Here Are The 12 Finest Short Films You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 12 Finest Short Films You Can Watch Right Now:

A lot of well-known directors had to start out somewhere. It looks like short videos are the best way for budding directors to get their jobs going. A lot of these movies show how talented young directors could be, and some of them go on to make their big break within feature films.

Some short films, such as Whiplash, show how an idea could work before it becomes a bigger, better movie. Some people have found fans on the web and will continue to do so.

However, not every short film needs to be a stepping stone to a job in feature films. A short film is its own type of art, and it needs to have very different goals than a full picture.

Every once in a while, we all enjoy a great movie, but at times you just don’t want to sit through more than two hours of boring explanations, big robots fighting, or little people wandering around the countryside.

This is the time to watch a 90-minute movie that does the job. The hour as well as a half length is great for watching on a weeknight, and as the list below shows, it’s possible to present a story that is gripping, makes you think, and is just plain fun in that amount of time.

Disco Inferno:

In Disco Inferno, a Netflix original short film, a disco bar that used to be a church turns into a scary place. Young people Mel and Brandon really want to win the club’s big dance event. But when Mel finds out she’s pregnant, she wakes up a dark, magical being.

There are a lot of upsetting pictures in Disco Inferno, especially of eyes, even though the movie is only 18 minutes long. Fans of the genre will enjoy it. There’s no doubt that Bringas and Ruffin will become stars because of how well they play each other and on their own. Fans of this short will want to see it turned into a movie.

The Jog:

There was no better time to upload The Jog to YouTube. The COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis, as well as different social justice groups, such as the fight for race equality, have shaped the year 2020.

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In this short movie, a man receives a call telling him that he got into his dream police school. During his morning run, he sees a woman who is having a hard time.

He follows her as well and hits the white man with the gun who was trying to hurt her. When the cops show up, they think the black man is guilty, which is not true. The ending of the movie is powerful and important.

The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar:

When Roald Dahl as well as Wes Anderson worked together, it always seemed like something magical would happen, and The Wonderful Tale of Henry Sugar lives up to those hopes.

With a great cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Ralph Fiennes, Ben Kingsley, and more, Anderson’s 40-minute movie is full of the director’s wit and style, making it feel like the perfect match for Dahl’s creative stories.

The director has already made two short films, Hotel Chevalier and Castello Cavalcanti. But The Wonderful Tale of Henry Sugar is by far the most Anderson-like of all of them, and his fans will love it.

Stand By Me:

In Stand by Me, set in the hot summer of 1959, four American teens go into the woods to find the body of a lost boy. The story is nostalgic and warm. They want to go on an adventure, maybe become famous, and get something in return. But they quickly learn that childhood dreams as well as the cold truth of the real world are very, very different.

This warm coming-of-age story is based on a Stephen King tale and stars River Phoenix, Corey Feldman, Kiefer Sutherland, John Cusack, and Richard Dreyfuss, all of whom became famous in the 1980s. It’s a classic that doesn’t stay too long.

Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein:

David Harbour, who you may know from Netflix’s Stranger Things, plays a strange version of himself within Frankenstein’s Monster. At the end of the 32-minute short film, David Harbour III wants to know more about his famous theater actor father, David Harbour Jr., who played Dr. Frankenstein in the play Frankenstein’s Monster.

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This short will appeal to people who like the funnier and lighter side of Harbour’s playing. Some people might not like the weird humor, yet the narrative never stays too long. The monster from Frankenstein is funny, strange, and all around interesting.

Pitch Black Heist:

What if Christopher McQuarrie got sick on the set of the Mission: Impossible movie and needed a cheap replacement? John Maclean, the director of Pitch Black Heist, might be the man for the job.

In Mclean’s praised and BAFTA-winning short, Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningham from Game of Thrones play professional safecrackers who start what they think is a perfect plan to break into an office’s alarm system.

This 13-minute thrill ride has dramatic tension that would normally take a full-length movie. Imagine what Maclean could do with a longer length and more money.

Robin Robin:

S/W alumni present a heartwarming Christmas show about a robin raised by mice. Dan Ojari and Mikey Please take the bird’s lead as she tries to prove her worth to her new family of rodents. Please follow its lead when she tries to show her worth to her new family of rodents.

With its cute needle-felted figures and catchy songs, as well as the magical stop-motion animation that you always connect with an Aardman movie, Robin Robin is sure to become a new holiday classic in homes all over the world.

Shiva Baby:

Emma Seligman’s directorial debut is a clever, sarcastic, and sex-positive independent drama set at a shiva, a Jewish event where people mourn for a day. The movie is beautiful and 78 minutes long.

Danielle, a college student who is having a hard time, shows up with her parents only to find that her ex-girlfriend, her current sugar daddy, his wife, and his new baby are also there. No word can begin to describe how awkward it was.


Weathering is a sad but important story about a young woman named Gemina, who almost dies while giving birth and loses her baby. Gemina grieves alone at home after she gets back from her trip and has troubling dreams.

Women in the medical system can be treated very poorly, which is the real horror of this movie. For example, Gemina says something is wrong, but the doctor says it’s not. Weathering goes over a lot of ground within twenty minutes, and Louder is backed up by a great supporting group that includes Jermaine Fowler and Alfre Woodard.

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The Big Shave:

Martin Scorsese showed within an early short film that he understood the mental effects of the Vietnam War on soldiers who came back to the United States ten years before he did so in Taxi Driver.

People who see The Big Shave won’t need to look at the movie’s 5:11 length to figure out that its plot is about a young man who cuts himself while shaving. This story not only set the stage for Travis Bickle’s unparalleled tragedy, but it also hinted at Richie Tenenbaum’s suicide attempt within Wes Anderson’s The Royal Tenenbaums.

The White Helmets:

If you want to watch a short movie on Netflix, you should probably like Docs. So far, most of Netflix’s purchases have been Oscar winners, and with this Syrian War movie, the company finally got one right.

Von Einsiedel won the Oscar two years after his nomination for the movie Virunga, surpassing Extremis, which was also acquired by Netflix.

It was well-deserved. The media coverage of the Syrian war has captivated our attention, and this film provides a poignant portrayal of the courageous actions of a nonpartisan group of citizens who actively rescue people from the debris following bombings. Important and having an effect.


Cloverfield may have been the best “found footage” horror movie ever. The subgenre is definitely hit-or-miss, with a terrible movie for every good one.

Cloverfield succeeds by surpassing the low-budget notion of the audience witnessing found footage after the fact. Instead of being set in a creepy forest or a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, Cloverfield takes place in New York during a huge, mysterious disaster.

So the watcher gets an insider’s perspective of the end of the world, complete with horrible deaths, buildings falling down, and a lot more. While the ride is going on, it’s fun, but people who get sick easily might want to start early. Abrams really loves shaky camera footage.