Here Are The 12 Best Sexy Thriller Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Best Sexy Thriller Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Erotic thriller movies are pretty uncommon overall. They are a small subgenre of thriller movies, and the best ones have a story that is confusing, exciting, and enticing.

Before going downhill within the early 2000s, the sexual drama was one of the most famous and racy types of movies. Both reviewers and crowds have given the best sexual tales great reviews. Sometimes they are so popular that they lead to spinoffs or other highly regarded awards.

An erotic thriller usually has a plot that focuses on romance in addition to crime or high-stakes situations. It also usually has sexual and naked scenes that are very violent.

Putting together the two types of movies that are known to make people’s hearts race was a creative way to change up the typical romance or horror movie plot.

A lot of people know about movies such as Basic Instinct as well as Fatal Attraction, but not all sexual thrillers are as well known. Still, there are a lot of great sexual thrillers that haven’t been seen yet that are sure to wake people up and get their blood moving from the tension.

White Girl:

“White Girl,” directed by Elizabeth Wood, is a fun and dark thriller with sex, tension, and social reflection. Leah and her friend Katie move to Ridgewood, Queens.

One night, she is looking for marijuana when she meets Blue, who sells drugs. She and Blue buy a kilogram of cocaine from his source because they know they can make money by selling it to mostly white people.

Blue does get caught, though, so Leah has to sell the drugs by herself. After the movie’s screening at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Netflix bought the rights to show it.

Body Of Evidence:

People argue a lot about sex scenes in movies and TV shows, like whether they’re important, whether they’re actually hot, and whether there are lesser of them now than there once were.

In these kinds of discussions, experts all agree that a sex scene ought to just be there to add something to the story. However, Body of Evidence only exists so that we can witness Willem Dafoe as well as Madonna physically fight.

The movie is a collection of increasingly sadomasochistic sexual encounters alongside a plot on top. It’s about a woman named Rebecca Carlson who is on trial for allegedly killing her rich lover by autoerotic asphyxiation and has a sexual relationship with her lawyer, Frank Dulaney, right away.

As you might guess, their hot encounters involved belts, candle oil, as well as chains. This is the opposite of how they acted in court, where Rebecca controlled the sex and played the frightened flower in the presence of the jury.

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Original Sin:

Original Sin, which came out in 2001, is one of the greatest sex dramas. In the movie, Angelina Jolie plays Julia, a woman who pretends to be a mail-order wife to Antonio Banderas’s character, Luis. She does this for a long time to get his money and then run away with Walter, her real boyfriend.

But as her time with her fake husband goes on, she starts to feel something for him, and she has to choose between her fresh start as well as her cruel ex-boyfriend.

Banderas’s best movies often have him as a seductive lead, as well as Jolie has been a sex icon ever since she first appeared on screen. In their scenes, you can feel how well they get along, and the changes and twists of events keep you on the edge of your seat.

There are betrayals, strong feelings of desire, fake deaths, as well as poison in Original Sin, making it the greatest of both sexual thrillers.

Under Her Control:

“Under Her Control” is a beautiful Spanish sexual drama and the debut film of marketing director Fran Torres. Aitana Sánchez-Gijón as well as Cumelén Sanz give powerful performances that make the film even more impressive.

At its core, the movie is about Sofía, a worker at a global company who goes on an exciting trip after finding out she is pregnant. Beatriz, her mysterious boss, makes her a tempting, powerful offer that combines ambition and desire.

Within a world where they are negotiating the adoption of an unborn child in exchange for a much-wanted job raise, Sofía’s bold choice takes her into a world of sexuality and mystery that she can’t refuse.

“Under Her Control” is a stunning work of art that goes beyond the usual limits of sexual drama with its sensual, raw performances.

The Canyons:

This sex thriller, widely crowdfunded through director Paul Schrader as well as writer Bret Easton Ellis, is a protest against the death of the movie theater experience by testing the patience of the audience.

In The Canyons, a couple’s dreams of being in show business wear away at their hearts. To make up for it, they kill and romance every Hollywood half-human that’s left.

In 2013, The Canyons moved straight to VOD, which meant that people could watch it “from the comfort of their own homes,” as the ads said. You come for the sex and stay for the fascinating everyday life.

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A Perfect Murder:

There are a few sexual thrillers that Michael Douglas is in, and A Perfect Murder is one of them. In A Perfect Murder, Michael Douglas plays a rich millionaire who sees Gwyneth Paltrow as a prize instead of a smart UN worker like she really is.

Because she doesn’t feel emotionally connected with anyone, she starts seeing an artist, played by Viggo Mortenson. There are, however, implications for what she did.

When her husband finds out, he starts to try to get her lover to kill her so that he can get her fortune. Douglas shows how far a desperate man will go to claim his wife as his own in a rare murder story told from the killer’s point of view.

This movie is one of the greatest erotic thrillers because it seamlessly blends erotica and murder. It shows how well-thought-out a crime of love can be.

Deadly Illusions:

‘Deadly Illusions’ is a horror drama movie written and directed by Anna Elizabeth James. When a famous author can’t think of anything to write, she hires a woman to watch her kids.

Things are going exactly as planned for the main character, but she soon starts to suspect that the woman she just accepted into her life is not what she seems to be. Even though the mystery movie isn’t just erotica, it has a lot of sexually thrilling scenes which render it fun to watch.

Cruel Intentions:

Roger Kumble, who wrote and directed the WB version of the classic French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, doesn’t tone down any of the book’s nasty backstabbing as well as emotional trickery.

Instead, Cruel Intentions enjoys how theatrical and twee everything is, and Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe, as well as Reese Witherspoon all give truly inspired performances as the leads. The tune “Bittersweet Symphony” has never sounded better.

Swimming Pool:

England was also making great sexy thrillers across the water. Swimming Pool is about a mystery writer named Sarah Morton who chooses to get over her writer’s block through going to the South of France to stay with her editor.

Things are calm until his daughter Julie shows up. Julie breaks into Sarah’s life and causes chaos, sexual tension, and possibly murder. The movie is full of metaphors and symbols that people who like to think deeply about things will love. It’s also a thriller with a lot more loose ends than the others.

This movie has a high re-watch value because of all the small dramatic details. With each viewing, viewers can pick up on small clues that lead to the bigger mystery.

Even though it didn’t win any awards, reviewers liked Swimming Pool and said that the story, characters, and acting were all very good.

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Secret Obsession:

“Secret Obsession,” directed through Peter Sullivan, is a thrilling sexual movie that keeps people upon the edges of their seats. After being badly hurt, Jennifer wakes up inside the hospital with no memory. Her husband Russell is with her.

But as she starts to remember things, she gets the feeling that Russell’s actions as well as the life they lived are not what they seem.

The movie does a great job of combining tension and sexuality, and it shows how deep passion and lying can go. Brenda Song gives an amazing performance, showing both the weakness and power of her character.

‘Secret Obsession’ is a great sexual thriller with intense plot twists, a sultry atmosphere, and skilled writing that will appeal to fans of the genre and people who aren’t.

Dressed To Kill:

Before watching Dressed to Kill by Brian De Palma, you should be extra careful because it’s one of many movies from the 20th century that spread false ideas regarding gender as well as mental illness, which makes it a very bad movie.

But De Palma is the best mystery director of all time. He uses style and sexiness from Giallo film to make the movie more interesting.

A sex worker called Liz Blake sees the murder of a housewife who was having an affair and is sexually frustrated. She then becomes both the hunter and the victim of the murder, creating an exciting story full of kink and tension.

Wild Things:

When they were popular, sexual thrillers were primarily created for older adults. Wild Things, on the other hand, was aimed at people in their 20s.

In the movie, Matt Dillion plays a guidance counselor who has been accused of rape through two female students. However, Kevin Bacon, the detective who is looking into the charges, thinks there might be more going on.

People remember Wild Things for its almost sexual sex scenes, but it also has some smart story turns and a surprise appearance through Bill Murray.

On the surface, it looked sexy, but people liked how deep the thriller scenes were and how well the actors played their parts. Notably, the final credits tell you what happened in the movie that you didn’t understand.

At the MTV Movie Awards as well as the Saturn Awards, Wild Things was up for Best Kiss and Best Music. But Daphne Rubin-Vega won an award at the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards for her work in the movie as Favourite Supporting Actress.