them,” Jing Boran and Zhou Dongyu play the lead parts. The movie is directed through Rene Liu. The movie is mostly about their personalities, Lin and Fang. They fall in love, but the hard facts of life separate them in the end. The movie doesn’t tell its story in a straight line; it jumps between the present and the past.

The present appears in black and white, while the past was shown in color. The movie “Memento” by Christopher Nolan made this successful use of various tones for nonlinear stories very famous. Finally, we get to the movie. Lin and Fang meet a few days before the Chinese New Year.

It’s clear that they are both having a hard time with their lives. Lin wants to make a computer game but can’t because he has to work and doesn’t have enough time or money.

Fang has broken up with her boyfriend and moved to Beijing after a fight alongside his mother. After that, they move in together and sell software and porn to make money. After a while, we see that the couple’s apartment complex owner tells them to leave because one of his friends is going to be moving in. Lin is very angry about this.

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He’s so rude to his dad that his dad has to call him to ask about his job and his well-being. When Fang sees this change within him, she chooses to break up with him. After being apart for a long time, they finally meet again when Lin is rich and married.

People have had mixed to good reactions to the movie, but it has to be said that Rene Liu did a great job with the story and the characters, especially considering this is her first movie.

Love O2O:

It all begins with Bei Wei Wei, who is a junior at Qing University in Beijing and is studying in computer science. This is how the play Love O2O starts.

People on campus think she is most beautiful student within her class and that she does well in school. Another place is in the virtual world, where Wei Wei is the only woman in the top 10 players of a role-playing game called A Chinese Ghost Story.

In the game, Xiao Nai finally asks Bei Weiwei to marry him so he can move on to the next level. They became friendly, and Xiao Nai learned that Weiwei was his junior year in college.

New Gods: Nezha Reborn:

The story, on the other hand, felt rushed, and it disappointed me to witness a really great idea for a movie about enemies and history fall flat. The movie is full of life and great song choices the whole time.

The group also did a good job with timing. That’s because this isn’t a sequel. It was a mistake to call this movie that because it came out not long after the first Nezha movie. No one ought to believe this is a continuation because the movie takes place later and the name, Nezha Reborn, is enough to get people interested.

Accidentally In Love:

The comedy show Accidentally in Love, which came out in 2018, is one of Netflix’s unique shows. A wealthy princess doesn’t want the life her parents have planned for her because they chose her husband.

She wants a much different existence than the one she has now, so on her wedding day, she runs away. She changed her name when she started college and then ran into someone she known from her old life right away.

It turns out that these two are bound to fight, because they start fighting right away. But as the show goes on, their relationship will become very beautiful and sweet.