Here Are The 15 Greatest Films About Court Cases That You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 15 Greatest Films About Court Cases That You Can Watch Right Now:

The courtroom drama has proven to be one of the best shows in Hollywood for many years. Since the beginning of movies, people have been fascinated by stories about tense as well as dramatic cases. These stories have led to a few of Hollywood’s most famous and praised films.

One reason why courtroom plays are so consistent might be that they follow a set of rules, just like real court cases. We root for the brave newcomer who needs the assistance of an experienced lawyer to fight a wrong, whether they are the victims or the offenders.

In the famous 1970s hit Kramer vs. Kramer, Meryl Streep got her first Oscar for her role as a mother fighting her ex-husband for control of her child. These are the all-time best courtroom shows.

The moment we walk into the courthouse, we see all the establishment tools we’ll need to fight a shady judge, a shady main prosecutor in a fancy suit, complicated rules, and most importantly, the jury’s expectations, which means you too.

The jerk judge and jerk main lawyer finally admit that the plucky protagonist was always right, even though the law says otherwise. This is after a lot of yelling, surprise witnesses, and shocking things said on the stand.

Judgment At Nuremberg:

Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Marlene Dietrich, Maximilian Schell, Judy Garland, and Montgomery Clift are just a few of the great actors who played in the 1961 courtroom drama Judgment at Nuremberg.

The story is about the Judges’ Trial of 1947, which was one of many cases held in the US after World War II. Judgment at Nuremberg is a powerful movie about the effects of World War II, with strong performances from Schell, Tracy, Clift, and Garland.

Focusing on the horrible things that happened even after the fight was over, the movie sheds a depressing and heartbreaking light on the war and the horrible things the Nazis did.

Falsely Accused:

Film has been linked to ideas of reality and the truth since the very beginning, making this one of the oldest courtroom plays that has been found. In his office, a scientist is showing off his movie camera to some friends.

When one of them comes back into the room after leaving, the scientist is already dead. The cops indicted the woman who discovered him, but she maintains her innocence. Who did it? In the ending trial scene, everyone watches as the camera reveals the answer.

As long as you look hard enough, you can find it. It’s only three minutes long and isn’t on any of the streaming services. There is also an appearance by DW Griffith, one of the first directors and the man who made the very scary Birth of a Nation.

The Lincoln Lawyer:

This movie is about Mick Haller, a slick defense lawyer who mostly works out of his Lincoln car. The case of a rich Beverly Hills real estate agent shakes his world, hinting at deeper secrets.

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Brad Furman skillfully solves this puzzle while expertly raising the mood in the courtroom. Matthew McConaughey’s charisma drives the plot, and Marisa Tomei gives her part more depth.

The Lincoln Lawyer goes into great detail about moral issues. Modern legal strategies and old arguments about justice come together to make an intense urban legal battlefield that leaves viewers shaking long after the credits roll.

Section 375:

Section 375 is a Hindi courtroom drama that deals with the touchy subject of rape and the unfair legal complications that surround it in Indian courts right now. It follows the case of a young woman who says a famous film director raped her while they were filming a movie.

It features a famous defense attorney as well as a determined public prosecutor. The movie shows how lawyers use witnesses as well as characters to build a story as the court case goes on.

It also goes into great detail about the idea of consent, shedding light on the vague parts of the idea. The movie also talks about how the media creates drama and how power works in cases like these that get a lot of attention.

The main goal of Section 375 is to start a conversation about the details of sexual assault and the moral problems judges face when they have to look into cases that have a lot of media attention.

Primal Fear:

Chicago defense lawyer Martin Vail takes on the case of a young altar boy named Aaron Stampler, who is suspected of brutally killing Catholic priest Archbishop Rushman, in the movie Primal Fear. The revelation of Roy’s sexual abuse by Archbishop Rushman further complicates the case.

It’s also possible that the suspect has multiple personality disorders because of the years of abuse. It all comes together in a beautifully played twist ending that made Norton famous in his first movie part and won him a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.

Anatomy Of A Murder:

Otto Preminger, a famous director from the Golden Age, directed James Stewart in Anatomy of a Murder, a groundbreaking courtroom drama. Stewart portrays Paul Biegler, an almost retired lawyer who prosecutes an army captain for killing a local tavern owner, whom he claims sexually assaulted his wife.

A lot of people have said good things about how accurately and fairly The Anatomy of a Murder shows a murder trial. Anatomy of a Murder is confusing and misleading, and it plays with viewers’ ideas and expectations to create a tense drama that is one of the best movies ever made about trial stress.


Steve McQueen’s Small Axe anthology movies for the BBC depict the Mangrove Nine, a group of protesters who defended a Notting Hill restaurant repeatedly raided by police in 1970 as part of a plan to humiliate and intimidate the Caribbean community in the area. The cops didn’t like their protests, so they charged nine people with rioting and assault.

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The nine black suspects are up against a weak case and unfair judges, but they choose to fight it. Letitia Wright, who played Althea Jones-LeCointe in Black Panther, leads the group as the leader of the British Black Panthers. McQueen’s direction is as steady as well as beautiful as you’d expect.


At the heart of this movie is the moving story of Andrew Beckett, an HIV-positive doctor who was fired because of his condition. This leads to a huge court battle against racism and prejudice. Philadelphia became a strong voice against HIV/AIDS discrimination when it began in the 1990s.

The movie fearlessly challenges social biases and amplifies the voices of the unheard. Tom Hanks got an Oscar for his deeply moving performance, as did Denzel Washington, who, as a lawyer who used to be biased, perfectly balanced and contrasted the story, making it a heartwarming show to witness.

Jolly LLB:

Arshad Warsi plays Jagdish Tyagi, a failing lawyer also known as “Jolly,” in the Hindi courtroom comedy-drama picture Jolly LLB. He takes on a high-profile case that changes his job and his personal life.

It shows how Jolly, a lawyer-to-be who is mostly bad at his job, wants to be a great defender but has a hard time finding cases to take on. He finally has a chance to show how good he is when he takes on a case against a strong and dishonest lawyer.

The rest of the movie is about Jolly doing everything he can to fight this David vs. Goliath case. He is up against rich and powerful people who are trying to pay him and trick witnesses. This movie thoroughly explores the contrast between the rich and the poor, as well as the struggle for justice in a corrupt society.

The Accused:

The Accused is loosely based upon the real-life case of Cheryl Araujo in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Sarah Tobias, a bar patron, endures a brutal rape by a group of men while others cheer, with Jodie Foster portraying her.

The judge questioned her “provocative” behavior and clothing choices, as well as her intoxication, during the trial. Foster’s performance in The Accused won her an initial Academy Award for Best Actress. The movie was one of the first in popular Hollywood to focus solely on rape.

Witness For The Prosecution:

Witness for the Prosecution, a courtroom mystery movie by Billy Wilder, stars Marlene Dietrich and Tyrone Powers. The story is based on Agatha Christie’s play of the same name and is about a British lawyer who gets into trouble when the wife of one of his clients speaks against him in a murder trial.

Witness for the Prosecution is a gloomy and twisty murder mystery that combines black comedy with classic noir mystery. It also has all the classic elements that you can find in Christie’s best books. Witness for the Prosecution was a courtroom drama with real teeth. It is funny, surprising, and has great acting from a star-studded cast.

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The Devil’s Advocate:

In this movie, Keanu Reeves plays a cocky and confused lawyer who is given the job chance of a lifetime by an alluring, mysterious, and possibly evil New York CEO, played by Al Pacino. In the best ways possible, it’s flashy, corny, and hammy, with Pacino screaming and mumbling to try to get Keanu to join his group.

It also has some scary parts when it comes to strange things happening, especially when it comes to Reeves’ wife, played by Charlize Theron. Even though it’s long and heavy, if you can get past its flaws and enjoy it, it’s Hollywood at its most fun.

Michael Clayton:

There is a moral struggle inside Michael Clayton about the “fixer” at a high-end law company. When the stakes are high, this healer has to deal with scary choices.

Tony Gilroy is known for crafting stories with many layers, and this one is no exception. It is both interesting and disturbing. He shines a light on the bad side of business by writing warnings about overzealous desire and hidden deals.

George Clooney’s performance, which is full of complexity, shows a guy managing an ethical minefield. Tilda Swinton plays a determined lawyer who shows how people in the business world go to lengths to stay alive, which is just as interesting.

Michael Clayton criticizes the greedy business world of today. In a world where money and power are everything, the movie asks viewers to think deeply.

Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai:

Sirf Ek Bandaa Kaafi Hai, an Indian trial and action drama movie, was based on real events. The movie revolves around a determined lawyer who relentlessly pursues justice for a group of girls who suffered abuse at the hands of a self-proclaimed godman.

The main character of the movie is a good lawyer who takes on the case or fights against all chances to make sure the victims get justice. The movie shows the issues and problems that the victims, as well as their lawyers, had to deal with while trying to get justice.

It shows how strong and brave you have to be to stand up to powerful people and organizations. It also shows how important it is to do the right thing without thinking about what might happen in the future.

12 Angry Men:

The American Film Institute’s 100 Years of Movies is a list of the best American movies of all time. 12 Angry Men, which was based on Reginald Rose’s teleplay of the same name, is considered a classic movie today.

The movie is an exciting look at how juries decide what to do, and it stars Henry Fonda, who co-produced as well as co-financed 12 Angry Men with Rose. Sidney Lumet directs the movie as Juror 8, a “not guilty” voter who is trying to persuade his fellow jurors that the case they are hearing might not be so clear-cut.