Here Are The 18 Best Anime Shows For Kids To Enjoy Right Now


Here Are The 18 Best Anime Shows For Kids To Enjoy Right Now:

If you’ve been an anime fan for a long time, you may remember the days when it was impossible to find a good copy of the anime you liked. Finding a movie over 480p with official, correct subtitles that weren’t made by fans was like searching for a unicorn.

Many people around the world watch anime, and it has quickly become the most popular type of animation. Anime is the only place where a short attention span won’t be a problem because of the complicated plots, over-the-top animation, as well as mind-blowing world-building.

For people who are new to the genre, getting used to reading subtitles is just one small thing that stands in the way of them discovering a whole new world. If you want to start watching anime but don’t know where to begin, these shows are great choices.

Some of the best anime for newbies are the ones that critics say are the most popular and range from old to new. Fans who want to find the next great show to watch all at once will be happy to know that there are a lot of famous anime to choose from.


Studio Gathering made Bananya, a Japanese cartoon series. It was created, directed, and written by Kyou Yatate. The show is about the main character, a cat from a special breed that lives inside bananas. He just wants to live a normal life alongside his family and friends.

The only irrational activity that ever brings him joy is bathing in chocolate with his feline companions. The funny show is about the problems he and his friends face as they try to live their best lives.

One Piece:

One Piece is a cartoon that has been around for a long time and has over 1,000 episodes. We know that starting the show is hard because of this, but we promise you that it’s worth it.

The cartoon is based on the book series One Piece, which began in 1997. It follows Monkey D. Luffy as he sets out on a big mission to become King of the Pirates. You can’t help but like Luffy’s new companions and foes that he meets on his quest.

There is fluff because there are so many shows, yet the story is still surprisingly good after more than twenty years. There’s a reason why One Piece is so famous, and this important cartoon was well worth your time.


Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End is a unique take on the usual fantasy story. It is based on Kanehito Yamada’s popular shonen novel.

The story takes place after an assortment of heroes defeat a demon king. It is mostly about Frieren, an elf who ends up being alone because she has lived longer than her friends.

The manga shows flashbacks of the heroes’ adventures and also follows Frieren as she and a student look for magic spells. Beyond Journey’s End is a thoughtful story that deals with friendship, death, and grief.

The production got off to a fast start with four episodes, and so far, Madhouse has lived up to the promise of the source material. You can’t not like Frieren, and the other people in her party are all easy to understand.

Also, the flashbacks work well with the story, creating a journey that has just the right amount of drama, fun, humor, and sadness.

Vinland Saga:

Within the Viking Age, the Vinland Saga tells the story of Thorfinn, a young fighter who, at first, is angry and wants to get payback on the person who killed his father. His story changes over time as he grows to be peaceful.

Along with the main character’s journey, a dangerous force grows in the form of King Canute. His bad behavior soon changes Thorfinn’s path. The Vinland Saga is the only cartoon that looks at history in this way.

This setting leads to unique and deep characters, interesting Viking mythology, and, of course, amazing fights and action scenes. That being said, not everyone likes this time period. For their first anime, new fans might prefer to start with a less specific historical period.

Scott Pilgrim:

We didn’t know what to think when we heard that Netflix was going to take Scott Pilgrim and turn it into a cartoon. Did a cartoon adaptation of Scott Pilgrim have a purpose when the popular comic books were already made into a movie and a video game?

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But now, in late 2023, we love Scott Pilgrim Takes Off, the latest Netflix cartoon version. We think that generations of fans will have a great time watching this bold and well-made new take on the cult comics. There is a lot of clever writing, a lot of fun, and a lot of thrilling, over-the-top action. It’s clear that Netflix already has a new cartoon hit.

Trigun Stampede:

Some people really enjoy the Trigun cartoon and comics series. Some fans didn’t like Studio Orange’s new character designs or their new take on the story by author Yasuhiro Nightow.

But for people who liked the new show just the way it was, this version of Nightow’s sci-fi western was a welcome boost at the start of 2023. Trigun Stampede defies the criticism of stiffness often associated with 3DCG animation, pushing the limits of cartoony expression while still maintaining a great look.

Vash the Stampede is so wanted that there is a 60 billion “double-dollar” bounty on his head for the chaos he causes in every town on the planet of No Man’s Land. Stampede keeps a lot of the silliness of Vash the Stampede and even adds some heavy mythology around the enigmatic “Plants” that the settlements rely on for survival.

Vash also has to deal with Million Knives, his evil twin brother, who destroys a town shortly after he initially shows up. Stampede is one of the best animated shows of the year. It’s brave enough to try new storylines and animation styles, and it sets a new standard for 3-D animation within anime. Let the second season begin!

School Babysitters:

Everyday high school student Ryuuichi Kashima’s life takes a sudden turn when his parents die in a plane crash. However, he has to take care of himself and his young brother, Kotarou, who is in preschool and doesn’t fully understand how terrible what has happened to his family is.

It’s interesting that the head of Morinomiya Academy decides to provide the two boys with much-needed hope by letting them in. So long as Ryuuichi takes care of the kids in the school’s daycare and learns at the same time, she will let him.

Spy x Family:

It’s a lot of fun to watch this new cartoon about a spy who pretends to be a family man. While Spy x Family has only been on since April 2022, it has already been a huge hit with viewers and critics alike.

The story is about Twilight, a master spy who has to make a fake nuclear family to finish what could be the biggest task of his career. The narrative skillfully blends action and family-friendly moments, occasionally causing the fake family to lose themselves in their roles. Spy x Family is scheduled to release its second season sometime in 2023.

The Apothecary Diaries:

Thieves take Maomao, a trainee chemist, and sell her to the royal court in ancient China. Though the main character’s main goal is to stay out of trouble while she works to earn sufficient funds to get out alive, she can’t help herself when she sees two kids who are sick.

This interests an eunuch, who makes Maomao a lady-in-waiting and assigns her to work as a helper for one of the emperor’s ladies. More importantly, he tells her to use her skills as a pharmacist to solve a bunch of cases.

There are many good things about The Apothecary Diaries, but the main character is what makes the show so popular. Smart, charming, and complicated, Maomao steals every scene. She’s also a lot of fun to watch, which helps keep the show grounded.

A strong group of supporting characters, from the caring Gyokuyou to the fun but slightly creepy Jinshi, helps her out. The cases themselves haven’t done anything too special yet, but they’re good little puzzles that help build the world and give historical background.

Shaman King:

You can follow Yoh Asakura, a relaxed and languid young boy who can talk to spirits, on his travels in Shaman King. In the end, Yoh chooses to do something difficult to become the subsequent Shaman King.

To fight in the Shaman Fight as well as show that he is the best, he has to train hard and go on a dangerous trip. Yoh’s growth as a strong spirit and a likeable person is what the series is all about. It has a good mix of magic and action.

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While Shaman King is expected to appeal to anime veterans, it can also be a fun and exciting experience for those new to anime or seeking a captivating blend of magical powers and personal growth.

The Battle Begins:

You may have heard of Bakugan before; it’s a well-known brand of toys that has been around for a long time. It has been turned into an anime before, such as Bakugan Battle Planet, which debuted in the US on Cartoon Network in December 2018.

It’s better to think of this new Netflix show as a redo, since it has a new plot and new characters. The story is about an alien race called the Bakugans. They are from six worlds in Vestroian space and are one of six species the avian, the dragon, the insect, the beast, the aquatic, and the dinosaur.

By mistake, they are brought to Earth, and kids discover that they can pair up with them to transform into Kaijus, enormous monsters.


Pluto is based on a comic by Naoki Urasawa that updates Osamu Tezuka’s famous Astro Boy story for the 21st century. It’s a murder mystery take on a classic sci-fi story.

Urasawa’s story starts with the murder of Montblanc, a popular robot mountain guide within the Alps who wore dungarees. Inspector Gesicht is a detective who is also a robot. He hunts down the person who killed the world’s most powerful robots and fights for their rights.

The show does a great job of translating Urasawa’s manga art, especially his expressive eyebrows and intricate facial features. It also adds new layers with its bright, bizarre digital colors and visual effects, which fit a fake world gone wrong.

The show faithfully adapts Urasawa’s slow-burn storytelling, choosing sprawling tales that reveal the supporting cast as well as their backstories in intricate, often sad detail through in-depth talk. The score is excellent and sinister.

Take a look at an early scene from the first episode. It starts with Gesicht looking into the story of old musician Paul Duncan and his robot helper, North No. 2. The story is already very sad, but the show adds a Proustian moment of sense memory by having an AI sing a song to help a man remember his mother.

Pluto also has more political symbolism, especially when it shows a war that is a stand-in for the invasion of Iraq, complete with a clear copy of George W. Bush, who gets people to agree to the invasion by looking for “robots of mass destruction.” One of the many things that keeps Pluto interesting, even in hour-long shows, is its nightmare-like portrayal of foreign interference.


“Poyopoyo,” from Studio Deen, is a comedy cartoon based on Ruu Tatsuki’s Japanese manga series of the same name. The show follows a normal family as they adopt a round orange cat called Poyo through a number of stand-alone episodes.

The funny show lets you get to know the family’s hopes and problems on a personal level while keeping things light and funny for the most part. The cartoon is likely to be fun for people who want to stream something funny.

Mob Psycho 100:

Mob Psycho 100 is a great anime from the same person who made One-Punch Man. It takes common shonen anime tropes as well as turns them on their heads to make something new.

Shigeo Kageyama is the main character of the series. He is a skilled ESP user who likes to solve his issues by getting stronger instead of using his ESP. The character Mob is pretty silent he holds his feelings in instead of showing them.

When he eventually lets his mood meter hit 100, get ready for a lot of mental energy along with a few crazy cartoon scenes. The cartoon is fun to watch and has some great characters.

MF Ghost:

It’s crazy how few anime about racing cars there are, as well as how the theme often goes away for years at a time. It looked like 2023 would be another one of those years, yet the fall chose to make up for it in a big way.

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Overtake as well as MF Ghost are both great games about speed, and they’re both great on their own. Furthermore, these games have distinct features that cater to different groups of people.

Taking place in the F4 league, Overtake! has a lot to do with drivers but is mostly about the characters. There are plenty of exciting races, but these parts are usually pretty short and don’t get much attention.

MF Ghost was all about the races. The cartoon envisions a future in Japan where self-driving cars dominate and real cars are primarily seen in public street races, serving as a follow-up to Initial D.

Kanata Rivington goes to Japan to look for his father, and he thinks that joining these events will make a big deal out of it. He is obviously very skilled because he can remember tracks after only a few runs.

It’s easy to forget about MF Ghost’s characters, and sometimes they don’t have much depth. But they’re only there to serve the show’s theme of action. Given the history of the game that came before it, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that MF Ghost’s races are not just great but also the main focus of most episodes.

Slam Dunk:

Slam Dunk is a sports cartoon about a high school student named Hanamichi Sakuragi.As a student, Sakuragi was known for being bad and angry, and he didn’t want to join the Shohoku High School basketball team at first because a girl had turned him down before because he was a basketball player.

In the end, Sakuragi finds his love for the sport and, with the assistance of his friends, changes his way of life for the better. Slam Dunk has a thrilling plot and some funny moments, but what really draws people in are the intense basketball games and the exciting race to make it to the national championships.

Slam Dunk was the first sports anime that people thought was good because it showed basketball games realistically and had fun animation. Slam Dunk was a great way for people who are new to sports anime to get into the exciting world of the genre.


The very popular manga series with the same name, Bleach, serves as the basis for an anime show. The manga was made by the famous artist and character creator Tite Kubo and has sold over 120 million copies.

It tells the story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a teenager who gains Soul Reaper skills and starts to see ghosts. He protects people from bad spirits and helps lost souls find their way to the afterlife, which is a lot like the Grim Reaper’s job.

Over the years, the series has become very popular. We think that’s because it’s likely to appeal to individuals who like action, romance, and something a little more mysterious. It started airing in 2004 and has 366 episodes, so if you become hooked, you’ll have a lot to watch.

Skip And Loafer:

In Skip and Loafer, two high school students who couldn’t be more different become friends. Mitsumi, a go-getting country bumpkin, dreams big and plans everything down to the smallest detail, while Sosuke is much more laid-back and sometimes lost in his lack of ambition, or maybe he’s trying to avoid it on purpose.

Their story starts when the first gets lost in Tokyo’s complicated public transportation system on the first day of school, causing her to freak out. This is where their story starts.

From this point on, director as well as writer Kotomi Deai follows Mitsumi through typical anime high school life, including student governments, cultural events, and more, shown through episodes that jump around in time without going back.

The stakes are pretty low she’s mostly trying to impress her new friends or figure out Sosuke’s mysterious past as he gradually opens up to her. At the exact same time, Mitsumi starts to bring together a group of people with different personalities. Her sincere attitude breaks down some long-standing grudges and fears.

Mitsumi’s wide humorous acting and the soft, round-edged art of the animation, made by PA Works, underline the comfort of seeing them get to know each other. It’s a very funny, sweet, and simple pleasure.