Here Are The 15 Best Business Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 15 Best Business Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Small business owners are often the ones who get the most out of movies and television programs that are meant to be fun. There’s nothing better than picturing yourself in a movie, especially if the primary protagonist is an outlier who goes against the grain, fights the boss, and eventually quits their job to build a famous business.

Business films are not only fun to watch, but they can also teach you something. People who are already in business or want to start their own can learn a lot from watching the most successful company movies with a bowl of popcorn.

We went one step further and made a list of the greatest business film that includes more than just the usual ones. That means movies like “You’ve Got Mail” and “Becoming Warren Buffet” can be seen together.

People in these movies learn the hard way that having your own business was a lot of work. To get via the tough times, sometimes all you need is a little motivation.

The Social Network:

There is always some kind of attack on the system in the best movies about entrepreneurs, and “The Social Network” is no different. The dangerous beginnings of Facebook are shown in this movie. Mark Zuckerberg, an enterprising teen, starts the social network in his Harvard room to get back at a recent ex-girlfriend.

Soon enough, Facebook starts to grow on its own with help from friend and investor Eduardo Saverin. As someone who always has faith in his own skills, Zuckerberg builds Facebook’s platform without caring about money, the law, or how other people feel.

Saverin is fired when Sean Parker, a famous internet entrepreneur who made Napster in the early 2000s, joins the company. Soon after, Zuckerberg is involved in a nasty case over who owns Facebook and what rights it has.

A great movie for entrepreneurs that shows what may occur when an idea goes viral. The Social Network was full of the drama that comes with building a company that goes global as well as becomes its own language.

Because Facebook is so popular right now, this movie about an entrepreneur is a must-see for any business owner who wants to make it big and learn the mistakes that come with big projects.

“The Social Network” shows the typical types of founders and the early days of Silicon Valley’s tech scene. It even shows the Harvard dorm room, the “coding bros,” and the founder, who isn’t very good with people.

Fyre Festival:

The film Fyre is about Billy McFarland, a young entrepreneur as well as con artist, and his failed 2017 Fyre Festival. The event was destined to fail from the start because it wasn’t planned well and money wasn’t handled properly.

This movie is great for entrepreneurs because it shows how important it is to plan ahead. However, it shows that wanting and being passionate about something is not enough to achieve great things in life; you also need to work intelligent and hardworking to win.

The movie “Fyre” shows how important it is to plan and handle things well. It can be a danger sign for all young businesses who fail to deliver what they promised even after spending a lot of money on it.

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You’ve Got Mail:

Kathleen Kelly is the owner of a small shop called “The Shop Around the Corner.” I think most business owners will find someone in her to relate to. Kathleen’s mother gave her the business, and she is eager to keep her cute stores in New York City busy, even though Fox Books, a big bookstore chain, is one of her competitors.

As a romance movie, this movie may be most recognized for its business lessons. That’s why it’s on our list of the best business movies. You have mail that tells business owners not give up, even when they’re up against direct competitors and problems.

The Shop Around the Corner does close down in the end, but Kathleen keeps working hard and stands by the company and her workers until the very end. Through the conclusion of the film, she has even started a new business as a famous author of children’s books.

Jerry Maguire:

This business story about the rise and fall of a powerful sports agent includes Jerry Maguire being fired of his successful company for supporting his idea that agents should have fewer clients as well as more time to get to know them.

He starts his own sports management company on a whim, and Rod Tidwell, a wild football player whose family as well as financial needs push Jerry to be the best, is the only client who believes within his new way of life.

Dorothy, an old coworker, is Maguire’s only employee. He needs to grow his business and get past his own worries as well as Dorothy’s. He achieves in the end by putting the wants of his client ahead of his own desire to make money.

Startup stories are about people who go out on their own because they think they can do something better. Yes, it’s scary, but “Jerry Maguire” shows that all you need is one good customer as well as a lot of drive.

The Founder:

A biopic film about how McDonald’s became among the biggest food companies in the world. When salesman Ray Croc joined the McDonald’s brothers, he stole their idea and took credit for the restaurant’s growth without ever paying them for their share.

People who want to start “the next big thing” will find inspiration in The Founder. Ray Kroc made McDonald’s the world’s most popular fast-food chain restaurant, even though he was sometimes mean and overly eager.

Enron: The Smartest Guys In The Room:

One of the greatest business movies regarding the rise and fall of a huge company is without a doubt Enron: The Smartest Guys within the Room.

Based on Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind’s best-selling book The Smartest Guys in the Trading Room, the movie shows how the top execs were able to rig stock dealing, lie about the balance sheets, and trick investors.

This is one of the greatest company movies ever made. It’s about one of the biggest business scams in U.S. history, in which some leaders made billions of dollars while their workers and investors lost everything.


“Joy,” the tale of business queen and entrepreneur Joy Mangano, is another movie based on a true story. Mangano starts out living in a run-down house with her two kids, her grandparents, her grandma, and her ex-husband. Her parents are split.

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Her future doesn’t look good until she gets that all-encompassing inspiration that every business knows all too well: the idea for a new cleaning item called the Miracle Mop. Mangano works hard to make her company’s concept a reality, even though her family and home affairs keep getting in the way.

Mangano’s love for her mop comes through when QVC gives her the chance to promote it on TV. There is a truly happy finish to this business movie: Joy Mangano is now a multimillionaire alongside hundreds of titles to her name.

This is one of the few movies regarding small businesses that really shows how crazy things can get behind the scenes. Also, Mangano’s struggles with running her family life and her business are real for most business owners.

Steve Jobs:

This movie about the father of Apple shows the famous businessman behind the scenes and shows how hard it was for him to start out. There are also important pictures from Steve’s personal life, as well as the problems he solved to make his business what it is today.

Jobs’ ideas as well as the choices he had to make to build Apple and make it famous are at the center of Steve Jobs. This is one of those business movies that everyone can pick up something from, even if they have been running a business for years. This movie can teach you and help you understand Job’s thoughts better, so give it a chance.

What Women Want:

As the owner of a business that trains and hires people for brand marketing, I have to choose an old favorite that honors our CPG industry. It was okay for guys within our manly, Americana society to watch What Women Want with Mel Gibson as well as Helen Hunt in 2000. It showed what women wanted from a market point of view.

That was important for a guy who was only beginning out in brand marketing. Of course, this was before the word “metrosexual” was even a thing. Not many people were ready for it. But I don’t think I’ve ever shaved my legs.

The Devil Wears Prada:

This story about the power of success and fear comes from the true story of a young woman who was determined to make it in publishing. Andy wants to be a writer, and even though she makes a fashion mistake, Miranda Priestly, editor-in-chief of the famous Runway magazine, likes her.

It’s a list of “How Not To’s” from there until Andy becomes one of her boss’s most trusted friends. Over time, Andy learns that being at the top of the list of “The Worst People Ever” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, as she starts to think that she might have lost her morals and character along the way.

Andy’s rise to the pinnacle of the fashion world makes her feel out of touch as well as lost, even though she is successful. Like “Wall Street,” “The Devil Wears Prada” challenges the idea that being successful in business and having a lot of money means you’ll be happy.

Instead, it shows how empty these things are. Andy moves upon from her time at Runway as well as is able to follow via with her original goal of becoming a reporter.

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The Social Network:

The Social Network tells the whole story of Facebook as well as its founder. It demonstrates Mark Zuckerberg as well as how he made his plan to build a social networking site come true. Soon after that, a lot of money was put into his idea, as well as all of a sudden, Facebook was “live” everywhere.

Mark’s trip wasn’t all sunshine and roses, though. The movie also shows his problems and the cases he faces from Eduardo Saverin, who used to be his friend and first investment. It’s interesting to watch and think about how Zuckerberg comes up with new ideas you’ll feel like you’re in Silicon Valley, the center of the tech world.

Another thing the movie does is show that even big companies often started out small and had a hard time. Young businesses can learn a lot from this.

The Big Short:

When you spend your money and run a business, this is one of the best business films because it uses real history to teach you how to look at true facts and figures instead of what everyone else thinks. It’s also very interesting and well-made, and it teaches people a great business lesson facts are more important than what people think.

Office Space:

Peter Gibbons knows more than anyone else about how boring work can be. Peter often fantasizes about destroying the software company he is employed by because his annoying coworkers and tiring boss make him feel like giving up.

The main themes of this satirical comedy are work relationships as well as office politics. Any entrepreneur who has left the office will be able to relate to the inefficient system of corporate life.

The Wolf Of Wall Street:

One of those business movies that keeps you hooked to the screen is The Wolf of Wall Street. What could be more effective to learn how not to make the same terrible business mistakes that Jordan Belfort did?

The story of this movie was based on his true story. He started out as a good dealer but got caught up in too many drugs, too a lot lies, as well as a terrible fight with US officials. Even though he was successful, he was known for the bad things he did. This shows again that the business decisions you make can affect the rest of your life, so always be careful.

The process of cold calling might be one of the most thrilling parts of the movie. It’s shown by love, commitment, and faith in the good idea. Another thing you can learn from this movie is that you should do whatever makes your workers happy to keep them happy, but don’t go too far or you might get yourself into trouble.

Boiler Room:

A lot of people love this movie, and it’s still one of the greatest business movies ever made. The plot shows you how important it is to teach new employees new beliefs and ways of doing things.

First, you should focus on your employees’ success and make them think that your method works. It also makes your attitude even more important and brings your preferred world into being. In general, this is one of the greatest as well as most motivating business movies you’ll ever see.