Here Are The 12 Finest French Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Finest French Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Every serious movie fan ends up in France at some point. In fact, the first commercial movies showing in history took place at the Grand Café in Paris within 1895. This is where cinema culture, if not movies themselves, started.

Not many countries can say they have had such a big impact on world film. Without the Nouvelle Vague, there would have been no New Hollywood Revolution in the 1970s. People, on the other hand, think of “French film” as a slur for being arrogant.

It has some good points. If you look into the history of French films, you’ll find a lot of psychological thoughts, artistic flourishes, and people that are impossible to understand. When you keep watching, though, you’ll find pleasures that you can’t find anywhere else within world film.

The Lumière brothers as well as the rebel Georges Méliès made the first movies in France. France might make the best film outside of the US.

France has always had a lot of talented filmmakers and good movies ever since the start of the French New Wave. French movies are known for being realistic and showing strong themes.

Also, if you want to see some French movies, go to Netflix US. It looks like they have a huge collection of French movies. There are a lot of great French movies upon Netflix US. These movies will make you laugh or cry.

Stuck Together:

The movie “Stuck Together” is a funny French comedy, but it also shows how bad the COVID outbreak was for thousands of people. The movie is about seven families who live in a rental property at 8 rue de l’Humanité within the 11th arrondissement during the height of the limits caused by the outbreak.

The quirky characters in the movie have no choice yet to depend on each other now that the streets of Paris, which were once full of people, are empty. City life, which is always moving, has stopped.

People learn more about themselves as well as the individuals around them as they deal with the problems that come up during a world pandemic. “Stuck Together,” which has a great cast, is a movie about love, family, and kindness.

Les Enfants Du Paradis:

Four men compete for the love of one woman, the sphinx-like Garence, a woman of ice in the style of Marlene Dietrich who has her eyes covered by a beam of light in almost all of the pictures.

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The novel was written by Marcel Carné and released in 1945. Such airy, carefully cinematic touches are added to a movie that is happy to let a great script, beautiful sets, and great actors breathe life into the story.

Tell No One:

There is a very interesting plot in the crime drama Tell No One about how the cops reopen Margot Beck’s murder case after finding something unexpected. When new things happen that are connected to Margot’s death, Dr. Beck, her husband who seemed to be innocent at first, becomes a suspect once more.

In the end, Tell No One is a great French movie that you want to tell everyone about. People on Reddit agree. As you might expect, a lot of people on the site talk about and praise the 2006 movie.

The Stronghold:

‘The Stronghold’ takes place in Marseille in 2012 and is about three police officers named Grég Cerva, Antoine, as well as Yass. Greg wants to catch the city’s most powerful drug lords, who are all in the northern areas. But he can’t go in there with the police force behind him without a good reason.

He gets that when a group of kidnappers posts a video of someone beating up someone else. Greg works with Antoine as well as Yass to find proof against the drug lords and take down their drug distribution facility.

The problem comes up when the cops need important information badly and the person who wants to be a spy says he will give it to them if they bring him 5 kg of hash. Even though Greg and his coworkers don’t want to do it at first, they quickly understand that they don’t have a choice.

La Règle Du Jeu:

The statement “everyone has their reasons” sums up Renoir’s great social comedy, which was banned when it first came out because it was “too demoralizing.” It wasn’t released in its full form again until 1956.

The movie bravely jumps from melodrama to farce, from reality to fantasy, and from comedy to tragedy, all while the Marquis de la Chesnaye as well as his wife throw a fancy country house party.

An unblinking eye watches social fights, love plots, and human flaws without judging them. The bloodshed at the rabbit shoot, the hints of death in the entertainment after dinner, and Renoir’s own show are all things that people will never forget.

The movie shows all levels of French society, from the wealthy hosts to a poacher who becomes a helper. It’s both funny and sad, showing how small class differences tear the country apart.

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Raw tells a strange coming-of-age story containing a scary twist. A young, strict vegetarian who wants to become a vet starts her first year of veterinary school and starts to feel a strange urge to eat human meat.

The new movie Raw, directed through Julia Ducournau, is a great take upon the body horror genre. “I also really like Titane,” Bridille said. The interesting French film 2021, also by Ducournau, is a second choice and definitely did not let people down.

Dear Mother:

“Dear Mother,” directed through Laurent Lafitte, is a strange movie about mothers, love that doesn’t depend on anything, and making sacrifices. The story is mostly about a lawyer named Jean-Louis who is unhappy with most of the things within his life.

The marriage between him and his wife Valérie is almost over because they don’t share many interests anymore. One day, Jean-Louis’ heart stops beating all of a sudden. He has to call his closest companion Michel, the vet, to talk about his worries, and Michel confirms Jean-Louis’ fears.

Valérie walks in and finds out what happened to her husband. She takes him to see her holistic coach, who tells him that he needs to take a picture of the spot where he emerged from his mother’s uterus in order to be healed.

The Passion Of Joan Of Arc:

The most praised work by Dreyer is still one of his most shockingly intense movies ever made. It mostly shows close-ups of hands, robes, crosses, metal bars, as well as faces, and it only shows the last few minutes of Joan’s hearing and death.

Naturally, Falconetti’s face as Joan is the one we see the most, and it’s hard to visualize a performance showing both physical pain and spiritual joy more clearly.

This face is stark and expressive in an endless number of ways. Dreyer surrounds it with other characters as well as sets that are also plain and direct in showing both material and spiritual truths. The whole movie is more like a stone sculpture than a work of light art. It’s truly great cinema and very moving.

The City Of Lost Children:

Kronk is a crazy doctor who wants to slow down the aging process. He kidnaps kids in a strange, bleak community called The City of Lost Children. Krank’s Cyclop men take Denree hostage, which makes his strong brother One and Miette help him escape.

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This movie by Marc Caro as well as Jean-Pierre Jeunet is a must-see for anyone interested in French film. It has famous lines and a story that is both strange and memorable. Vegan Literary says, “I’m going to add City of Lost Children to the list due to it’s great.”

Madame Claude:

‘Madame Claude’ takes place in Paris within the 1960s and relies on the story of the real-life brothel owner with the same name. Some of the more powerful and significant men within the world meet at Claude’s hotel, which is one of the busiest in the city.

It’s interesting that, unlike other versions of the story, “Madame Claude” doesn’t always spend a lot of time exploring the story’s naturally silly parts.

Instead, it’s about her constant inner struggle and quick rise in some Parisian groups, which made her very powerful and important on her own. On top of that, the movie shows how Claude interacts with Sidonie, a younger woman who wants to work with Claude’s mother and daughter in their business.


Tati’s Hulot is on the run in a strange, hardly familiar Paris, getting into trouble with a group of friendly American maids on a 24-hour trip.

Not so much a story about a single person struggling against a setting that becomes less and less human, but more of a semi-celebratory song to Tati’s amazing city set, which is made up of steel, chrome, sheet metal that shines, and plate glass that looks like it’s not there.

This masterpiece by Tati was shot in color that almost looks like black and white, and the sound was recorded within five-track stereo with almost no dialogue. It’s a surreal, funny vision that is almost abstract.

Pierrot le Fou:

In Pierrot le Fou, we follow Ferdinand Griffon, who is stuck in a bad marriage and was just fired from a TV station where he worked.

When Ferdinand is on his way home from a party at his wife’s dad’s house, he runs into Marianne, who used to be his lover and calls him Pierrot. He offers the opportunity to bring her home. Things get crazy, and they both go on a crazy trip together.

If you’re looking for French “must-sees,” Pierrot le Fouis has suggested it a few times on the platform, and one Redditor has called it a true New Wave road movie. The Jean-Luc Godard movie is fun to watch because it has beautiful photography and an interesting story.