Here Are The 12 Finest Murder Mystery Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Finest Murder Mystery Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

I really think that making a mystery theme isn’t the best plan. Going to the movies makes me think that every story as well as every character has their own puzzle that is solved in a variety of ways.

There really is a murder mystery rebirth going on right now. On TV, shows like Only Murders during the Building, Poker Face, as well as Apple TV’s The Afterparty have made us all feel like amateur detectives. But recently, it’s been the big screen sleuthing boom that has had genre fans lining up with magnifying glasses and deerstalkers.

Some choose to make it funny, while others choose to tell this tempting secret in a tense, dramatic way. At the heart of it all is a puzzle that was made and is being sought after, asking for a solution.

Below is a list of what we think are the best murder-mystery movies ever made. It includes classics from the golden age to the present day, hard-boiled noirs to funny parodies.

The Vanishing:

This 2019 movie is not the same as or a copy of the Dutch classic “Spoorloos,” which came out in 1998. Both movies are slow-burners that slowly and subtly draw the viewer in, but they have very different effects on the watcher.

The 2019 movie is directed by Krystoff Nyholm, who is new to the movie business. It has a great cast, led by Gerard Butler, Olafur Olafson, as well as Peter Mullan. The mysterious idea is about three lighthouse keepers who show up on an empty, faraway island.

Each of the three comes with a unique set of skills and goals. They are going through a tough time in their personal lives, and a lost prize catches their attention. This treasure turns the men crazy with violence, which leads to a shocking ending.

“The Vanishing” makes good use of the fact that its idea is new and has some really vulnerable and scary parts.

The ending is so shocking and cruel that you almost fall out of your chair and gasp at how silly it is and how important it is for Butler’s character. Nyholm’s first trip into the unknown is helped by a great cast and strong music, but the story isn’t fully developed or reliable.


Jonathan Lynn’s Clue came out in theaters with three different ends. It may not be the best murder mystery ever, but it may be the most murder mystery movie ever. In Lynn’s film, six people who have been blackmailed by Mr. Boddy get together in his house to deal with their problems.

The plot is full of twists and turns, and the comedy is out of this world. Now that Mr. Boddy is dead, the six people have to figure out who the killer is among them while the number of deaths rises.

The cast is led by the one and only Tim Curry, whose energy as the cheesy butler Wadsworth is so high that the actor later said Empire had “blood pressure through the roof!” Christopher Lloyd and Madeline Kahn are also in the game group. They take turns stealing scenes from each other as they land zinger after zinger. And even though everything is crazy, the whole thing is still a really interesting whodunit.

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Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark:

Four friends go to an old, broken-down house that they think is haunted through the ghost of Sarah Bellows. At first, Stella’s choice to find and read Sarah’s personal diary again was innocent, but it could end up being deadly and all-consuming.

Each night after Halloween, it writes a story within blood about a member of the crew that came to the house and correctly guesses how they will die. Stella sets out to find the truth behind the stories about Sarah’s death in order to stop the threat. ‘Scary Stories’ does well in almost every way as a popular business entertainment show.

While “Scary Stories” doesn’t try to be anything more than a basic Halloween story, it does manage to scare and interest in a good way. Even though it has some limitations, “Scary Stories” is still very scary, thanks to its horrific pictures and scary monsters.

Memories Of Murder:

A lot of people know Bong Joon-ho from his movie Parasite, but many still consider Memories of Murder to be his most important work.

The movie is based upon one of the initial serial killings during South Korea’s history, but it doesn’t follow the usual rules of the genre. Instead, it’s about Park Doo-man as well as Seo Tae-yoon, two young agents who are supposed to catch the killer.

The hauntingly beautiful camerawork in Memories starts with a shot of a corn leaf hanging like a body under a golden sky. This shot shows how events like these change everything and everyone.

And while Park, who is quick to anger, and Seo, who is getting more and more desperate, stomp, beat, and hold on to every possible lead they discover, Bong bravely goes up against a way of running the justice system that ends more lives than it saves.

When the movie came out, the Hwaesong killer hadn’t been caught yet. This makes the movie as well as its all-time great finish even more powerful, as Bong Joon-ho dares to look evil in the eye.

The Dead Center:

“The Dead Center” takes place in a crazy fantasy world where the dead aren’t really dead. Jon Doe, the main character, wakes up in a fuss from being put in the grave and then runs into doctor Daniel.

At the same time, the doctor who signed off on his death certificate starts looking into why the body suddenly vanished. Both questions lead to a strange answer that might not be the same for either one.

There are times in the story that are so brilliant that they really catch you off guard. The result of the circular rings is going to cause a lot of debate. ‘Dead Center’ doesn’t really become a riddle because the story isn’t consistent.


Otto Preminger’s film Laura is an exciting mix of swooning romance, sultry noir, and a murder mystery. It follows Detective Mark McPherson as he tries to find the killer of the title character, who is beautiful, loved, and coveted.

Laura, played by Gene Tierney, is the kind of woman that everyone falls in love with, even Detective McPherson. This means that many people could be responsible for her death.

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The beautiful black-and-white cinematography and creepy, swelling musical theme more than make up for the plot holes. So do the performances by the cast, especially Clifton Webb as the jealous columnist as well as narrator Waldo Lydecker in his first major film role and Vincent Price as Shelby Carpenter, Laura’s fiancée.

We Have Always Lived In The Castle:

Sisters Mary as well as Constance are seen living in a house that has been burned down but going about their daily lives as if nothing has changed. The story then jumps back in time to a beautiful, fancy Blackwood building full of power, authority, as well as intense hatred.

In the town where they live, the family is known for being hated by everyone. The members don’t leave the house very often, which makes them lonely and unhappy. When Charles, the girls’ cousin, comes to live with them, things get much worse for the family.

The story of the movie comes from Shirley Jackson’s 1962 book of the same name. The two stars, played by Alexandria Daddario as well as Taissa Farmiga, have very different personalities, which works perfectly for them.

Because they work hard at being true to each character and getting along with each other, the puzzle at the heart of the story grows thanks to their efforts. A well-written and well-performed mystery movie with a lot of layers that will surprise you with how good it is.

L.A. Confidential:

It’s not easy to turn a James Ellroy book into a movie; even Brian De Palma had trouble alongside The Black Dahlia. But Brian Helgeland, who wrote and directed L.A. Confidential, made it work so well that they won an Oscar.

A lot of great actors, like Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, James Cromwell, as well as yes, Kevin Spacey, were in this twisty story about crooked police officers in Los Angeles in 1956. The city is presented as more like a place full of devils than angels.

When it comes to the main story, it has some shocking and surprising turns. Will you be able to figure out who is killing the Night Owls before the movie shows you in a bloody way?

Ready Or Not:

It’s interesting how “Ready or Not” mixes popular music styles and acts with a lot of balance and control. ‘Ready or Not’ is about a married Grace who happily marries her dream man, Daniel. It’s about a vague family with strange habits. Before they can start the trip of their lives, Daniel’s family has to say sure they are ready.

This is the part that might make it impossible for the two to live their lives together. ‘Ready or Not’ is one of the most exciting movies of the year. It’s annoying, never-ending, and a lot of fun.

Gosford Park:

Gosford Park is set in the past, has an upstairs-downstairs relationship, stars Dame Maggie Smith, and was written by Julian Fellowes. It feels like director Robert Altman’s own darker take on Downton Abbey, but in the best way possible.

In the 1930s, the movie takes place at a hunting resort where the rich and famous get together. Smith, Michael Gambon, Kristin Scott Thomas, Richard E. Grant, Charles Dance, as well as many more are in the huge ensemble cast, and Altman lets the sparks fly while making fun of the British elite’s selfishness and snobbery with biting wit.

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It’s easy to lose track that the murder doesn’t happen until more than halfway through this murder mystery because the writing as well as character work are so good. Of course, through the time Stephen Fry’s smart but clumsy Inspector Thompson shows up, you’ll be just as confused as he is about who the killer is.

Long Day’s Journey Into Night:

As Luo calms down from a dream regarding her, he slowly comes back to the real world. He can’t get her shape out of his mind, and it seems to be always trying to get his focus and heart.

He goes back to Kaili, the place where their passionate affair began, to finish what he started. Bi Gan grew up in the town of Kaili. He tells the story in a way that is both dreamlike and hypnotic, making it both scary and impossible to stop reading.

Gan writes “Long Day’s Journey” so well that it’s hard to tell the difference between the  past and the present, between truth and fiction. The secret that it hides so well under its bizarre skin grows to encompass everything under its film sun, overshadowing the short and selfless premise.

It’s Gan’s unique frame and the vivid colors that fill it that give the movie such a beautiful look that never goes away. One of the greatest background sounds of the year is Bela Bartok’s mix of Hungarian and Chinese music.

Because Gan knows every crack and inch of Kaili’s beautiful scenery so well, the city really becomes a character within the story. Because he is so romantic, Luo’s desperate howl always looks so beautiful that you can’t help but give within to its charms.

‘Long Day’s Journey into Night’ might be hard for most people to understand, but for its niche audience, it will be remembered as a modern masterpiece that makes their blood race, their imaginations run wild, and their search for meaning in life continue as it slowly burns to a close.

Game Night:

Game Night is a deliciously meta action comedy from the creators of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and Jonathan Goldstein. It’s not a murder mystery by most standards, but it’s still a lot of fun.

However, the whole thing starts with a murder mystery night, and you’re left thinking whodunit and what “it” is the whole time, so we’re counting it here.

Annie and Max are played by Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. They are a very competitive pair, and their skills are put to the test when Brooks, Max’s cocky brother, gets taken for real when their game night goes wrong.

This movie not only has one of the greatest comedies of the last ten years, but it also has an amazing number of twists and turns that build up to an amazing ending that actually follows through. This movie, unlike some others within the same type, gets better every time you watch it again.