Here Are The 12 Finest Crime Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Finest Crime Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

The true-crime film The Good Nurse, which just came out recently, tells a scary story of murder as well as lying. This is just one of the newest movies in the crime genre, which has produced some of the most exciting, well-written, and memorable movies ever made.

There’s a reason why well-known directors such as Antoine Fuqua, Steve McQueen, David Fincher, Jane Campion, and Martin Scorsese are drawn to the genre: it takes on the style of its makers and is so ridiculously easy to mess up.

For movie fans, the best-rated crime movies on the site are many award-winning classics like “The Godfather” and more recent foreign hits like “Jai Bhim.” We’re less interested in what someone did than in why they did it, which is why some of the best crime stories hook us by showing us inside the minds of troubled people.

The French Connection:

Almost all of the 44th Academy Awards went to this great neo-noir film by William Friedkin. In the movie based on Robin Moore’s non-fiction book, two cops try to catch a drug lord, but problems keep coming up. Since then, many movies have tried to be as good as it, yet The French Connection is still the standard for the genre for a reason.

Gene Hackman, whose creepiness and seriousness grew with each year, gives his best performance yet as Detective Jimmy Popeye Doyle, who is determined and obsessed with catching Fernando Rey’s Alain Frog One Charnier. He and his partner, Roy Scheider, seem truly ready to die to do it.

Friedkin knew exactly where he wanted the camera to be for every shot. This includes the famous car chase scene, in which Hackman crashes into cars while chasing a bad guy on a train.

It still makes you feel scared and anxious. It aims high, sticks to strict beliefs, and ignores everything else except seeking justice, which is a great way to describe the movie itself.

A Clockwork Orange:

A Clockwork Orange shows the story of Alex and his “Droogs” taking place in a frightening future England. After their wild nights, they are greeted by strangely cheerful music. Of course, they do all of this while high on drugs and hanging out at their favorite milk bar.

When Alex commits a terrible crime and goes to jail, the authorities torture him and subject him to an experimental behavior modification method that breaks him, making him vulnerable to the people he used to intimidate.

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A Clockwork Orange is a controversial movie by Stanley Kubrick that crosses the lines between right and wrong. The strange and often frightening story of A Clockwork Orange prompts contemplation on justice and morals.

The movie makes a world that is both strange and familiar, and it makes a point of showing how dangerous it is for people to have too much power.

El Camino:

Jesse Pinkman runs away from Todd’s Brotherhood property, where he’s held captive and forced to make meth, as El Camino picks up. It’s the last episode of the famous Breaking Bad series.

We see Pinkman’s fight to leave his violent past behind through a mix of flashbacks and present-day events. In simple terms, El Camino was fun. If you miss the days when new episodes of Breaking Bad came out all the time, this crime gem will feel very familiar and great.

New World:

People constantly search for a thrilling crime drama, and director Hoon-jung Park has made one with this highly styled film. Following the basic rules of a crime thriller, Park keeps the film fresh with great action scenes and a story that keeps you interested.

Beyond its surface, New World appears to be a typical crime drama, filled with themes of lying and corruption. However, it is actually a deep morality tale, with the main character torn between doing his job as a police officer and putting himself as well as his family in grave danger.

Crime movies from South Korea are known to have over-the-top violence and fancy set pieces. New World was another example of a movie that does everything right.

The Godfather:

The American crime story of the Corleone mob family was Francis Ford Coppola’s best work. It came out near the end of the 1950s, and Part II looked back at the criminal family after Vito Corleone relocated to the United States from Sicily.

The prequel was bound to be memorable with Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Diane Keaton, Talia Shire, Richard Bright, and Abe Vigoda in the cast, but Coppola’s timing and flow make the movie feel like a real accomplishment even after all these years.

Nowadays, movies have longer and longer running times, but Coppola made the first one interesting even though it was three hours long. The story included a big wedding, shootouts, a romantic tale within Italy, surprise murders, as well as the death of a patriarch, plus trips to Hollywood and Las Vegas.

Brando and De Niro took turns playing Vito Corleone. De Niro made him into a sad and evil figure who watches over his family and leaves a memory that haunts everyone he adores. Together, they gave us one of the most complete pictures of a made-up figure we’ve ever seen on screen.

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In Brian De Palma’s award-winning movie Scarface, Al Pacino plays one of his most famous roles, the murderous drug boss Tony Montana, with great skill.

The movie takes place in Miami and shows Tony’s dangerous quest to take over the drug trade within the area, no matter what it takes. Tony knows that his drug business will put him in a dangerous position of power, where he can expect violence and resistance from everyone.

Aside from Al Pacino’s amazing performance as the power-hungry character, the movie is known for showing the shocking and exciting dark side of the drug trade.

Scarface shows the rough side of Miami’s drug scene as well as the ups and downs of its main character, giving viewers a look into the unstable and short-lived life of crime that not many people experience.

Natural Born Killers:

Even though Mickey and Mallory are deeply in love, they are also psychopaths who kill people all over the Southwest. More and more people are dying because of these two people, and the media is obsessed with them, which leads to strange praise.

When “Natural Born Killers” first came out, it wasn’t a big hit, and the press said it glorified violent crimes. Still, it’s a great piece of writing that makes you think about how society loves real-life violence. It’s pure chaos and one of the bloodiest and most intense road trip movies ever made.

Animal Kingdom:

Animal Kingdom is about a mob family, like many of the other movies on this list. The movie stays true to itself, though, because it never makes the story too dramatic to believe.

It stays true to life, which means the people are real, and the audience is able to think they might exist. Critics and audiences alike praised Animal Kingdom, which even led to a TV show. Its distinctive and uncompromising voice in the genre makes it one of the best crime movies of the decade.

The Departed:

Jack Nicholson has had a long and successful career, so no one thought he would surprise them again. But here he is, giving the complicated Irish mafia boss Frank Costello the very best performance he can. With poison and smart determination, Nicholson makes his character look like a cocky monster who enjoys every word of his speech.

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It’s easy to forget about Martin Scorsese’s work behind the camera when you think about how good Leonardo DiCaprio was in a string of serious parts around this time, as well as how good Mark Wahlberg was as a mob spy working for the police.

This time, he imprints his style on the movie without making it seem too vague or lofty. This may be a new skill for the director that became clear in The Aviator, which additionally stars DiCaprio.

There may be the most shocking and unexpected death within a Scorsese movie in the last scene of The Departed. It’s so scary that it makes shoes wrapped in bags look like they’re walking on air.


Michael Mann directed Heat, a classic crime movie featuring great acting, particularly from the two main characters, Neil McCauley a master thief and Lieutenant Vincent Hanna a determined detective.

McCauley is in charge of a known gang of thieves, and they are getting ready for one last big job before they stop committing crimes. Lieutenant Hanna is in charge of catching them, but she is having personal problems as she does so.

Heat is like a complicated game of mouse and cat. It’s about how both sides outsmart each other and how, out of the blue, respect starts to grow between them. It’s easy to see why this 1995 gem has held up so well it has intense action scenes and heists that look amazingly real.


The Shibata family in Tokyo is having a hard time and is getting by by stealing small things. Surprisingly, they look like they’re happy, but when their young son is apprehended, family secrets come to light that shake up their quiet life.

Kore-eda does a great job of pulling you into the lives of this family with touching scenes that feel like warm hugs. Then, all of a sudden, you feel like someone tore your heart out. “Shoplifters” is a one-of-a-kind watch with many layers.

Cold Fish:

What kind of movie is Cold Fish? It’s hard to say because it has elements of comedy, horror, and crime thrillers.

Cold Fish is a truly distinctive movie-going experience because it takes great pleasure in being silly while also delivering heart-pounding tension and brutal gore. What makes the movie scary are the crimes that happen in it, and the fact that it relies on real events only makes people feel worse.