Here Are The 15 Finest Korean Movies You Can Watch Right Now:


Here Are The 15 Finest Korean Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Even though Hollywood and Westernized ideas rule the world’s film industry, there are other film industries making their mark on the world stage.

One industry that does this is Korean films. Their movies are brilliantly made and often come as a surprise. They are filled with storytelling that gives way to movies that break traditional styles and take viewers on psychological trips that explore the darker parts of human experience.

In the world of foreign movies, there are a few countries that stand out strongly. European movies are still the best, but Korean movies have taken over the Asian market.

Among the makers who have made great movies that have done well in the foreign market are Bong Joon-ho, Park Chan-wook, as well as Kim Ki-duk.

Train To Busan:

People like zombies in scary movies and TV shows. This idea has been used in a lot of television shows and films that have been big hits. It’s one of those, but it’s not like other movies in the same type.

At the start of the movie, a man and his daughter, whose relationship is tense because he works too hard at his job, get on a train to Busan to meet her mother.

We learn about an explosive blast in the background that is starting to hurt people. The people inside the train see the outside world breaking apart. They can only stay alive if the train keeps going. However, it will happen at some point.


Carter is an action-thriller book about a virus that turns people who get it violent and zombie-like. A man with a cross-shaped scar upon the back of his skull wakes up in a hotel. CIA agents are there and demand that he tell them where Dr. Jung Byung-Ho is.

Carter gets away, and Han Jung-Hee tells him that he was supposed to save Jung Byung-Ho’s lost daughter Ha-na, who has been healed.

There are amazing stunts, violence, as well as a fast-paced story in Carter, a futuristic-style film that makes you feel uneasy because it’s based on the world we’ve been living in since the pandemic.


Based on Charlie Chaplin’s silent movie City Lights from 1931, Always is about the love story of Jang Cheol-min, a former boxer, and Ha Jung-hwa, a blind female telemarketer.

The movie is basically a comedy, with a male lead character with a bad past as well as a female lead character alongside a health problem that never gets too bad. As an alternative, Always takes a quiet but deeply moving look at the things people give up in order to keep love living.

It’s easy to connect with both of the stars because they feel like real people, not stereotypes. The movie has more emotional weight because of the great camerawork as well as careful background music.

The Man From Nowhere:

The action-packed hit movie “The Man from Nowhere” is about a man who chooses to annihilate the world when the sole individual who matters to him is taken away.

Cha Tae-sik is the main character of this story. He is quiet and keeps to himself. He owns a pawn shop. But there’s a sign that his past may not have been as calm as he seems now. Since he left it behind, we also want to leave it at that. There is a little shady stuff there.

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He is friends alongside a girl who is eight years old and lives with her heroin-addicted mother. Before she puts the little girl within danger, the woman stole heroin from a crime boss. That’s when Tae-sik shows his real form.


When his lover is found dead within a hotel room that was locked from the inside, Min-Ho is the main person who is thought to have killed her. The character runs away to a house in the middle of nowhere to meet Shin-Ae, a detective who has never lost a case. During the night, Shin-Ae tells Min-Ho to tell what happened that killed the person.

Confession is a thrilling whodunit that does a great job of showing how people’s views can change when they learn the truth about Min-Ho’s story’s lies, secrets, and turns.

His story is full of holes that make things happen in a lot of different ways. This makes for a complicated account of events that leaves people wondering where the truth lies.

My Sassy Girl:

You may have heard of My Sassy Girl if you are Asian or Asian American in your twenties. This love comedy from 2001 was a huge hit all over East Asia. It was compared to Titanic and helped start the Korean Wave. There’s no doubt that My Sassy Girl has changed the lives of many adolescents in Asia and around the world.

Cha Tae-hyun plays an engineering student who makes a lot of mistakes and meets a sassy girl named Jun Ji-hyun. This strange couple starts a crazy, fast-paced relationship that has a lot of turns and turns.

There are many shots of soju, reenactments of old movies, as well as a performance of Pachelbel’s Canon in D in My Sassy Girl. The main characters tell a very unique and interesting love story that will make you tear up and laugh throughout its two-hour runtime.

The real star of the movie is Jun Ji-hyun’s unknown “sassy girl” character. This kind of sassy and unique female lead has never been seen before in Korean or Asian movies in general.

The “sassy girl” idea was a hit with audiences, and it looks like other movie companies did too. My Sassy Girl led to remakes in the United States, Nepal, and India, as well as spin-off dramas in Japan and Korea.

Another movie based on the movie is called My New Sassy Girl. It came out in 2016 as well as stars Victoria from the K-pop group. You are able to view a review of that book’s follow-up here.

The Day He Arrives:

Do your days ever feel like they’re going nowhere? Do you feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over again and have become so used to it that you can’t tell the days apart?

Everyone feels the same. Seong-jun goes through the same thing, but without the everyday details. He gets to Bukchon to meet up with his friend. He chooses to walk around the city when he doesn’t hear back.

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He meets a woman, runs into some old friends, as well as gets drunk in a pub. After a while, though, he’s not sure if he’s had been doing it for a few days or if the day he arrived was still the same.

Lucid Dream:

The story of Lucid Dream is about a dad who is desperate to locate his son who hasn’t been seen in three years. Dae-Ho is sure it was one of the bad guys he made enemies with by outing them.

Since the case hasn’t changed, Dae-Ho learns about a new treatment called lucid dream therapy that lets people repeat their memories. He sees his old friend So-hyun, who is the therapist. Not everything is what it seems when he discovers the main culprit.

The movie Inception gave Kim Joon-Sung ideas for writing Lucid Dream. It shows how far someone will go to find a lost loved one, even if it means doing something dangerous.


I really liked the movie My Sassy Girl as well as would like to see more like it. Thank goodness there’s Windstruck, which additionally stars Jun Ji-hyun as well as was directed by the same person who directed My Sassy Girl. Aside from the cast and team, the two movies have a lot in common.

Jun Ji-hyun serves as a strong woman in Windstruck. Her character is an eager police officer called Yeo Kyung-jin. She captures a physics teacher called Go Myung-woo by mistake while trying to catch a thief.

When disaster strikes one of them, the movie turns into a theatrical dream. Go and Yeo do fall within love with each other. At the beginning of Windstruck, Yeo fits the “sassy girl” stereotype, but as the movie goes on, her character becomes more thoughtful and emotional.

I don’t want to give away too much, but Windstruck may be a good pick if you want something in between My Sassy Girl as well as a typical tragedy. Also, Windstruck makes a lot of small nods to My Sassy Girl. Learn to spot them.


“Masquerade” is a historical story about a strange event that happens in the court of Korea’s 15th king of the Joseon Dynasty. It seems like King Gwang-hae doesn’t trust anyone.

He does not trust anyone because he thinks that everyone is out to kill him. He believes that it will only take one attempt to kill him, no matter how many he avoids. He tells his defense secretary to look for someone who looks like him and can stand in for him if he needs to hide.

He was poisoned by one of the king’s consorts, just like he thought would happen. The minister trains a man to stand in his place until he gets better. He starts to have trouble when he starts to take being king seriously.

Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance:

In Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Song Kang-ho plays a factory worker who has just been fired and must get the ransom money for his sister’s kidney transplant by kidnapping the daughter of his former boss’s friend. Park Chan-wook is in charge of making the movie.

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As the first movie in the Vengeance trilogy, this thrilling 2002 film sets the tone for the other two films, Oldboy as well as Lady Vengeance. It’s probably the weakest movie in the series, but people who see it will still remember how scary and worth it it is.

My Girlfriend Is An Agent:

With its mix of love stories, comedies, as well as action, My Girlfriend is an Agent is like the Korean version of Mr. and Mrs. Smith from Hollywood. Ahn Soo-ji is played by actress Kim Ha-neul, and Lee Jae-joon is played by actor Kang Ji-hwan.

Agents Ahn as well as Lee fall in love and hate each other, but neither of them knows the other’s secret identity. Both of them are supposed to stop Russian drug lords from using a deadly weapon in Korea, but they don’t know who the other is. They have to save the day without telling each other because their relationship is in trouble.

The Wailing:

“The Wailing” is a scary psychological thriller that will chill you. Anyone who likes scary movies will be sufficiently scared when the movie is over. That being said, if you are easily scared and don’t like scary movies, this one will really scare you.

It starts with an odd man showing up in a small town in the country. A weird disease follows him around and turns people into killers before killing them.

To find out if there really is a spread, a police officer is assigned to look into the crimes and obtain to the bottom of them. While looking for the stranger, the police officer gets so involved in the case that he has no way of getting out of it alive.

The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey:

Based on the 2020 story The Cursed, a spooky horror movie called The Cursed: Dead Man’s Prey is being made. In this world, shamans can bring the dead back to life to get payback.

The movie starts with a reanimated body killing someone. While upon a radio show, an undercover reporter gets a call from someone who says they are the killer and want to be interviewed upon camera.

He says three more people will be killed, and then an army of reanimated bodies will attack. The movie, which was written by Yeon Sang-Ho, is a scary, action-packed ride with layers of crime, mystery, and horror.

Architecture 101:

Architecture 101 is a moving Korean romance about missing a loved one and missing things from the past. Suzy from the hit K-pop group Miss A stars in the movie. Today, a woman called Yang Seo-yeon asks an old college friend called Lee Seung-min to help her plan her house. This is where the movie starts.

They met for the first time in architecture class, and Lee began to like Yang right away. Architecture 101 shows how their relationship changed over the years and how it beautifully connects to the present day.

Architecture 101 won praise for its deep characters as well as powerful ability to make people remember their first loves. It also sparked a wave of nostalgia for the early 1990s.