Here Are The 15 Finest Princess Movies You Can Watch Online Right Now


Here Are The 15 Finest Princess Movies You Can Watch Online Right Now:

Disney has been at the head of princess as well as princess-related stories for a long time in animation. Some of the most important as well as memorable stories of an age have been about Disney princesses.

Disney has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to princesses, from classic cartoon movies such as Cinderella as well as Sleeping Beauty to more modern ones like Frozen and Moana.

Since Snow White, the first Disney Princess movie, came out in 1937, little girls all over the world have looked up to the princesses. There are 15 Disney Princesses right now, and Merida from Disney-Pixar’s Brave is one of them.

Over the years, the Princess movies have changed from hand-drawn 2-D animations of old fairy tales such as Snow White to lush CGI 3-D movies like Moana that show life on a Polynesian island.

In addition, the queens have changed over time and become more independent. Disney Princess movies have been an inspiration to girls for a long time, but IMDB says that some are better than others.

A Cinderella Story:

“A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish” is a comedy musical movie with Laura Marano, Gregg Sulkin, as well as Isabella Gomez in the lead roles. It was directed by Michelle Johnston.

This is the fifth movie in the Cinderella Story series. The movie is about a girl named Kat Decker who wants to be a singer. On the other hand, her stepmother and stepsisters treat her badly, just like in the original story.

At some point, she gets a job as a singing elf at Terrence Winter Gardens within Santa Land. She meets Nick, the guy who works as Santa at Santa Land, as well as falls in a relationship with him.

As soon as she is asked to the Wintergarden Gala, her family does everything they can to keep her from going. Even though most of us know what happens in the end, Cinderella stories are still fun to read. So, if you want to enjoy a new take on an old favorite,


This story is based on the true story of Amounute, who was Powhatan’s daughter and the leader of over 30 Algonquian tribes.

As shown in the Disney movie, Pocahontas frees English traveler John Smith from her group after they jail him. Even though they are from different cultures and speak different languages, they fall in love quickly.

Pocahontas as well as John Smith are caught in the middle of a fight between English settlers and Native Americans. They need to act quickly to save both groups of people and keep their love alive.

There are some great songs in the movie, and Native Americans are shown in a fairly respectful way. Still, both reviewers and fans had different things to say about Pocahontas. Because the true tale of Pocahontas is very different from the Disney movie, some people don’t like it.


In Trolls, there is a busy city full of trolls who love to sing and play all day. Eventually, a scary and strange giant comes along and threatens their fun. Pretty soon, Princess Poppy, who is in charge of the trolls, and her much less upbeat friend Branch have to go to the giant’s kingdom as well as save the trolls from death.

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Even though it’s not what most people think of when they think of a princess, Trolls is a surprisingly good and interesting princess story, alongside a very strong and flexible princess at its heart.

In more ways than most other princesses, Poppy is always putting herself in great danger for the sake of her people, but she always keeps her happy princess attitude.


The Norwegian movie “Royalteen: Princess Margrethe,” which was directed through Ingvild Søderlind, shows what life is like for a royal princess. So when she does something wrong, it is also handled with great care.

Margrethe passes out at a prom party and needs to go to the hospital. It gets around that this is happening because of drugs. What happens next shows how she is trying to deal with all the family stress while also trying to stay sane.

There’s also Gustav, the guy she did drugs alongside and who now has a movie of her doing it, and Prince Alexander of Denmark, the guy she fancies. There must be a reason she took them, right? “Royalteen: Princess Margrethe” is on Netflix if you want to know the truth.


The story of Merida, the stubborn daughter of the Scottish Lord Fergus, is told in her book Brave. According to the rules of the area, Merida has to marry a suitable man from one of the three nearby clans.

She would rather be with her bow as well as arrows than with boys, though. She goes against the norm by saying she’ll fight with the three guys for her hand. Merida leaves the house because this statement makes her mother angry.

This is where Brave really starts. A witch gives Merida a spell that is meant to change her mother’s mind. After giving the magical treat, Merida turns her mother into a bear instead.

The rest of the film is her helping her mother escape would-be killers, which makes things better between them. While Brave has the beautiful art that comes with every Pixar movie, it doesn’t have the interesting story that other Disney princess movies do.


Thumbelina is the tale of the princess Thumbelina, who is about as small as a thumb and comes out of a flower. An old woman takes her in and raises her as her own daughter.

The fairy prince Cornelius soon becomes her friend, and the two of them fall in love. But when Thumbelina is taken, they have to fight the creatures of the woods to get back to each other.

The mysterious and magical world of Thumbelina and the animals that live there are fun and interesting to watch, but what really makes the movie great is how Thumbelina is the center of the story.

Her hard work and poor beginnings make her a very familiar and comfortable main character, which makes it even more interesting when she becomes a princess by the conclusion of the movie.

The Princess Switch:

Heather Hudgens plays two roles in this movie: Stacy, a baker from Chicago, as well as Lady Margaret, a countess who is engaged to the prince of Belgravia. The two women meet by chance and decide to switch places for a few days so that the countess can see what normal life is like before she gets married to the prince.

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Margaret lives Stacy’s life like any other girl, as well as Stacy gets to be a princess. As time goes on, Margaret as well as Stacy fall in affection for the men who are interested in them. They are going to have to go back though when the time comes.

Sleeping Beauty:

Sleeping Beauty was the third Disney princess ever made. It is based on the same-named fairy tale by Charles Perrault. Like a lot of fairy tales, the real story is a lot darker than this animation version. At the same time, the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty was pretty sad for a cartoon from 1959.

The story of Sleeping Beauty starts in France in the Middle Ages, where the country is celebrating the birth of Princess Aurora. The happy party is cut short when Maleficent, who feels slighted, curses the baby to die upon her 16th birthday.

Instead of dying, Aurora will fall asleep till she feels her true love’s kiss because a good fairy breaks the curse. Even though this movie is pretty dark, the original story, which has rape and cheating, is much darker.

Quest For Camelot:

Kayley is a brave girl who wants to become a Knight of the Round Table like her late father. This is our main character in Quest for Camelot.

The evil Ruber soon comes to Camelot with plans to take the throne for himself, and it’s up to Kayley as well as her new friend, the blind fighter Garrett, to save the whole kingdom.

Quest for Camelot may not have been able to beat Disney at its own game, but it still has some great moments, especially with Kayley and Garrett, who are a great pair who work well together.

King Arthur’s time in the Middle Ages is also a great, unexplored time period for a princess story set in the 1990s, and Quest for Camelot does a great job of living up to its idea.

The Royal Treatment:

“The Royal Treatment” is a sweet love comedy about Izzy (Laura Marano), a hairdresser in New York, who wants to open her own beauty shop.

Izzy thinks that her luck can’t get any worse, but fate has other ideas. Suddenly, she gets an appointment to cut Thomas’ hair, who is the prince of Lavania.

It’s interesting that the prince makes the hairdresser dislike him right away, so she has to leave within the middle of the lesson. When Izzy spends time with Prince Thomas, though, she gets to know him and falls in love with him.

Since Thomas is already married to a noblewoman, Izzy isn’t sure if her dream of becoming a princess can come true.


Encanto looks like a princess movie within every way except for the title, even though it’s not a Disney Princess movie. This book is about Mirabel, who is the middle child of the Madrigals, a very interesting Colombian family.

The town of Encanto was started by the Madrigal family. Every member of the family gets a special power on their fifth birthday. All of them except for Mirabel.

In Encanto, Mirabel tries to solve a riddle involving her long-lost uncle Bruno while she learns about her own gifts. Mirabel shows that everyone has magic inside them, even if they don’t have any special skills.

Besides having beautiful images, Encanto also has songs by Lin Manuel Miranda that will stick in everyone’s mind.

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The Swan Princess:

In The Swan Princess, Princess Odette as well as Prince Derek, who used to be enemies but are now loves, have been matched through their parents to marry each other their whole lives.

But as soon as they decided they loved each other, Odette was taken by an evil magician and turned into a swan. Only a promise of eternal love could break the spell.

From the idea, The Swan Princess seems like any other princess story. But the way it is told and the point of view of the film’s creators make it stand out.

Despite its lofty goals, the movie goes in opposition to the grain as well as doesn’t follow the usual formulas of princess movies. It does this by criticizing the genre’s tropes and giving the main character, the princess, more strength and drive.

It does this while still having all the great traditions and themes of the genre. At times, it feels like a real growth of the genre.

The Knight And The Princess:

“The Knight and the Princess,” an amazing Egyptian cartoon movie, is based on a true story about a fighter from the 7th century and follows young explorer Mohammed Bin Alkassim.

Mohammed chooses to use his wealth and skills to help safeguard the women and children who have been taken by pirates when he is 15 years old. Princess Lubnah is from the land of Sind. He saves her and falls in love with her on one of his travels.

Mohammed’s love trip is hard to follow, though, because the cruel king Daher of Sind is in the way. The kidnappings were also the fault of Daher. Mohammed’s fight against both evil and love shaped his memory.


Cinderella’s story has been turned into many different kinds of movies and TV shows. The most popular Cinderella movie is still the 1950 Disney movie inspired by Charles Perrault’s story.

This adaptation of Cinderella was so popular that it helped Disney get back on its feet after World War II hurt their finances. It’s possible that most Disney fans have seen Cinderella and know the tale well.

Cinderella can’t go to the royal ball because her mean aunt won’t let her. But Cinderella’s fairy godmother helps her do more than just go to the ball. She amazes everyone there, even Prince Charming.

There is only one sign she leaves behind: a single glass slipper. She has to leave quickly before midnight.

The Tale Of Despereaux:

The Story of Despereaux is about a country that used to be full of life and color but has become sad and dark since its queen died suddenly.

Soon, it’s up to Despereaux, an unusual small hero, and his rat friend Roscuro to show Princess Pea, the kingdom’s still-bright light of hope, that they are knights in shining armor.

The Tale of Despereaux is more than just a tale about a princess. It’s also about how a princess’s strength and positivity can affect her whole country and how sadness spreads when she’s not there.

A lot of great voice actors are in the movie as well. Emma Watson plays Princess Pea, Matthew Broderick plays Matthew Broderick, as well as Dustin Hoffman plays Despereaux and Roscuro.