Here Are The 16 Best Anime Bad Guys You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The 16 Best Anime Bad Guys You Can Watch Right Now:

Most of the time, cartoon baddies are shown to be bad people. These bad guys are very different from the main character, who is good. In fact, both characters are so drastically different that it’s hard to say who is right. In spite of this, there are a lot of bad guys who are much cooler than the good guys.

The only things that make anime exciting are the bad guys, or villains. This is why they can make or break an exciting idea. Dragon Ball Z is one of the best anime shows ever, and the main characters are very likeable. But would it be exactly the same without Vegeta as well as Frieza? Not only that, but “Death Note” would not exist without Kira.

These giants have become some of the scariest characters in fiction, thanks to their huge armies of loyal slaves and obscenely strong powers that may not be moral to use. It’s easy to understand what they did correctly and why they’re unforgettable once you know who they are.

People often forget about the bad guys in a story, but they’re just as important as the good guys. There are many cartoons, yet not all of them have interesting bad guys. Some bad guys have stood through the test of evolution and are now thought to be the best ever.

Light Yagami:

Most of the time, we immediately root for the cartoon characters who are good. But every once within a while, there’s an adversary that we really like.

Light Yagami, who is also known as Kira, is not your normal “Death Note” bad guy. Instead, she is more of an anti-hero. On the other hand, if you think L is the good guy, then Light is clearly the bad guy.

At first, during the cartoon, Light’s plan to end all crime by killing thieves seemed like a good idea. But as the story goes on, his pride and determination to become a modern god grow, as well ashe even kills people who stand in his way.

Even though I knew he was wrong, I discovered myself pulling for Light, even if it was only half-heartedly. At first, he seemed to have a strong sense of fairness, and he had high hopes for the world being a good place. These ideas stayed alongside me all the way to the end, so I kept telling myself that he might be right.

But on the other hand, a figure who is pretty good has to show some kind of understanding. But Light doesn’t show any of that because he is a normal psychopath. This makes him almost the perfect anime bad guy.

Bertholdt Hoover:

The Colossal Titan was Attack on Titan’s first big bad guy, and at first, people thought he would be the last bad guy. As its user, Bertholdt Hoover led his attack on Paradis from inside the Scouts, acting as a loyal Marleyan warrior who worked far behind enemy lines.

Bertholdt was one of the coolest bad guys in AoT because of how memorable his fights are and how many times he manages to get away. Even better, it’s easier to call him an enemy than Reiner or Eren, who have both been heroes at different points in the story.


Boros was the main bad guy in One Punch Man’s first season. He was an alien with a huge amount of power, and he moved from place to place looking for people to test him. Boros killed millions of people when he destroyed several worlds on his quest.

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He finally got to Earth and fought Saitama there. The fight was great, as well as the bald hero had to work hard the whole time. Boros looked different from the other bad guys in the series because of how he was designed.

The other thing was that Boros had the same problem to be Saitama, but he dealt with it in the wrong way. The fact that Saitama recognized his strength showed that he had a lot of respect for him.


Sosuke Aizen, like Kira, is a great manipulator who thinks he is much better than everyone else. Many people look up to him as a leader who is quiet and respectful.

It turns out that all of that is just a mask he wears to hide the fact that he is a manipulator. He will do anything to get what he wants and is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.

One thing that sets him apart from other bad guys is that he never does any of the dirty work himself. This isn’t because he’s afraid to, but because he doesn’t want to waste time on pointless things.

Aizen uses his smarts and lets things happen at their own pace, like within a board game, due to the knows he’ll always have the last move. This is how most Shounen baddies think about using mass destruction.

Shogo Makishima:

No matter how bad they are, cartoon bad guys with a lot of charm will always have fans and followers. But Shogo Makishima from Psycho-Pass has killed many people early because of his charm and ability to trick people.

Makishima is strongly against the Sibyl System because he thinks it is incompatible with the way people should live. He’s an example of an idealist who has turned bad, and he uses his meaner sides to obtain what he wants.

Even though Shogo Makishima preaches that he is a good example, he is very good at making other people think that he is. No matter what, no one should downplay how dangerous he is as a bad guy.


Mahito is one of the main bad guys in Jujutsu Kaisen. Through and through, he is a bad person. Mahito doesn’t care about what happens after he does something, and he has hurt people with his skills.

He would have made the whole world fall apart if not for the sorcerers. Even though Mahito isn’t the best bad guy, he remains a great fighter. He fought Nanami without any trouble, which shows how good he is.

He has a lot of different methods, which makes him a dangerous enemy. The thing that makes Mahito different from other anime bad guys is that he is pure evil.

Madara Uchiha:

Most watchers think that Madara was the most interesting bad guy in “Naruto.” There are several times in the cartoon where he shows that the man only cares about his own people. Simply following his gut tells him what to do, which is what gives all the difference in the world.

He was just trying to make everyone happy by placing them under the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Even though he did a lot of bad things, all he wanted was a world without pain and war.

The only thing that makes him different from Naruto is that Naruto has free will and chooses a brave path to carry out his ideas, while Madara chooses an evil path to get to the same place.


Gilgamesh knows he is one of the most powerful bad guys in history. His cockiness is one of the things that makes him unique and gives him a cool, alluring vibe. Gilgamesh is called the King of Heroes, not because he was a brave king, but because he was better and more important than heroes.

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It’s hard to ignore Gilgamesh’s strong personality as well as his desire to kill most people with the Holy Grail. He is definitely one of the most famous bad guys in the Fate series.

Kiryu Setsuna:

Every day, Kiryu Setsuna lived his whole life looking for a chance to kill Tokita Ohma. He had wanted to kill Ohma alongside his own hands ever since he saw the hero. For some reason, Kiryu Setsuna was very protective of Ohma and would do anything to make sure that no harm came to him.

He was a great fighter on his own, and he would have done even better ifOhma hadn’t been so important to him. The character of Kiryu Setsuna perfectly showed the fight of someone who lost all morals in his chase of Ohma.

Johan Liebert:

To be the bad guy within the cartoon called “Monster,” you have to be the embodiment of evil. Luckily, Johan Liebert is just that! Think again if you believe Hannibal Lecter was the “OG” of all serial killers. Johan Liebert’s horrific feast of violence will chill you to the core.

He once killed all of the surgeon’s friends who helped him get better, and he also killed everyone in his new family. During his time in a German military school, he once got the teachers and students to kill each other.

Over time, he becomes so well-known for killing people that most other serial killers start to look up to him as a boss and even follow him around as he kills them all. People from a Neo-Nazi group once asked him if he would like to be the next Adolf Hitler because he had become so bad.

He didn’t like the idea of being a different person, so he killed everyone in the party to get their attention! He is definitely the best example of the word “monster.” He is one of the coldest bad guys in anime.


Hunter x Hunter is better than most cartoons in a lot of ways, but the way the bad guys are portrayed is what really makes it great. Though both Hisoka and Chrollo are interesting, it was when Meruem was introduced during the Chimera Ant arc that things really took off.

Meruem showed how mean he was and how powerful he was almost as soon as he was born as the Chimera Ant King. Meeting a human girl named Komugi made him more friendly and interested, even though he was always doing cruel things.

Meruem is one of the best anime bad guys, and seeing different sides of him made that even stronger. His character arc was well-written as well as rewarding as well.


Gintoki and Takasugi utilized to be friends, yet after the Amanto attack, Takasugi went in a very different direction than his friend. He became the head of a group of extreme Joui whose only goal was to destroy the world.

He was driven to do it after losing his master. A lot of people died because of Takasugi’s cruel ways. People who worked for Takasugi admired him, even though he was a bad guy.

He was able to lead one of the strongest teams in the series because of how charismatic he was. Being good with a sword, he ranks as one of the best within Gintama. He is strong enough to kill whole platoons of troops with just his sword.

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Father as well as Dante are two great bad guys in the “Fullmetal Alchemist” series, yet Envy is just more interesting because he has more layers and is more complicated.

One thing that made Envy unique was that his skills were never over the top like other bad guys’ were. His own set of fears make him think about all the bad things he has done, which makes them seem even more real.

He seemed to be most afraid of being looked down upon, and there were times when he felt weak because of how he was standing. Getting angry and acting bad was all he did to feel good regarding himself. Even after everything he did, many of his friends still cried because they felt so bad for him.


It’s clear that Garou, the main bad guy in One-Punch Man, wants to kill all of the good guys, but it’s not as clear that he wants to kill all the heroes. Garou may look like a scary monster who loves beating up everyone and everything, but his real reason is that he hates being famous and what heroes usually stand for.

Because Garou feels sorry for bad guys, his fans naturally have a lot of respect for him. In a strange way, Garou is one of the most beloved cartoon bad guys, thanks to his charm, morals, and fighting skills he can even keep up with Saitama and test him in some ways.

Suzuki Toichiro:

Suzuki is one of Mob Psycho 100’s main bad guys. The strong espers in Claw worked together to reach Suzuki’s goal of taking over the world. He started the group. Someone as smart as Suzuki always found a way to make the finest of things.

When it came to mental abilities, Suzuki was much stronger than most people. He stored mental energy in his body for many years and only let it go when he started his plan to take over the world. Shogun had so much power that not even Mob could stop him. Suzuki died because he was unable to handle his own power, which was good for Mob.


I might favor the bad guys in “Dragon Ball Z” because, well, I’m a big fanboy when it comes to that show. But anyone who has watched DBZ through at least the “Saiyan Saga” and the “Feiza Saga” will know how beautifully Vegeta starts to change from the dark anti-hero to a hero.

In the Saiyan Saga, Vegeta is just a cold-blooded killer who comes to Earth to destroy it. He later changes his mind about killing the world because he is impressed by Goku’s strength. He and Goku are still competing with each other in “Dragon Ball Super.”

The Frieza Saga is the first time we see a much better side of Vegeta. That’s when he betrays Freiza and saves Gohan and Krillin without knowing it. He is still cold and sometimes even evil, though.

And then he loses to Frieza. As he lies dying, he cries and talks about how bad his past was. Actually, this might go against what I said earlier about bad guys not caring, since that’s precisely what makes Vegeta a major bad guy.

Eventually, he even starts a family as well as becomes a loving dad, which is the exact opposite of how he was as a bad guy, or rather, how he was supposed to be. But now that I think about it, Vegeta is a great bad guy for DBZ because he’s more like a dark version of Goku.