Here Are The 12 Finest Bollywood Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Finest Bollywood Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Most of the year, Bollywood is unbearable because it keeps making money-making action movies with no real story. The general trend, though, was to let those few great movie scenes stand out more than the North Star.

Names such as Shoojit Sircar as well as Amar Kaushik were coming back in 2019, which meant that this trend of movies made to get back investors’ money would change. Aditya Dhar’s URI, “The Surgical Strike,” creates dramatization by using each character to make the audience feel something during the third act’s attack on terrorists.

Vickey’s story isn’t told all the way through, so it’s possible to get the wrong idea that he led the surgical hit to get revenge for the personal loss instead of the terrible terrorist attack at the URI base camp. Some people are attached to Kirti Kulhari’s appearance, which makes her character feel like filler rather than the star it could have been.

This year, just one of the big three Khans’ movies came out: Salman Khan’s “Bharat,” which is hardly a movie. The goal then became to find movies with good material that aren’t just trying to make money.

Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi:

One of the most famous and amazing people in Indian history and writing is the Jhansi of Rani. Subhadra Kumari’s song made her seem like an intertwined and lasting part of India’s fight for freedom.

In “Manikarnika,” she is shown to be even more brave, and the story begins with her birth within Varanasi. After that, the movie shows how her strength and drive stopped the British from taking over her country.

Her boldness and courage within standing up to them when no one else would have made her a vital component of the freedom fighters who came after her. Kangana Ranaut is very good, despite all the problems she’s been in. Everything she does, from riding a horse to using a sword, feels more real because of her hard work.

Even though the story is a bit slow and choppy, and the CGI is terrible, “Manikarnika” comes to life thanks to the strong character the title character represents. The mistake in the first half is easy to forgive because the second half is so exciting.

Even though it’s a bit jingoistic, this heroic remake is a lot of fun thanks to its grandeur, fierce performances, as well as soul-stirring background score. You’ll remember “Bharat” for a long time after the hall is empty.

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Gully Boy:

Gully Boy was a great movie that no one was honestly shocked by. It turned out that Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, as well as Zoya Akhtar were a great trio at the box office.

The supporting characters, on the other hand, really made the movie stand out and make it one of its most memorable of 2019.


The best thing about “Uyare” is Parvathy’s honest and hardworking acting, which makes you feel things even when the movie gets shaky or over-the-top. The detailed description of a bad relationship and women’s place in a male-dominated society should also be praised. These topics are rarely shown in such an honest way.

Pallavi Raveendran, who is driven, has her dreams dashed when her jealous and bad boyfriend Govind throws acid within her face. The movie tells the story of Pallavi’s story of optimism and bravery in a way that makes sense.

The writing by Bobby and Sanjay isn’t perfect mostly because they wanted to add a commercial element but they do a great job of showing Govind as a parasite who wants to control everyone and get everything his way.


It was Scorcese who said, “Even theme park amusement films may be good.” “War” is in this much-debated group, and even though it has a predictable and over-the-top story, it’s a lot of fun to watch.

That hot pair, Tiger Shroff as well as Hrithik Roshan, play a master and a student in the biggest-grossing Bollywood movie of the year. They are in an epic fight of wits, muscles, and growing testosterone. The level of the action scenes in action movies is generally what keeps them going.

In India over the past few years, these kinds of movies haven’t done well at all, unless they star a megastar like Salman Khan. That’s because they lack any new action scenes. “War” brings together two of the biggest names in the business.

War looks and feels like a Hollywood movie thanks to Mr. Oh and Andy Armstrong’s combined talent. ‘War’ really covers all of these things, but it also shocks with a story full of believable turns and scenes with deep meaning.

“War” is one of the greatest Bollywood films of the year and a must-see thanks to Roshan and Shroff’s amazing performances and YRF’s responsible production, which they almost never let down.


Tapsee Pannu as well as Amitabh Bachchan have shown that they can make magic on screen, but not the kind you’d think. The filmmaker who made dramas like Kahaani as well as Kahaani 2 made another great “edge of your seat” movie. There’s no doubt that you weren’t expecting that coming.

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Mammooty proves once again that he is a flexible actor who can easily play different roles; “Unda” is a great example of this. After making popular, over-the-top movies for almost 20 years, Mammooty has switched to character parts within 2019, and this movie is no different.

As Sub-Inspector Manikandan C.P. of the Kerala police, he is sent to Basthar, a Maoist area, to do poll duty. Politics has grown into an important part of everything now that most people are aware of it.

Under the guise of an action-comedy police drama, “Unda” looks into the touchy but very real problem of the danger to democracy without giving viewers a clear answer. You should read it along with “Newton.”

Actually, the look and feel were so eerily similar that you’d be right to think Newton walked into the school that the Kerala police were watching.

Article 15:

Article 15, starring Ayushman Khurana, was one of the first movies this year to make a big splash in the business. The movie is a scary retelling of the Badayun rape cases that shocked the whole country. It was directed by Anubhav Sinha.

Issue 15 takes a close look at the main issue of casteism and acts of hate against Dalits. Sinha also does a good job of showing how the corrupt relationship between the government and politics lets people off the hook and avoid penalties.

Khurana plays a young, forward-thinking government worker whose first job is in Laalgaon. As he tries to figure out who killed the woman, he finds a bigger plot brewing.

“Article 15” is like a spiritual follow-up to Sinha’s “Mulk.” Both movies are about a bigger social problem and do a great job of showing how bias and hatred hurt people who are hurt by them.

While “Article 15” is a thrilling crime story, Sinha uses it as a platform to make a strong social statement about casteism. It also has some themes in common with his previous work, which makes it an important watch.

Uri: The Surgical Strike:

Please allow us to first praise Vicky Kaushal’s impressive skills. That guy can act in any part. The fight scenes were some of the greatest we’ve seen thanks to Aditya Dhar’s direction. It wasn’t too patriotic, but the movie did have a lot of patriotic themes.

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Two people see a young couple making out while in the backseat of a car and report them. The couple is trying to steal a kiss. After that, what happens will make you shiver with fear. “Ishq” is a tricky movie that could also divide people.

In this situation, two men from different social classes and educational levels are put in a situation that breaks down their damaged male egos and false gentlemanliness to show the unhealthy behavior that lies beneath their manhood. It also shines a light on the “madonna-who*e” behavior of young guys to show how hypocritical they are.


With “Sonchiriya,” Abhishek Chaubey adds to his image and heritage. His previous film, “Udta Punjab,” made him a name to watch.

The cast of many types plays a group of thieves who run the Chambal Valley by themselves. They are threatened by a determined police officer, which starts a fierce competition that could last for a long time.

The most important thing Chaubey did was handle people and help them grow as people. While his story grows in both scope and swagger in an amazing way as the movie goes on, it’s the way it levels things out that will surprise you in a subtle way.

Thanks to the vision of its director as well as the heart of its great cast, “Sonchiriya” grows into a slow-burning western full of emotion, almost on par with “Sholay” in terms of creating a moody and interesting world.


Akshay Kumar is the best at making movies about patriotism. Over the past few years, he’s worked hard to bring us documentaries about the great things that have happened in Indian history. One great movie that stands out is Kesari, which has just the right amount of pride and heroics on screen.


The second movie by Bhaskar Hazarika is an experimental horror play. It shows what women want but don’t want to admit and the strange sides of love.

Sumon, a young graduate student, is studying how people in different parts of India eat meat. He gets deeply in love with Niri, a doctor, while they are doing naughty things to look into different animals eating meat.

They never say out loud that they love each other, yet the spark that starts their friendship quickly turns into an obsessed and inappropriate meat-eating adventure that tests their love. Check out our review of Aamis from the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival.