Here Are The 12 Best Shōnen Anime Shows You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Best Shōnen Anime Shows You Can Watch Right Now:

Shonen, an anime and comic form from Japan, targets young male viewers. However, individuals of all ages and sexual orientations often find enjoyment in them, despite their target audience being young men.

Most of the time, they are a little smoother as well as focusing on action, excitement, and battle stories. Most of the time, they also have a male lead character, but not always.

In the last few decades, shōnen anime has grown a lot. Its roots are no longer just in Japan but all over the world. Fans of all ages and from many countries are flocking to anime because it offers something that no other show does.

When it comes to drawing emotions, reactions, and action scenes between characters, animated shows give artists a lot more freedom.

Even though there are a lot of great shows out there, there are a few shonen anime that really stand out. The best movies had likeable characters, exciting action scenes, and deep, interesting themes about friendship, adventure, learning right from wrong, and overcoming past problems.

Black Clover:

The story of Black Clover, which is about two children who both want to be the Wizard King, is based on classic shonen themes.

Despite the simplicity of the story and character models, and the occasional lack of smooth animation, Black Clover is propelled by its strong writing and relatable themes of trust, strength, and persistence.

The action scenes are exciting, the characters are easy to remember, and the fights are worth all the buildup. Because of this, I remember that a fight anime can still stand out from the rest if it uses magic systems in a clever way and builds an interesting world.

Komi Can’t Communicate:

Komi Can’t Communicate shows that shonen isn’t just about strong personalities and fights. Since its manga came out with Weekly Shonen Sunday, it is definitely a shonen book.

Komi Can’t Communicate is about a high school student named Komi Shoko who has significant social anxiety and finds it very hard to talk to other individuals. That being said, she wants to make 100 friends by the end of high school.

Introducing Tadano, Komi’s initial friend, who learned that writing notes is a good way to talk. After that, Komi’s life goes completely crazy as she makes friends with everyone at school and goes through many strange events.

The cast of Komi Can’t Communicate is great, with characters that range from Nakanaka, an emo nerd, to Najimi, a crazy nonbinary spitfire.

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Dragon Ball Z:

Many people think that Dragon Ball Z represents one of the shonen shows that really made the genre what it is today. It’s not the first shonen book, but it pretty much established what we know about the genre today.

There are just under 300 episodes of this simple show that are mostly fights, training montages, and changes. There are also a lot of spin-offs and movies. Some people don’t like it, even among shonen fans, but a lot of people love it. A lot of people also think it’s one of the best shows ever.


Bleach ran for nine years, from 2004 to 2012, and had 366 episodes. It was an important part of Toonami as well as Adult Swim’s programming that helped Western viewers learn about shounen anime.

The announcement revealed that the anime series adaptation of the manga’s final story arc is scheduled for release in November 2021, highlighting the continued significance of Bleach.

The anime Bleach tells the story of Ichigo, who starts out as a normal person and grows up to become a very powerful soul reaper. He is in charge of keeping innocent people safe from all kinds of scary animals while he learns about the spiritual world.

Assassination Classroom:

Assassination Classroom aims to evoke laughter and emotions. The story takes place in a strict middle school order and is an action comedy shonen about a group of underachievers called Class 3-E who have to kill their teacher before he ends the world.

But there’s a catch: He’s the best teacher they’ve ever had, all at the same time. Assassination Classroom was surprisingly happy for a show with such a grim ending. It also makes great use of how silly its idea is.

Also, the simple storyline and steady pace make this one of the stories with the fewest extraneous elements. It has an effect that lasts.

Yakitate!! Japan:

Kazuma Azuma only wants to make one thing: a national bread that everyone can enjoy, like other big countries have done before. Azuma brings that goal with him to Tokyo, where he starts working at Pantasia, a well-known chain of bakeries.

There, Azuma meets a few additional individuals who are also really into baking. His special weapon, though, is the Hands of the Sun, which make the dough he touches ferment faster than other dough.

Hey, guys! Japan is a shonen comedy that is as funny as it sounds. It has a lot of well-known shonen tropes, like competitions and the desire to be the best at something.

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A funny twist is that it takes place in a world where bread was the most important thing ever. Hey, guys! Japan was cute, and fans are going to discover it easy to care about the sincere and likeable cast.

Attack On Titan:

It’s a much more current take on the shonen genre than Dragon Ball, which is a more old-school anime. There is also a lot more blood and gore, as well as death, in every show.

The giants are huge people who will consume anyone they come into contact with and leave a trail of damage in their wake. Cities have walls around them to keep them out. There are walls to keep them out and groups of people to fight them, but it’s not always enough. Mistakes, as well as a lack of skill, kill a lot of people.

My Hero Academia:

A lot of the ideas in My Hero Academia come from other shonen anime shows, but the show adds its own twist to them. In Izuku Midoriya’s world, there are a lot of people with superhuman skills. He wants to be a superhero one day, even though he doesn’t have any powers yet.

A lot of people watch the show online, and they all have their favorite kids at the school. Many students continue attending the school with the aspiration of becoming unstoppable heroes like All Might. Other students, like Katsuki, start to dislike Izuku.

Call Of The Night:

Romance is a part of shonen stories, but it’s not always the main reason why the main character does what they do. Kou Yamori, a middle school student in the visually stunning Call of the Night, quits going to school.

He walks the streets at night because he has no plans. He meets a vampire named Nazuna and survives an attack. After that, Kou decides that he needs to become in love with Nazuna to finish turning into a vampire.

It’s not your standard coming-of-age story plot or worldbuilding, but it does explore what it’s like to struggle with relationships and feel like you have no direction. Call of the Night is silly, funny, and, in a strange way, freeing.

It’s also a great example of how a magical anime can take the main ideas of a shonen manga and mix them in a new way to make the genre more interesting. If you like these types of stories, don’t miss the lists of the best relationship anime and vampire anime.

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Astra Lost In Space:

In the future, people will be so used to space that they will take their kids on field trips to other worlds all the time. A group of high school kids embark on a journey to a safe world, where they learn essential survival skills for a few days.

When the teens get warped away from their goal and everyone they know, things quickly get out of hand. They need to work together to get back.

Most shonen shows are about either fighting or relationships, but Kanata No Astra is about space knowledge and survival. Surprisingly, it’s also funny and hopeful, since the kids grow up right in front of your eyes just so they can go home.

The first episode was shaky, but watching them bond as they attempt to return home is touching and worth watching all the way to the end.


It is not surprising that Naruto ranks sixth all-time among shounen series, considering it is one of the most famous cartoons of all time.

Naruto’s journey from being an orphan to having hope There are many rough spots in Hokage, but everyone can connect to them in some way. He loses a lot on the way to winning, which is one reason why the show is so fun to watch again and again.

Shinobi like Naruto have been cursed alongside great power, but it cost them their parents, and they were shunned by society before they even met them.

The characters, outfits, and ninjutsu from Naruto are still very popular in pop culture, almost 20 years after the first episode aired. The enduring popularity of the characters, outfits, and ninjutsu from Naruto, even almost 20 years after the first episode aired, is a testament to the show’s exceptional worldbuilding.

Fullmetal Alchemist:

It’s important to note that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which came out in 2009, is not an update of the 2003 original Fullmetal Alchemist. Instead, it is a complete rewrite of the novel. The second one ran for 64 episodes longer and had many artistic changes.

Brotherhood is about Edward and Alphonse Elric’s goal to fix their damaged bodies after an alchemy attempt fails to bring their mother back to life. Brotherhood also stays much closer to the original story, even to the point where the main bad guys in each show are different.