Here Are The 12 Best Fantasy Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Best Fantasy Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

When you arrive home from work, what do you do to get away from everything for a while? Some people put down their phones, pick up a book, a game controller of some kind, or even a television remote to relax and forget about the busy world for a while.

The magic genre came about because many people just want to escape their minds to another place. People have made up crazy worlds both on paper and in movies. People can dive into a world alongside familiar characters and appreciate living through a different person for a short time when this type of story is paired with an exciting one.

When writers and directors are making a new show as well as a movie, they should think about how much of the plot makes sense. Will people be able to connect with the characters?

Do the feelings, connections, and exchanges feel real? Even for writers who usually write about normal life, this is a hard job. Now think about what those same jobs have to deal with when they make a dream movie.

Fantasy adventure films entertain us like any other type of movie. But on a higher level, they teach us important lessons that we can only learn while on an adventure with a bit of magic.

Individuals who are already interested in magical and fantastical worlds often want to get away from real life for a while. Some people might say that stories about the amazing are only for kids, but the truth is that they help people deal with problems and situations in a healthy way.

The Green Knight:

The beautiful movie from 2021, “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight,” is based on a poem from the 1400s. It’s an underrated story about bravery, death, and what it means to be human.

In The Green Knight, Gawain goes on a dangerous trip to keep his promise to the main character. Along the way, he sees animals from other worlds and bad people.

With The Green Knight’s magical setting keeping people’s attention throughout Gawain’s journey, it’s easy to forget about the movie’s deep intellectual themes and important inquiries regarding life and death.

As much as the main character’s journey is a search for himself, it’s also a quest to show himself. This makes the audience think about their own ways forward.

The Wizard Of Oz:

When Dorothy and her trusty dog Toto realize they are no longer in Kansas within The Wizard of Oz, they go on the most exciting adventure of their lives.

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There is magic in Oz; witches can cast spells, and animals can talk. But things are not what they seem to be. A dummy, a guy made of tin, and a scared cat all become friends with Dorothy.

A rough-and-tumble little dog and three new friends follow the yellow brick road in the hopes of getting a wish come true. No one guesses what will happen in the end, but everyone learned something going through it.

Mary Poppins:

Mary Poppins was one of the most famous and wonderful characters in movie history. After “finding” an ad for a kind and sweet nanny for two kids, she shows up at the bank’s house.

As soon as she meets Jane as well as Michael, she takes them on a magical journey through pictures and shows them a world that is both real and animated. Mary Poppins and her friends solve the kids’ troubles through song and dance. There’s never a dull time when Mary Poppins is around.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild:

Unfortunately, Benh Zeitlin’s moving but overly romantic movie takes place in “The Bathtub,” an off-grid town where poor people don’t know that a dike is about to break and wash their homes away.

Hushpuppy, a 6-year-old girl, narrates the story as her daily routine spirals out of control due to her father’s illness and the release of a group of prehistoric boars from the melting ice caps.

“Beasts of the Southern Wild” has a magical realism that comes from Quvenzhané Wallis’s early lead performance. The movie leans heavily on a childish mix of dreams and reality.

A Monster Calls:

Directed by J. A. Bayona, A Monster Calls is a modern classic that tells the touching story of Conor O’Malley, a young boy dealing with his mother’s impending death. The greatest journey of his life starts when the monster shows up at his window in the bedroom one night.

The movie A Monster Calls is both beautiful to look at and very moving. It mixes reality and dreams so well that it shows how magic and thought can change things. It shows loss and the healing power of stories in a way that no other book does, and fans will likely love it for years to come.

Peter Pan:

Kids always want to go on an exciting journey, and in Peter Pan, the boy who just won’t grow up makes sure that all three Darling kids have the best time of their lives. Peter Pan meets Wendy, John, and Michael. The three kids don’t think twice about following him to Neverland with the help of some pixie dust.

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After reading about them in books, they see mermaids, fight pirates, and do everything else that the stories have told them. The Darlings go back to real life at the end, but Peter Pan remains ready to bring them back.

The Princess Bride:

A young boy within The Princess Bride is sick, so his grandfather gets out a book and starts reading it out loud. After that, the story takes over the screen. The story takes place a long time ago, when there were bad kings, magical animals, and women in trouble.

After Westley, the love of Buttercup’s life, dies, she is compelled to marry the rude and mean Prince Humperdinck.

Later, three men take her hostage, but a masked hero saves her and tells her he is her true love from years ago. To be together, they have to fight off the kidnappers as well as the prince, but things go wrong and become funny, which slows down their goal.


That’s right, “Dragonslayer,” which came out in 1981, is one of the best sword-and-sorcery coming-of-age movies ever. “Dragonslayer” lives up to its name with a few clever twists. It’s like a romance comedy from the 1980s that got into a violent car accident with Arthurian myth.

Galen, a young, sassy trainee magician, gets a big break in his career when he is assigned the task of killing Vermithrax Pejorative, a 400-year-old dragon. Galen finds himself in the middle of a fantastical story that is full of danger, humor, and horror, while also having to deal with teenage lust and the horrible reality of killing what’s basically a god.


The great medieval fantasy movie Excalibur tells the story of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, as well as the sword that the movie is named after. The classic movie, directed by John Boorman, is based on Arthurian tales and mythology.

It’s about King Arthur’s rise to power, his quest to unite Britain, as well as the problems he faces with the evil witch Morgana as well as his own flawed knights. The 1981 movie is one of the greatest King Arthur movies because it captures the grandeur of the Arthurian tale so well with its beautiful photography and big musical score.

Not only does the fantasy movie take viewers to a magical world in the Middle Ages, but it is also credited with starting the careers of several A-list stars, such as Liam Neeson and Patrick Stewart.

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Certain individuals get really into board games, yet Jumanji is even better. Alan and Sarah, who are young at the time, quickly learn that the game is special and that each move they make could be their last.

Alan becomes entangled in the game and finds himself in a bush. Sarah is still traumatized by her friend’s disappearance as an adult.

After 26 years, two new kids find the game. Now, all four of them have to work together to beat the dangerous tasks and finish the game so that everything goes back to how it should be.


It is logical for special forces to discover a girl who is being bullied by other children. In Matilda, the main character, a girl named Matilda, grows up in a home where her parents are mentally and emotionally missing and her brother is a slob.

When she begins school, she finds out that Miss Trunchbull, the director, is the worst bully ever and loves making kids suffer. Matilda learns that she can do things with her thoughts when her feelings are strong.

This is the first step in her plan to earn Miss Honey, her favorite teacher, and herself justice. Matilda goes from being a sweet and smart kid to being the class star. Matilda discovers that nice people deserve more than to be ruled by mean people.

Jason And The Argonauts:

Anyone who has ever been interested in Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion work but didn’t know where to begin should watch “Jason and the Argonauts.” Don Chaffey’s movie brings ancient Greek myths to life with wonderfully physical visual effects that nevertheless grab people’s minds today.

The film follows the film’s brave main character as he goes home to seize his throne within Thessaly. Jason is inspired to find the Golden Fleece, which is believed to have special healing powers, after he meets the person who killed his father by chance.

While the goddess Hera protects our hero, Jason faces many challenges on his way to his furry goal, such as huge bronze figures, ghost troops, harpies, and rocks that crash into each other. The movie “Jason and the Argonauts” was pure movie magic. It is an epic in the truest sense of the word.