Here Are The 15 Best Exorcism Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 15 Best Exorcism Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Over the years, the exorcist style of horror has grown to unimaginable heights. Instead of rusty piles of screws covered in bloodbaths like in body horror, broken crucifixes mixed with the Bible and holy water have taken the spotlight.

For every great scary movie about an exorcism, there are a few that you’ll forget. Even though this isn’t fair, possession films are still popular. New movies like The Pope’s Exorcist as well as Evil Dead Rise have done well in theaters as well as online.

Since Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist came out in the 1960s and 1970s, the best exorcism movies have skillfully mixed the psychological thrills of the unknown with the gross and horrifying displays of evil spirits.

When demons, tortured souls, gods, or animals from folklore come into the physical world, exorcists in movies have to deal with the worst as well as the most dangerous beings.

The Exorcism Of God:

People in his church worship him, and the Vatican treats him as a king, yet Father Peter Williams has been keeping a terrible secret from everyone for 18 years. The priest is so ashamed of what happened during an exorcism that he decides to do good deeds in a small Mexican town.

But the past doesn’t just come back to haunt him; it crashes into the present, such as a cruel train wreck full of possessed prisoners as well as disease that spreads to the people of the town.

Annabelle Comes Home:

Alejandro Hidalgo, a director and co-writer from Venezuela, mostly plagiarizes from The Exorcist, but he wins on a human level by demonstrating Will’s inner fight with the Devil. Annabelle Comes Home is a fun spin-off from the Conjuring movies. In this one, the Warrens’ 10-year-old daughter Judy was in charge of getting rid of the bad ghosts.

One of Judy’s careless friends accidentally sets the doll free, causing a wave of fear to sweep through Judy, her friends, and her babysitter for one horrifying night. This sends a wave of fear through Judy, her friends, and her babysitter for one horrible night.

The Spirit is a tight, effective horror movie that is more about scary fun than scary scares that will keep you up at night.

The Bride, one of the ghosts, takes over Daniela. In a short but successful exorcism scene, Judy utilizes a recording of her father performing an exorcism on the bride to get rid of the ghost from Daniela’s body.

Annabelle: Creation:

The first Annabelle movie wasn’t very good, but the second one, Annabelle: Creation, was a big step in the right direction. Annabelle: Creation is a spinoff of The Conjuring. It shows how Samuel Mullins makes the doll in the title after his seven-year-old daughter Annabelle dies in a car accident.

With tight direction from David F. Sandberg as well as a great story from Gary Dauberman, Annabelle: Creation was a big step up from the first movie and might be the best sequel in the Conjuring world.

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The movie uses shadows and sounds to make people afraid of what’s going on behind the scenes because they know that people’s imaginations can make up much more scary pictures than special effects can.

The Devil Inside:

The found-footage horror movie Paranormal Activity, which came out in 2007, left a big impression. Dozens of movies tried to copy its terrifyingly real style.
Many people would put The Devil Inside in the same category as the other weak horror movies from that time, which are very different from the best exorcist movies ever made.

Even though some parts of the story of Maria Rossi killing three people while working out are crazy and silly, they work well alongside the movie’s found-footage pseudo-documentary style.

There’s also a really creepy exorcism scene in the middle, and the movie might have done better if The Devil Inside hadn’t ended so quickly.


Emma is a normal girl who wants to have fun, yet her folks, especially her mom, don’t let her. Once Emma starts having scary and strange episodes, everything goes crazy.

At first, Emma’s mother thought her daughter was acting out. But then she realized her daughter was possessed and summoned a priest to perform an exorcism.

This Is The End:

Never in our greatest dreams did we think that James Franco, Jonah Hill, and Seth Rogen would work together on a funny, post-apocalyptic horror movie where they play inflated versions of themselves.

Along with funny parts, co-writers and directors Rogan and Evan Goldberg’s work is filled with frightening scenes of horror and gore. For example, there is an exorcist scene involving Hill that is a direct nod to The Exorcist.

As Jay Baruchel holds a cross high in the air, the possessed actor’s eyes glow green, and his voice growls as he thrashes on the squeaky bed. On top of that, the evil spoof got mostly good reviews.

The Pope’s Exorcist:

Still getting its due, The Pope’s Exorcist is on track to become a favorite in its field. Based on the writings of Father Gabriele Amorth, who was the chief exorcist at the Vatican and said he had done more than 50,000 exorcisms and started the International Association of Exorcists,.

In the movie, Father Amorth looks into a young boy’s property and finds plots that the Vatican has been trying to hide for hundreds of years. The star power of the Academy Award-winning hero is what draws people in.

As is typical for movies in this genre, Rotten Tomatoes has mixed reviews for The Pope’s Exorcist. However, experienced moviegoers thought it was better than they expected, and Russell Crowe’s smooth shift to horror made the deal.

The Cleansing Hour:

That being said, The Cleansing Hour is one of the few exorcist horror movies that takes place in the present day. Damien LeVeck’s first full-length movie, The Cleansing Hour, is about a couple named Drew and Max who run what fans finally find out is a livestream of fake exorcisms.

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The main characters in The Cleaning Hour are in trouble because their newest actor is possessed by a real monster who holds the team hostage. During this abduction, the two people find out that the monster isn’t just trying to scare them.

It could bring out a dark truth that has been slowly destroying their friendship for a long time. The Cleansing Hour is an excellent 90-minute exorcism thriller with a good story and enough blood and guts to keep people interested.

An American Haunting:

Within the 20th century, a little girl named Jane wakes up from a bad dream in which she meets the scary South American tale of the Bell Witch. Elizabeth, Jane’s mother, discovers a note from a family member within a few old letters after calming Jane.

An American Haunting then shows scenes from the early 1800s, which are where the story of the Bell Witch takes place. Kate Batts, who is said to be a witch, accuses John Bell of stealing her land and he is found guilty.

Soon, John, his wife Lucy, and their daughter Betsy start to have strange health problems. Even though it’s not the best, this exorcism horror movie is interesting because of how it tells the story of the Bell Witch.

The Last Exorcism:

Reverend Cotton Marcus of Louisiana has been filmed for a documentary about exorcisms and how they are either fake or very close to having placebo effects.

The Reverend takes the reporters to the home of the Sweetzer family, who have asked him to help them cast out an evil spirit from their daughter Nell. He does this to show the reporters that he is right about what they are saying.

At first, it looks like the Sweetzer family is playing to get attention, but Reverend as well as the crew quickly figure out that there is more happening than meets the eye. Is it possible for someone who doesn’t believe to do something?

Deliver Us From Evil:

Deliver Us From Evil leaves the evil nun-filled churches and foggy graveyards behind and goes straight into the Bronx. An infant dies in an alley, and a former soldier beats his spouse. At first, the events are sad but not out of the ordinary.

But when a mom at the zoo throws her baby into a moat that surrounds an area with lions, the puzzle pieces fit together like an evil sign. Ralph, who used to be an NYPD cop but is now a demonologist, has to work with an unusual Spanish priest to stop the demons that are spreading through the city.

The result is a scary story that looks at unusual forms of witchcraft and pagan religion. The Doors are also playing in the background.

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The Old Ways:

The Old Ways, which came out in 2020, used possession horror tropes to tell a creepy tale about witchcraft and demons. It didn’t change the genre, but it did make it better.

Cristina, an American-Mexican writer, goes to her family home near Veracruz to look into a witchcraft story. While there, she is kidnapped by a group of people who follow a local witch and think she has been possessed by the devil.

In the first scene of the movie, the bruja tries to exorcise Cristina, and later, she tries to do the same thing to Cristina’s mother. The movie got a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which shows that reviewers liked it, but fans didn’t really like it.

The Medium:

One of the best things about exorcism horror movies is that they are almost always relevant. The Thai movie “The Medium” exemplifies how people in most countries strive to save the lives of individuals possessed by demons.

This movie, which calls itself a documentary, looks at one such case within the northeastern Isan area of Thailand. A healer named Nim brings the documentary group to meet her family in The Medium. Her sister Mink, who is having problems, is one of them.

It becomes clear to Nim that her niece has to deal with something bad as the cameras roll. Next, we’ll go into more detail about the fight to save Nim, which has themes of faith, ceremony, and family relationships.

Like the very best horror movies in this subgenre, The Medium makes real emotional links that make the scary parts even scarier.

The Haunting In Connecticut:

In 1987, Matt Campbell had cancer, so Sara and Peter Campbell had to take him to the hospital often. They are lucky that they can rent a house close to the hospital for a good price.

In The Haunting in Connecticut, the house’s history as a funeral home and cemetery is revealed, and the trapped ghosts inflict harm upon Matt and his family.  In this movie, there are no priests or ministers, but the family interacts with the ghosts to do the exorcism.

Even though it’s not the best horror movie ever, it should still be discussed alongside other scary exorcist movies. Some people still don’t believe that The Haunting in Connecticut is based on a true story.


Requiem is a different version of the true story that inspired the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose. It’s about Michaela’s life. Despite her mother’s objections, Michaela defies her and leaves home to pursue her studies, leading her to believe she is possessed.

Every day, her condition gets worse because she discontinues her seizure medicines when her condition gets worse.  This documentary-style movie, based on the real tale of Anneliese Michel, suggests that her life and death may not have been as evil as portrayed.