Here Are The 12 Best Turkish Tv Shows And Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now


Here Are The 12 Best Turkish Tv Shows And Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now:

In the past few years, Turkish shows have spread around the world and won fans all over the world. Most of the time, that’s because the shows have great production values and general themes.

It has everything, from high-speed crime tales to coming-of-age stories. There are many great ones to choose from, so whether you’re a fan already or just want to try it, these should be on your list.

Netflix has made it possible for people to watch material from around the world in ways that have never been possible before. It can be hard to choose what to watch next when there are so numerous television shows and movies to choose from.

The streaming service adds new shows from a different country every year. But among all of them, Turkish television series have made a name for themselves, offering everything from romantic and suspenseful shows to mind-bending ones that make you question what reality is.

The Tailor:

‘The Tailor’ is set in the middle of Istanbul and is about a secret and family ties. The show is about Peyami Dokumacı, a young talented tailor who gets his skills and successful business from his grandpa. After the grandfather dies, the show takes an interesting turn.

Because his father, Mustafa, has a deep secret and is as innocent as a child, Peyami has to keep the truth about his father from everyone who wants to know it. Esvet comes into their lives, running away from a violent past, with her own stories to tell.

‘The Tailor’ tells a story of secrets, relationships, as well as the unbreakable bonds of family as mysterious characters meet and their pasts clash. It’s a vivid picture of how life can take unexpected turns. This is where you are able to view the show.

The Gift:

This original Netflix show is based on a book through Şengül Boybaş as well as events that really happened. There are standing stones there that are over 11,000 years old. The story takes place at Gobekli Tepe, an ancient site located in the Anatolia area of Turkey.

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There has been a lot of wonder in the area since the building, and the show takes advantage of that. The story is about an Istanbul-based young artist who has been drawing the same strange sign since she was a child.

When she learns that the sign was found at a site at Gobekli Tepe, her whole life changes. This is the start of a dangerous trip that will reveal truths about her past. A second season of the Turkish fantasy story has been picked up by the big streaming service.


The Netflix show “Shahmaran” is spellbinding because it mixes magic as well as drama into a compelling story. The show, directed through Umur Turagay as well as written by Pınar Bulut, is about a psychology professor from Istanbul named Ahsu who decides to go to Adana to talk to her separated grandpa.

In this old town, she is surrounded by people who are strongly dedicated to Śahmaran, a mythical being alongside the body of a woman as well as the tail of a snake who is tied to her by a prophecy. When she meets the mysterious figure of Maran, her life takes a mysterious turn. This is where you are able to view the show.

Love Me As I Am:

What happens after receiving your “happy ever after” is what the show is about. When Aysem goes to the city to live alongside her uncle, she meets Omer, a rich college student.

They choose to marry each other because they love each other. Okay, so far so good? Not right. Their families don’t like that they’re getting married, mostly because they come from very different income homes. Will their affection be sufficient to get them through these problems, though?


“Intersection” tells a captivating story of love, betrayal, as well as forgiveness set in the beautiful city of Istanbul. In this Turkish drama series, the lives of three driven people—a rich businessman, a skilled architect, as well as a passionate painter—are tangled up in a complicated love triangle.

When their paths cross, the story takes a turn that leaves the reader feeling deeply and wondering about the cost of ambition and the depths of desire.

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‘Intersection’ not only gets the heart of modern marriage but also shows how complicated relationships can be, leaving viewers wanting more. This is where you are able to view the show.

The Protector:

You know this show will be exciting because it was made by the same people who made Narcos, Scandal, and Argo. Hakan Demir serves at the antiques store owned by his foster father. He and his best friend want to open their own one day.

When his father passes away, his whole world changes. Then he learns that he is meant to be a part of a secret order that guards Istanbul from an enemy that will never die. Plus, he finds out he has special abilities that will help him do it.


“Fatma” is an exciting Turkish thriller that keeps fans guessing at every turn. The main character of the show is a cleaning lady called Fatma, played by Burcu Biricik. While looking for her lost husband, she gets caught up in a web of corruption and criminal activity.

Fatma sets out on a dark as well as relentless trip, driven by hopelessness and determination. Along the way, she finds out shocking secrets. The show keeps people upon the edge of their chairs by expertly combining drama, mystery, and great writing. This is where you can watch it.

Winter Sun:

There are hidden affairs, separated twins, forgetfulness, and getting revenge for the deaths of loved ones in this classic Bollywood thriller.

As a child, Efe saw his father get killed, so he was taken in by a fisherman and treated as his own. Efe tries to learn the truth regarding his real household as an adult. He learns regarding his twin brother as well as his rich family, who also have secrets.

When his father’s killer kills his twin brother because he thinks it’s him, things start to move. Now Effe has to pretend to be his brother to get back at the individuals who killed his family.

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In the Turkish soap series “Ethos,” things like society, psychology, and interactions between people are explored in great depth. Meryem is a psychologist who sees people from all walks of life.

The show, which was created by Berkun Oya, follows her life. The series is about identity, society, and social rules as she digs into their lives. “Ethos” is famous for its complex characters and storylines that make you think.

It gives fans a unique look into the human mind and the problems people face within a world that changes quickly. The series has gotten good reviews for having interesting stories and great acting.

20 Minutes:

This well-known Turkish show is great for people who like tales like 24. Ali has to act quickly to show that his wife is not guilty after she is caught for trying to kill the mayor’s son.

Melek is having a hard time getting used to life in jail while her husband is trying to figure out what happened the night she is accused of killing the man.

A lot of unpleasant facts and secrets come to light during Ali’s research. These make him wonder if he really knew his wife in addition to he thought.

Love 101:

“Love 101” is a good choice if you want to watch a light teen story. The story is about a bunch of lighthearted, wild teens who do a thing that gets them kicked out of school.

The teacher who plans to leave town for another job is their only hope. They plan for her to fall within affection for another teacher so she stays. This leads to a funny mix of drama, comedy, and a lot of love.

46 Yok Olan:

Because he wants to bring his sister back to life, genetics professor Murat tries a cure that combines science and magic. Needless to point out, things don’t go as planned, and he unfortunately unleashes a past self that wants to get back at him for the bad things that have happened to him. This psychological movie does a good job of combining magic and mystery.