Here Are The 12 Finest Dark Fantasy Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Finest Dark Fantasy Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Dark fantasy movies have a lot of different kinds of stories and monsters that make the unbelievable seem pretty damn real. This type of horror is full of jump scares, and you are bound to become caught up in the mood of what you’re seeing.

Although some fantasy movies do very well at the box office, many beautiful ones fail to do so, even though they have great worlds and stories. Fantasy is a hard subject for movies to do well in.

Horror movies don’t have to be made for a lot of money, but fantasy movies usually need a lot of work to make the world look good. For writers, this could mean writing a few lines about a rich country or a barren wasteland. For directors, it could mean making a lot of money.

There are some funny parts in a lot of fairy tale movies, but most of us are interested in the serious tales. As they hide silly pictures in our minds with amazing creativity on screen for us to figure out,.


Mandy is one of the more current movies on this list. For some reason, it feels like it came straight out of a Richard Croben comic book. It’s part revenge story, part bright Pacific Northwest setting.

That movie made Nicolas Cage’s business look better at a time when things didn’t look good. A cruel group kills Cages’ wife, Mandy, in the movie. Now, driven by vengeance, he embarks on a relentless killing spree through the nearby woods in search of the heartless individuals who took away his beloved wife, Mandy.

The movie lasts for two hours. Mandy’s story is really told in the first hour, as we get to know her, and Cage’s acting kind of fades into the background. The beautiful colors and music in the movie make it feel like a fever dream at times. In the second section of the movie, Cage really goes after us and rips anyone in his way to pieces.

The Kid Who Would Be King:

In 2011, director Joe Cornish gave both Jodie Whitaker and John Boyega early lead roles in Attack the Block, a smart and clever horror sci-fi movie that broke the rules of both types of movies. Making Attack the Block 2 would have made sense, but Cornish chose to direct The Kid Who Would Be King instead.

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The Kid Who Would Be King is a fun, action-packed adventure story. It starts in modern London, where the young hero finds Excalibur. Even though there is a huge journey, The Kid Who Would Be King only made $32 million, even though it cost $59 million to make.

Practical Magic:

One of the best things about liking movies is watching them at the right time of year. Practical Magic was the perfect October comedy. Nicole Kidman as well as Sandra Bullock are witchy sisters who are close but going their own ways. One night of violence puts them in trouble with the police.

Practical Magic is a cozy show with lots of personality, lived-in acting, and a lot of charm. It has all the right amounts of romance, comedy, and drama. That farm kitchen is still what we want.


Youngheart Productions as well as 20th Century Fox made FernGully: The Last Rainforest in 1992, the same year that Disney’s Renaissance Era began. It has a similar style, music, and types of characters. The main character is brave and strong, and the male love interest changes a lot.

Overall, it’s a much stronger message about protecting the earth than other cartoons of the time that were based on fairy tales. My fairy friends teach me new things and help me take care of the jungle. Her name is Crysta.

She meets Zak, a human worker who has been turned into a fairy. Now Zak has to see the world from her point of view as well as the point of view of the other animals in the forest who depend on the trees more than any business that Zak works for.

The main bad guy in this story is Hexxus, who is a lot like the bad guys in many fairy tales. He stands for pollution’s hungry mouth, ready to take over the world.

Gretel & Hansel:

Another more modern dark fantasy movie that you know will become a cult favorite one day at some point. It’s a story that kids have heard many times never trust strangers. It’s nice to just gaze at Gretel and Hansel. The tone is used very well, and the movie has a lot of atmosphere.

The movie’s photography is a mix of old folklore drawings and the kinds of images you might imagine when reading a horror story. Children should be careful when reading Gretel and Hansel because it is a scary story with magical elements.

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Conan The Barbarian:

The 2009 version of Friday the 13th by director Marcus Nispel was a lot more fun than reviewers said it would be. It made a lot of money, which led to Conan the Barbarian, a bloody, R-rated remake of the dark fantasy series.

The movie Conan the Barbarian cost $90 million to make, but it only made $63 million at the box office. Despite this, the ride is thrilling and bloody, and it immediately establishes Jason Momoa as a potential leading man.

The Craft:

If you want to know how much this very ’90s magic movie changed pop culture, you have to have seen it. Its dark style, edgy look at girlhood, and scary third act are the reasons why “We’re the weirdos, mister.” is still talked about today.

Let the sharp language, cutting characters, and theatrical flair charm you. A teen joins a group of witches, lightning strikes the sky, and a lot of snakes show up at once.

Fairuza Baulk gives a campy performance that is both likeable and crazy, which supports The Craft’s power plays. Neve Campbell, Rachel True, and Skeet Ulrich solidify their status as 90s stars in this must-see mystery.

The Dark Crystal:

There is a unique dark fairy tale in The Dark Crystal, but the characters, especially the Skeksis, seem more and more like the people we know today. Jim Hensen directs the movie and his team creates a lot of puppets and animatronics themselves. The dolls and animatronics make the magical animals seem real and alive.

Brian Froud, a famous fantasy artist who makes up his own fairy figures, helped design the characters in the movie. The Dark Crystal is like many fairy tales in that it is about unusual heroes who go on quests to find famous magical items.

Even though the story is pretty simple, it’s about good vs. evil and powerful people from the past. It’s timeless and useful, just like many other folktales.

Sleepy Hollow:

When Tim Burton became a famous and successful director within Hollywood in the late 1980s, people must have been talking about how to get him to make a Sleepy Hollow movie.

Tim Burton’s dark style mixed with German expressionism is suitable for telling the tale of the Headless Horseman, who visits a town in the Hudson River Valley in the colonial era. The movie’s dark color scheme goes well with the version of the famous short story. This is also the best movie to watch in October.

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Ella Enchanted:

In the 2004 movie Ella Enchanted, Anne Hathaway portrays a young girl cursed to obey commands. Ella Enchanted is a funny and new take on the fairy tale genre. It has the feel of a live-action Shrek remake, and Hathaway does a great job as the main character.

But for some reason, this bubbly dream comedy was a huge failure when it came out, making only $31 million on a budget of $27 million. Even though it’s not as bad as some of the movies on this list, that loss is still terrible when you think about how much it cost to sell.

Death Becomes Her:

On paper, eternal youth sounds great, but what happens if two beautiful women who have been fighting their whole lives abuse the magic? One of the greatest black comedies you can find is Death Becomes Her. It’s additionally one of our own favorite dark feel-good movies.

The 1990s movie is about two women who drink a magical medicine. It stars Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn, and Bruce Willis, among others. But there are some rules that go along with this medicine for an endless life. You probably guessed that these conditions will no longer be in place once the two women have solved all of their problems.

Death Changes The show She is hilarious, makes fun of bad friendships, and is dripping with style as well as dark glamour. You should really watch this movie with your friends as well as a glass of wine on the following movie night.


DragonHeart updates the old story trope of a knight fighting a fire-breathing dragon for the 1990s. Elder knight Sir Bowen is a real former knight within shining armor who takes care of a prince and guides him in the ways of romanticized knighthood.

The medieval European chivalric code isn’t always the same as the fairy tale or fantasy version, and this movie sticks to the fiction version. DragonHeart goes into the concept of a dictatorship in a deeper way than you might think from a kids’ movie from the 1990s.

The theme is also not the same as the simpler fairy tale ideas of evil and good, virtue and purity. The movie looks at the concept of a “fallen knight” who must deal with his mistakes and feelings of guilt.