Here Are The 18 Finest Animated Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 18 Finest Animated Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Like all the other great movies, the best animated films of all time make you feel a wide range of feelings, such as happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, and celebration.

Animated films have an extended tradition of showing both funny and serious topics. In a comedy, the plot is about daily things, while in a drama, it’s about important global and political problems.

You can please both your heart and your mind with animated movies. They always mean something deeper, but they’re still funny, which makes them even more fun to watch. The most popular cartoon movies hide many adult themes, making them enjoyable for more than just kids.

Animation has the ability to convey a wide range of stories, including many that evoke sadness. There are both big hits and little-known gems among the best animation movies ever made. Okay, it’s time to treat animation with some respect as well as think about it in more than one way.

Pixar has been the leader in American animation for a long time, giving us movies like Toy Story and Coco, which won Oscars, as well as new movies in the Incredibles and Toy Story series.

Finding Nemo:

The movie showed a beautiful relationship between a parent who is too watchful and scared and a child who is both brave and shy and, most importantly, lost within a deep as well as a dark world. Nemo became the cutest fish in the world. It’s well-known for its fun animation and interesting plot. A score of 8.2/10 on IMDb for the movie.

The Triplets Of Belleville:

The Triplets of Belleville, the amazing first movie by French cartoonist Sylvain Chomet, should be seen for at least fifty reasons. To begin, there is the story, which has almost no speech, the set pieces, the great supporting cast, and the title: old music hall icons who stole the show.

It adds fantasy to a silent movie look and lives on going where most animations are afraid to go. It jumps between sadness, comedy, and nostalgia to become an homage to the past. For some reason, it’s also really funny. Check out the article in Empire.

Madagascar Trilogy:

There is a lion, a giraffe, a hippos, and a zebra. There is also a King Lemur that sings, “I like moving it, move it.” These aren’t even the most desirable parts. They make you laugh in three different movies, and Ben Stiller does one of the voiceovers.

You gotta love it! They get away from the Central Park Zoo before ending up in both Africa and New York. What comes next is really fun to watch. The movie is free to watch on Amazon Prime Video as well as Netflix. It was directed by Eric Darnell as well as Tom McGrath. IMDb gives the movie a score of 6.9.

The Nightmare Before Christmas:

A whole new group of people learned about amazing stop-motion animation through The Nightmare Before Christmas. The Nightmare Before Christmas has since become its own classic Christmas movie. Or will you wait for the Halloween movie? Okay, just watch it twice.

The movie is about Jack Skellington, a skeleton who lives in Halloween Town and opens a door to Christmas Town. Tim Burton produced the movie and Henry Selick directed it, who also worked on Coraline.

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Danny Elfman’s music plays in the background as he goes on an adventure to get his scary town to embrace the happier holiday. It’s a scary take on the normal sugary, sweet Christmas movies, which makes it an amazing, unique movie that you should see.


The way Pixar shows real human feelings and tells great stories has helped it become the computer-generated alternative to Walt Disney Animation, which was the leader in cartoons for almost a hundred years. Ratatouille, which came out in 2007, was one of the studio’s best movies.

The story is about following your dreams and becoming more than what other people think you can be. These are feelings that everyone has, and Pixar does a great job of playing on them while also making sure the movies are fun to watch.

An animation movie may accomplish true success when it can be enjoyed on more than one level. Ratatouille is proof that an animation movie may accomplish just that.

The Adventures Of Ichabod Crane And Mr. Toad:

Did you ever notice that everyone knows the story of Sleepy Hollow, even if they’ve never read the first edition by Washington Irving? The Disney cartoon double-feature The Adventures of Ichabod Crane as well as Mr. Toad are most likely to blame for this.

The first short film is about Mr. Toad, who is happy, and the second is about Ichabod Crane as well as his terrible trip alongside the Headless Horseman.

People who like Disney cannot agree on which of the two cartoon stories is better. Yet, when it comes to Halloween, there is no question. Fans have been impressed by this picture since 1949, so it’s likely that the tale will never go away.


Aside from being best friends, Sulley and Mike are also known as the scariest people at their jobs. This movie shows how important it is to work together.

It teaches us that life is more than what we see and think. It emphasizes the importance of being kind to everyone, regardless of personal feelings, because everyone deserves love. A score of 8.1/10 on IMDb for the movie.


Disney’s third cartoon movie is a big hit in a lot of ways, but it’s not exactly a straightforward movie to watch. Putting together a bunch of well-known classical music pieces with the Mouse House’s signature flowing animation makes for a pretty amazing show.

The most famous scene is the rising broom nightmare in “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” But “Rite of Spring,” which is about the Big Bang, and “Night on Bald Mountain,” which has the ghostly devil Chernabog, also have amazing end-of-the-world images.

The presentation is also fun, with parts that show the skills of director Leopold Stokowski in outline and another part that is all about the “soundtrack.” A two-hour visual and auditory treat, though you might want to skip the part about the strange horse. Check out the article in Empire.

The Simpsons Movie:

The Simpsons are already a crazy family. To top it all off, they all appear together on TV for two long hours. Perhaps they could inject some excitement into your mundane existence for a while if they succeed in that location, correct?

This cartoon movie, which was directed by David Silverman, shows what happens after Homer Simpson causes something terrible to happen in Springfield. The movie has a score of 7.3 on IMDb, and you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, and Hotstar.

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In 2000, Marjane Satrapi started putting out parts of her personal visual book, Persepolis. These parts told the story of her childhood in Iran and later her time living abroad.

When it came out in English in 2003, the graphic novel was praised as a masterpiece as both an honest autobiography and a powerful political statement. Critics also hailed it as an exceptional comic book.

Then, in 2007, Satrapi worked with Vincent Paronnaud to make an animation movie based on her story. The only thing that changed was that she told you the truth at 24 frames per second. But it did, and we are better for it.

Corpse Bride:

Marriage is the only thing that Tim Burton won’t make fun of because it’s too holy. The love story in Corpse Bride is very different from the norm. It starts with a couple who are engaged.

Their marriage isn’t in danger because of a lack of chemistry, but because of a third party who wants the groom all to herself and isn’t afraid to drag him to the Land of the Dead to get what she wants.

Many people enjoy the movie, but parents and kids who are tired of sugary kid’s movies will find it even more enjoyable. A reviewer for EW even said that this animated Halloween film is the perfect counterpoint to most animated movies because it is so clean and innocent.

Ice Age:

Manny the giant, Sid the talkative sloth, and Diego the saber-toothed tiger go on a funny adventure to bring a human baby back to his family. It’s not easy to change, but it’s a part of life.

For example, it shows how important it is to work together and never abandon your friends when they’re in trouble. It also makes us want to believe in our friends instead of questioning their skills. IMDb gives the movie a score of 7.5/10.

It’s Such A Beautiful Day:

It’s Such a Beautiful Day was the name of a movie, not a U2 song. It is the feature-length version of an independent cartoonist’s short film trio. It follows Bill through his life in short scenes, all seen through an iris that is blurry. Bill has a surprisingly deep inner life for someone who is so thin.

Hertzfeldt tells the story nonstop, and it’s the seemingly unrelated little things like Lion King slippers and leaf blowers that add up to a big look at our place in the world.

The animation uses the scariest black-and-white images you can think of, so the effect was hand-made, cute, and, in a strange way, moving. A 62-minute sketch to enjoy it makes you believe you had done a bit more with those half-baked notes you made in double math.

Waking Life:

If you couldn’t wake up but had a lot of dreams going through your head, what would you do? This is the story of one of those people. If you like philosophical things, you’ll really love this! This deep movie appeals to everyone, regardless of age, challenging the notion that animation movies are only for kids.

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This movie has an IMDb score of 7.8 and can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video. The movie features William Wiggins, Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, and Steven Soderbergh, with Richard Linklater directing.


Dumbo was one of the saddest films ever made, so it makes sense that kids younger than 13 are the ones who want to see it. The awkward baby elephant with big ears, whose abusers call him “Dumbo” instead of his real moniker, Jumbo Jr., represents all of us who feel like we don’t fit in and worry about being left out.

In this Disney movie, Dumbo feels bad about himself when his mother is caught, but he ultimately makes peace with himself. He receives his happiness back thanks to Timothy Q. Mouse, as well as champagne that falls into his water and makes him fly.

That’s right, this early Disney movie is a work of art, not just a kid’s movie. People move around Dumbo and often make fun of him, but he stays quiet. He is often presented as a forced clown, like Buster Keaton. Despite being intended as a Disney filler movie, Dumbo’s powerful message about embracing differences makes it a must-see cartoon film.

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown:

It’s the Great Pumpkin. Charlie Brown has been a favorite of Peanuts fans for a long time. As the writer for EW already said, this short film as well as Charlie Brown Christmas often get very high scores for how old they are.

And in this day and age of streaming, it’s fun to see Charlie Brown as well as the rest of the gang again as they try to figure out if the Great Pumpkin is real. That extra candy is practically comfort food, and while you snack, this film is precisely what you need to watch.

Waltz With Bashir:

The main film by Israeli director Ariel Folman is a mix of cartoon and documentary, with personal and political themes. It is a unique film because of this. It’s basically Folman’s confessions about what it was like to be a new soldier in Israel’s attack on Lebanon in 1982.

But the director’s cartoon character, “Ari,” can’t remember that part of his life, so he talks to former Israeli soldiers to put together what happened. The filmmaking is amazing, and the opening scene of 26 barking dogs bombing through a city while mustard gas fills the air grabs you from the start.

It mixes powerful moments of reflection with strange images and battle footage that still hurts. Waltz With Bashir was one of those rare movies that takes the medium to new heights in every way: visually, mentally, and emotionally.


I remember how much buzz this movie generated in 2009. It took me a while to get to it, but you shouldn’t. It will take you to a whole other world. It’s definitely worth watching because it got great reviews and made people feel scared.

The movie is based on Neil Gaiman’s book of the exact same name. Gaiman wrote the story to be a modern take on Peter Pan. You can watch this movie online on Netflix as well as on Amazon Prime Video. That site gives it a 7.7 rating, and the movie was produced by Henry Selick.