Here Are The 15 Finest Chinese Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 15 Finest Chinese Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Not too long ago, to see a new movie, people had to leave their homes as well as go to the theater. We can now watch almost any movie, whenever we want, by scrolling through movies online.

China was not only one of the biggest film makers, but it is also a huge market that can be used in any way. It has had an obvious effect on movies around the world, especially action flicks.

Some of the greatest actors within the world were born there, and some of the best directors live there. It grows more important every year, and its movies get bigger. Amazon Prime Video was one of the best and biggest ways to watch foreign movies at home, as well as they have a lot of great Mandarin-language movies available.

Chinese movies have everything that makes them hit the big screen, both in China and around the world. There are songs that are big hits and songs that are small hits that are meant to make you feel good.

Boonie Bears: Blast Into The Past:

The story of “Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past” is about Briar and Bramble, two bear brothers. They had enough exciting things happen within their own time, yet an accident sends them back in time to a world that is very different from their own.

Vick is the only person they know from this strange time, but even he doesn’t understand what’s going on. As they try to get out of this, they have to deal alongside animals from the past and learn how to live within their world in case their plan to get back doesn’t work.

Crazy Aliens:

In 2019, things haven’t been great between China and the US. In a funny way, the Chinese sci-fi movie Crazy Alien showed that. America is the first country to meet an alien in the movie, but the alien ends up in Chinese hands.

Then, a Chinese monkey trainer takes the stranger in, which leads to some funny effects. At the same time, American troops are trying to catch the foreign asset. Even though Crazy Alien only uses slapstick humor, it’s still a pretty fun movie.

As long as you don’t mind laughing at American pride, Crazy Alien will make you laugh by making fun of American culture tropes like thinking the US is better than other countries in the world and breaking other countries’ rights without them knowing.

Drug War:

This movie tells the exciting story of how a determined drug cop breaks up a drug production business. The drug boss works with the police on a dangerous secret mission to get inside a powerful drug gang so that he doesn’t have to face the death sentence.

In an exciting game of cat and mouse, the movie is full of drama, violence, and moral uncertainty. It shows the dark side of the Chinese drug trade.

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Looking Up:

Have you ever had a moment, regardless of its outcome, where you thought about your whole life and wondered regarding the people who helped you get where you are now? “Looking Up” is about an astronaut who gets stuck in space as well as thinks about what got him there when he is having a hard time.

The movie tells the story of his life, from his hard childhood when his family was shunned to how his father’s unwavering faith pushed him to pursue his dreams. Everything good and bad comes together, and he thinks about what he might have given up.


Pegasus is the latest movie adaptation of famous author Han Han. Fans of Chinese films as well as petrolheads will love it. Zhang Chi is the main character in Pegasus’ story of forgiveness.

He is a former rally car racing winner who just got out of a five-year driving ban for illegal street racing. Zhang wants to make up for his bad life by winning one last car challenge.

The problems Zhang Chi faces are many, and they include getting his driver’s license back and making a race car for his fight. Even though none of these problems are too big, they do give the story a lot more depth. In the end, though, Pegasus was more regarding fun driving than it is about drama.


This movie takes place in China in the early 1900s and shows how a cruel ruler who runs away to a Shaolin school after being betrayed changes.

In a time of political unrest, the leader meets Jackie Chan’s character and other Shaolin monks who show him martial arts as well as how to be kind.

He joins forces alongside the monks to face his past and protect the temple from outside threats as he has a spiritual awakening.

Song Of Youth:

In English, the name of this movie doesn’t quite make sense, but “Song of Youth” is a movie about youth as well as the things and individuals that matter during that time.

In the beginning of the tale, a tough-looking teacher with a soft, emotional heart is put in charge of a class of misbehaving kids. If they don’t want to study, it’s his job to make them follow the rules.

The movie shows how the teacher tries to get to know his students before judging them or telling them how to behave better. At the same time, we get a glimpse of the world through the eyes of kids.

Ne Zha:

Disney as well as the Japanese anime business are what most viewers think of when they hear the word “animated film.” The hit Chinese cartoon movie Ne Zha this year showed that China also has a strong animation business.

The tale of Ne Zha is centered on a Chinese folk religion god with the same name. Though the movie is based on the Chinese tale of Ne Zha, it is a much lighter as well as family-friendly tale that leaves out the more violent parts of Chinese culture.

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Ne Zha shares a tale of a boy who was severely spoiled by a monster. Ne Zha’s good parents try to keep him from making too much trouble, but they mostly fail to stop him from scaring the people.

In the end, Ne Zha tries to make things right by fighting a truly bad force with the other locals. Ne Zha broke all kinds of box office records this summer, maybe because Chinese viewers were patriotic and there wasn’t much else to choose from.

It is now not only China’s most successful animation movie, additionally one of the best movies of all time. Someone who works for the Communist Party even wrote an article telling party leaders to “channel their inner Ne Zha.”

The Eight Hundred:

This war tale takes place during the Second Sino-Japanese War. In 1937, a group of Chinese soldiers made their last fight at the Sihang Warehouse within Shanghai. The movie is based on my own story.

Surrounded by Japanese troops, these men bravely guarded the building even though the odds were against them. The movie shows their bravery, sacrifice, and drive in the face of hardship, showing how strong the Chinese people were during a very difficult time in history.


Everyone we meet helps us get closer to our ultimate goal. Every event, good or bad, takes place for a reason.

Jinpa, an ordinary truck driver, agrees with him. His life is so boring that he doesn’t give a lot thought to anything. He hits a sheep one day and then gives a stranger on his way to kill someone a ride soon after.

While Jinpa tries to stay out of other people’s business, especially when there’s vengeance at stake, he is left wondering if the sheep’s death was a sign he should pay attention to.

Send Me To The Clouds:

China was one of the initial countries to proudly say, “Women hold up half the sky.” The 2019 movie Send Me to the Clouds was a good choice for a country that wants to become more feminist, even though the People’s Republic of China is still behind in some areas of women’s rights.

The story of Send Me to the Clouds is about Sheng Nan’s desire to have a “mind-blowing” sexual encounter before she has surgery to fix her ovarian cancer. There is a lot of talk in Send Me to the Clouds regarding the constraints that Chinese women are under.

The story of the movie is about looking for “mind-blowing” sex, but most of the movie is about how men and women are expected to behave in society.

To earn the esteem of their families, the men within Sheng Nan’s life are materialistic. Meanwhile, Sheng Nan is trying to find her own meaning in life without her mother’s demands.

Operation Red Sea:

This exciting war movie is partly based on true events that happened when Chinese people were forced to leave the port city of Aden within Yemen during a civil war.

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The movie follows the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s top special forces unit as they go on a risky mission to save Chinese and foreigners from a war zone. People love this movie because it has exciting action scenes, patriotic themes, and a realistic look at modern navy battle.

The New King Of Comedy:

Most people know Stephen Chow for making comedies like “Shaolin Soccer” and “Kung Fu Hustle.” But before those movies, he co-directed and acted in “King of Comedy.” The story of this 1999 movie is about a young man who acts as a movie extra.

A top actress is what he wants to become in the movie business. The movie was based on his own story and was a big hit in China. After twenty years, he made the movie again, but this time he was only in charge of the camera.

When “The New King of Comedy” comes out, it has new personalities and a different plot, which fits with the problems artists face today. There is a woman called Ru Meng as the main character this time. She is looking for the chance to show how talented she really is.

The Last Sunrise:

If you saw The Last Sunrise, you wouldn’t have guessed that it cost US$250,000 to make and was shot in 14 days.

Wen Ren, who directed his first full-length movie, skillfully uses all of his resources to craft a deep and moving story regarding two individuals trying to stay alive after the collapse of the world.The future will run on solar power. China is shown in “The Last Sunrise.”

One day, for some reason, the sun goes away, which causes total chaos in China. Sun Yang, an amateur scientist, and Chen Mu, his friend, try to stay alive in a world after the end of the world.

The pair also has to make some tough moral choices in The Last Sunrise, which shows the harsh truth of life without passing judgment on them. Science fiction movies like Blade Runner 2049, Interstellar, Arrival, and additionally The Wandering Earth are known for having big, amazing images in them.

The Last Sunrise makes its own subgenre, one that uses quieter times to show how the two main characters interact with each other. Science fiction is mostly in the background, like a sky full of lights that follows our major characters as they go.

Stolen Life:

This movie shows the life of Yan’ni, a smart and driven young woman who gets into college as well as leaves her sick and unfriendly family behind.

When she meets Muyu, a delivery boy, and gets pregnant, her future becomes less clear. It becomes clear very quickly that Muyu is laying a complex web of lies that will lead to the death of her child.