Here Are The 15 Best Yuri Anime To Watch Right Now


Here Are The 15 Best Yuri Anime To Watch Right Now:

An interesting type of anime is lesbian anime, which is called Yuri anime in Japanese. Yes, you’re in the right place if you came here looking for some hot Yuri anime. You may not know anything about Yuri before coming here, so let me welcome you to this beautiful world.

Yuri is a type of fiction that is mostly about female characters falling in love. I really can’t put it any simpler than that. If reading this makes you think and your heart beat fast, buckle up because you’re in for a fun ride.

Another subgenre that hasn’t caught up to the others yet is “Yuri.” This type of manga, which is also called Shoujo-Ai, is mostly about the bonds between female characters. A lot of famous Yuri cartoons are all about the ties between the female characters.


There is no other school in Japan like Hyakko Private Academy. Its unique ways of getting students ready for life in the real world have become so well-known that almost all kids from wealthy families attempt to get into the top school.

But the best thing about this place is that gaming is a real part of every student’s lesson plan. Everyone at school learns about gaming and manipulating money to get good grades, but Yumeko Janani, a new student who just moved in, is really interested in it. She gets so excited about gambling that it makes her want to be sexual.

Fans love “Kakegurui” because it has strong themes that go well with them. The anime additionally hints at female relationships without being too open about it. Almost all of the key characters who gamble are women, and the few men who do gamble are terrible at it.

The show doesn’t really focus on a connection between the male and female characters, but it does show that the female characters are sexually attracted to each other. One of the female characters touches herself while she thinks about Yumeko, the main character.


Just two maidens want to be with each other. There is no drama or trying to explain; it’s just straight-up gay love. The cartoon Citrus is about a responsible girl named Yuzu who has to move to a school for girls only because of family issues.

When she meets the head of the student council, he does some bad things to Yuzu to take away her phone. And just wait until you hear that these two lesbians are going to be step-sisters. It’s good for everyone to have a little family romance. Just watch these stepsisters move through life and “forbidden” love slowly but surely.

Asagao And Kase-san:

The love story between Yamada as well as Kase-san, the star athlete at school, Both girls start dating, even though they don’t have much in common. They are going to gain from each other.

I really enjoy this cartoon because it’s not too sexualized. Two pretty girls fell in affection for each other. There are lots of bright, lively scenes in this cartoon that look really good. If you’ve never watched yuri anime before, Asagao and Kase-san is a great show to start with. If you already like yuri anime, you are going to enjoy this one.

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Little Witch Academia:

‘Little Witch Academia’ seems like a normal “cute magical girl” cartoon for kids. Additionally, its nostalgic cartoon style makes it a lovely experience that people of any age can enjoy.

The way the world is built is a lot like how the “Harry Potter” series does it. However, unlike “Harry Potter,” each show has its own story and doesn’t have any major bad guys.

It’s kind of hints in the eighth episode that a single of the major female characters, Sucy, might like her friend Akko.

A lot of anime fans are currently talking about this on sites, and certain individuals have even made their own fan art about it. The anime doesn’t go into this too much, which is a shame, but it’s clear that Studio Trigger is trying to get Yuri fans.

Adachi And Shimamura:

I think this is a great modern Yuri work. two characters in an anime who are dating and are played by Akira Kitou as well as Miku Ito Two girls are skipping school upon the second floor of the gym to kill time at the beginning of it all.

As the days go by, “Adachi” finally understands that her feelings for “Shimamura” are deeper than friendship. Shimamura starts hanging out with other girls, and Adachi starts to need her attention. This is how she learns the hard way.

Yuri Kuma Arashi:

In the comics, Sumika is a girl who has a lot of teddy bears. She likes Kureha, but she chooses to stay friends with her and help her help Ginko. It’s beautiful to look at the Yuri Kuma Arashi cartoon the people who made it put a lot of thought into every little detail.

The cartoon is beautiful to look at because it has so many beautiful scenes and cuts. Even though there are a lot of fan service as well as sexual scenes in the anime, it’s not as bad as an Ecchi anime.

The beginning was my favorite part because it was both peaceful and happy. The nice music in the background goes well with the cartoon story.

Devilman Crybaby:

“Devilman Crybaby” is one of the newest original Netflix shows. In a short amount of time, the anime has become very famous, both because it has an interesting premise and because it shows a lot of violence and naked people.

There are two main male characters in the show. One of them is human, but has the tough exterior of a devil, which makes him the “Devilman Crybaby.”

This show doesn’t have any clear female relationships, but it made the list because it shows a possible gay connection among the two primary protagonists.

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If you can remember well, you might also remember this secondary character called Jun Lan who was seeing the swimming teacher, Aoi Kurosaki, as a woman.

She even turns into a Devilman near the conclusion of season 1, which means she could play a bigger part in season 2. Time will reveal if the anime is going to find out more about her sexuality.

Happy Sugar Life:

Happy Sugar Life was a cartoon that is scary. What makes you desire to skip Happy Sugar Life because it’s a horror anime? You need to love horror anime even more. That way, you won’t be missing out on the chance to have a great Yuri cartoon connection.

“Satou,” who just started high school, is the main character of the show. As far as everyone can tell, she is afraid of guys. We find out that she lives with another girl named “Shio,” whom she loves very much as well as wants to protect at all costs.


At a counter-terrorism meeting in Shanghai, three women meet: Canaan, a killer from the Middle East; Alphard, the boss of a terrorist group and Canaan’s enemy; and Maria, who was killed in a terrible terrorist attack.

It’s a young adult thriller cartoon with a lot of action. There are a lot of CGI methods used in the anime’s animation, which makes it look very modern. The animation is smooth and consistent throughout all 13 episodes.

The characters are well-developed, and their backstories are very interesting. They have ties to armies, killers, and the gang.

The cartoon has great voice acting. Each character’s voice is just right for how the audience understands them. The sound was good overall, including the beginning, end, and background. I wouldn’t say it was great, though.


This is the story of “Miyako,” a college student who mostly spends her days making clothes fit her while occasionally trying them on. That being said, she wants a cuter girl to dress up for her because she feels bad about how she looks.

One terrible day, Miyako’s little sister brings her friend “Hana” home to meet her. Miyako knows right away that Hana was the special girl she was looking for as soon as she sees her.

The show shows Miyako’s daily life. For example, she gets Hana to try upon a new outfit through bribing her alongside sweets as well as gushing over her.

Inugami-San To Nekoyama-San

Suzu Nekoyama likes cats and dogs, while Yachiyo Inugami likes dogs and cats. When they meet, they feel attracted to each other right away. To be honest, I really love the cartoons. The art style is cute and typical of a comedy cartoon.

All 12 episodes have simple, smooth art style. The cartoon really shines when the characters talk to each other; since it’s a comedy, it’s very lively. The part of the story that involves Yuri is very cute as well as fun.

Oniisama E:

No way would you have thought I wouldn’t include some old-school anime on this list, did you? People really mean it when they say “old is gold.”

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Oniisama e tells the story of “Nanako,” who wants to get a great education and goes to a well-known university. But other girls at school pick on her because they think she is not good enough for this fancy school.

Even so, Nanako falls in love with the three most beautiful girls at school, and she goes through life, sadness, as well as jealousy alongside all of them. There are love triangles within all of the relationships because Nanako starts to like girls she used to just be friends with. Who will win her heart in the end?

Destiny Of The Shrine Maiden:

Himemiya Chikane is a great young lady, but she is cold and distant. In secret, Kurusegawa Himeko is committed to both her and her friend. At her school, nothing bad happens until all of a sudden, an old evil shows up. To fight it, Chikane as well as Himeko have to become the maidens of the Moon as well as Sun’s refuge.

Non Non Biyori:

The cartoon Non-Biyori is all about getting better. Little girls who are cute are being cute. We will, however, focus on the gay sides of some personalities. The story was about a girl from the country called “Renge” and her friends who live in a dull town and try to find fun things to do.

A girl from the city named “Hotaru” moves to their school one day because her dad is moving, as well as the group shows her what life is like in the country. When Hotaru meets a group member named “Komari,” she becomes crazy about her because she is so cute as well as small.

Hotaru starts to look up to her in every way. We see how these sweet girls learn new things about life by making dolls that look like her and asking her to hang around them alone every day.

Yuru Yuri:

After going to elementary school alone for a year, Akari Akaza finally meets Yui Funami as well as Kyouko Toshinou, who are in their second year, at her girls’ high school.

During their first year together, Yui and Kyouko started the “Amusement Club,” which meets in the room that used to be the Tea Club but is no longer there. A friend of Akari’s, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, comes to see the three of them soon after she joins, thinking they are the Tea Club.

The three girls can only get Chinatsu to join the Amusement Club after telling her that the Tea Club has been broken up. The only reason for the club’s existence is to provide fun for its members.

Yuru Yuri is a strange comedy based on Namori’s life story. It’s about a collection of girls who pass their free time drinking tea as well as complimenting each other, not understanding that Akari, the supposed main character, is one of them.