Here Are The 12 Finest Bollywood Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Finest Bollywood Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

The connection between Bollywood directors and their fans is more like that of a king and his people than between an artist and his buyers. Year after year, film after film has shown how condescending they are to the viewers.

There are a lot of different languages, subcultures, and customs in India, but one thing they all have in common is a love of movies. Bollywood, India’s Hindi-language film business, makes more than 1,000 movies every year, making it one of the busiest in the world.

What is it about Bollywood movies that makes them so amazing and different? According to some opinions, a common formula for good Bollywood movies includes a captivating romantic lead, enchanting music, larger-than-life stars, and predictable plot twists.

Their anecdotes treat us as if our intelligence were marshmallows celebrities continue to perform the same routines for the sake of praise alone and numerous hits fail to make an effort.

With the start of the 21st century, more global cinema, and more mature tastes, some directors were able to try new things and push for change. However, there was a lack of individuals willing to implement these necessary changes.

However, the century witnessed the emergence and growth of several highly influential directors who, in turn, created a number of truly remarkable films deserving the title of greatness.


When we watch most movies, we’re unconsciously trying to figure out what they’re about. But Anurag Kashyap’s latest movie, which was based on the story of the Spanish chiller Mirage, makes us think What is this movie about?

The story jumps between three different times and shows the same important scene in each one. It moves quickly, throws you off, and is always interesting. Always one step ahead of the audience, Dobaara’s direct style doesn’t dull interest but instead makes it stronger, turning the audience into active players.

The most interesting and wonderful thing about the movie is what it’s about. Though it has a tone that bends your mind, it’s really an entirely distinct piece a quiet, warm, shy picture.

Dobaara hurts your head but makes your heart feel good. It makes you think deeply about second chances, fate, the long, slow wait for a better world, and changing heroes and survivors.

Hum Aapke Hain Koun…!

People in India and other places went to fewer Bollywood movies in the 1980s because of video theft and disappointment with the crude action movies of that time. This 1990s hit was the direct cause of people going back to Bollywood movies. You can look forward to 14 songs, two weddings, and a funeral.

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Even though nothing else happens, the movie kept people coming back to see it because it showed every party of an ideal North Indian family, especially their bright and complicated Hindu wedding customs. “HAHK,” as it is known, was the movie that made people all over the world aware of current Bollywood.

Badhaai Do:

With great players like Bhumi Pednekar and Rajkummar Rao on TV and in movies, Badhaai Do wasn’t a surprise hit.

The idea of telling the tale of the lavender marriage in a sensitive way while also using light humor worked well, and it hit a chord with the audience just the way it was meant to.

Dil Chahta Hai:

I’m not a big fan of Dil Chahta Hai. Maybe it’s just not my style at this point in my life. Even so, it gets a special mention for having an important character.  The film demonstrates the workings of love and offers effective solutions to problems over time.

It gave hope to a generation by showing realistic types of love and friendships that people could relate to. The reason Dil Chahta Hai is still a popular name may be because of its cute and funny personality.


When did you last see Amitabh Bachchan portray a character who appeared lost, walking down a dilapidated ditch while an old woman asked him, “Maal?” Or a famous person putting their hands together in front of a figure of B.R. Ambedkar?

Nagraj Manjule utilizes Bachchan’s star power to narrate an intriguing and long-awaited tale of dismantling class and race barriers, triumphing over numerous real-life challenges, and incorporating the element of self-determination into an existing narrative.

A sharp take on the usual sports drama, the story is about a football coach as well as twelve Dalit boys who form a close bond. Jhund shines a compassionate light on the “hidden” world.

He sees the stray Dalit boys who steal, fight, and smoke not as criminals but as victims he shows their never-ending struggles to not prevail yet participate he challenges the false idea that disadvantaged people are rude and dirty and he asks what it means to live in a “nation” where so many people fight for basic dignity.

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani:

This love-filled, full-on comedy movie is a perfect example of a funny Bollywood Hindi movie. It has bright colors, songs, dance, and, most importantly, a big, fat Indian wedding.

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The story is about two characters, Bunny and Naina, as well as their group of friends. We meet them for the first time as they are leaving college, and then the movie jumps ahead to the conclusion of their twenties. The movie was even more popular because its two stars used to be together, which gave them great chemistry on screen.

Doctor G:

Who is more talented than Ayushmaan Khurrana? When he played Doctor G, the only male student within the gynecology department in 2022, it was another feather in his cap. The chaos that ensued was truly hilarious. The crowd liked a funny performance that taught important lessons for society.


In a society like ours, where men and women have different roles, I saw Thappad as an example of an inclusive script that pushed for freedom, self-reflection, and a study of these roles.

Thappad is still Anubhav Sinha’s best work, even if it is also his most angry. It has the fewest wrong notes. It morally opposes violence and abuse in relationships that are purportedly based on love and the promise to love.

Thappad uses a variety of characters from various social strata to show how abuse works and how routine sexism can make a woman’s role invisible. Each of these characters is facing violence from men. It also gives its characters room to grow and never makes them less human in order to make a point.


If Alisha and Zain, the two main characters in Shakun Batra’s play, had written their own autobiographies, they might have chosen the same title: Past Imperfect, Present Discontinuous.

Because their broken pasts with dead moms, broken vows, and dead ends have turned them into Ferris wheel figures No matter how well or how badly they do, whether they make mistakes or make up for them, their past events keep getting in the way of their progress.

Both Zain and Alisha are constantly drawn into the dark, which they want to stay away from so they don’t make the same mistakes their parents did. They feel like they have to use weapons to protect themselves.

Batra “gets” modern Indian romance with a love story told through the lens of a troubled family. His characters’ shifting between lust, love, and violence, as well as their dealings with desire, guilt, and confusion, show this. Their coping strategies are shaped by their class, gender, and past.

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Gehraiyaan’s visual language exudes a memorable, seductive aroma rarely witnessed in Hindi movies. It makes us understand why it’s so hard for the characters to break the spell, why they keep coming back for another hit, and why that hit, which mirrors their broken and confused selves, feels inherently inadequate.


Yash Chopra, Bollywood’s most famous and popular director, revolutionizes the way movies are made with his epic musical romance. Indian Hindu Veer as well as Pakistani Muslim Zaara are in a Hindi love story. Will their love be able to cross cultural, mental, and physical barriers?

Chopra wears his signature “chiffon sari within the Swiss Alps” style and includes progressive social and political messages about women’s rights, hope for the future, and Indo-Pak unity. The late artist Madan Mohan as well as Lata Mangeshkar wrote beautiful songs with perfect lyrics. The end result is a beautiful, soulful, and cheerful gem.

Govinda Naam Mera:

Going to the movies for money can never go wrong, and Govinda Naam Mera represented one of the best rides at the conclusion of the year. Vicky Kaushal played Govinda Waghmare, who has a girlfriend, a violent wife, and a court case to deal with while trying to figure out his life.

As a result, the film showcases a significant amount of planning followed by a series of murders. This was fun to watch because of the funny lines, great acting, and great delivery of the lines.


The story of Barfi explores both reciprocated and unrequited love. It celebrates love by showing how pure the characters are as they do nice things for each other without trying to be polite.

In the end, Barfi turns into a touching story about a lovely relationship and how to get the most happiness out of satisfaction. Barfi has a lot of good points when it comes to technology. Anurag Basu has his own style of beauty.

Many of the colors in his set design look like they would be in one of Wes Anderson’s movies. It’s not just the story that makes you feel happy the stage design does too.

I don’t like the movie because it walks a fine line between inspiration and copying a lot of the time and fails to stay on the right side. Native features, on the other hand, make up for any problems you have.