Here Are The 18 Best Disney Plus Shows To Watch Right Now


Here Are The 18 Best Disney Plus Shows To Watch Right Now:

Disney+ has over 7,000 TV episodes and hundreds of movies. Subscribers can also watch a lot of TV shows from the Disney Vault. So many original TV shows are available on Disney+. Some of them have been on Disney Channel as well as ABC before, and some are brand new to the service.

We went through Disney+’s huge list of good shows to find the really great ones. They include new shows, old favorites, and secret gems. A lot of Disney+’s shows are based upon well-known Disney movies like “The Lion King” and “The Little Mermaid,” but the service also has shows from other studios.

It has a lot of shows from Marvel and Star Wars, as well as stories from the Disney Channel. In addition to the Marvel and Star Wars shows that are already there, Disney+ adds new original shows all the time. This makes it a great way to pass the time, no matter what theme you like.

The Mandalorian:

The Mandalorian, Disney+’s first show, got off to a great start when it came out on November 12, 2019. George Lucas’s dream of a live-action Star Wars show came true with this show. It was a hit right away thanks to its strong space-western vibes and, of course, Baby Yoda.

Din Djarin, a bounty hunter and member of a secret group of Mandalorians, is thrown into a much bigger world when he must hand over the show’s adorable green star to the Empire’s broken-down remnants. His choice puts him in direct conflict with the dark history of his people and the strange ways of the Jedi.

The Simpsons:

Because of the well-known deal between Fox and Disney, Disney+ can watch The Simpsons, which has been on for over 30 seasons and is the longest-running American comedy ever.

The famous show began as a part of The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987. It has since become one of the longest-running written-nighttime shows in TV history. One of the most famous Disney+ TV shows is The Simpsons. Fans can stream over 700 episodes to watch the show from the beginning or just to watch the best parts again.

Doctor Who:

Friends, it’s that time of year again: new Doctor Who shows are on the way. This year, the presentation of those events is slightly unconventional.

Viewers can watch previous seasons of the long-running BBC show on Max. Disney+ will make the three new 60th anniversary episodes and the upcoming Christmas special available everywhere except the UK and Ireland, where the BBC will show them on their home network.

Anyhow, within the new Doctor Who As you can see, Tennant’s Doctor and the Toymaker play mind games in the three annual episodes that are already available to watch.

For “The Church on Ruby Road,” Gatwa will take the TARDIS on December 25. Millie Gibson will join him as his new partner, Ruby Sunday. The next installment of the series will begin streaming on Disney+ within 2024.

Behind The Attraction:

Disneyland and Walt Disney World are home to some of the coolest attractions and rides ever made. Disney theme parks all over the world have copied and included many of the rides because the Disney model is so well-liked. Behind the Attraction is a video series on Disney+ that showcases the making of these rides and the people behind them.

The second season just released features scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Indiana Jones Adventure, EPCOT, and more shows. People who love theme parks will love it, yet even people who don’t really like them can enjoy the show.

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The Shepherd:

A new show called “The Shepherd” with Christmas themes is airing. It’s about a pilot taking off for home on Christmas Eve, but his radio and power go out over the North Sea. His trip is in danger because he doesn’t have enough gas, but he gets some help to get to safety.

On December 1, you’ll be able to watch all episodes of The Shepherd. New Indiana Jones shows will start on December 1. This is more exciting for most Disney+ members.

After coming out in theaters earlier this year, Indiana Jones as well as The Dial of Destiny now have a home on Disney+. It also has some behind-the-scenes information about the character.

Star Wars Visions:

Star Wars: Visions is an animated variety series that started on Disney+ in 2021. It is a collection of animated movies that are all based on Star Wars and each have their own story. Volume one has nine different stories that make up the first group of stories.

Japanese companies animated all nine of the first stories. The second book, on the other hand, was made by artists from South Korea, the UK, Chile, Ireland, Spain, and the US.

While critics have called the show “gorgeously animated” and “wildly creative,” Visions is a real treat for fans who want to experience the famous George Lucas series in a new way.

Some of the names of episodes are “I Am Your Mother,” “Journey to the Dark Head,” “In the Stars,” “The Pit,” and “Sith.” Viewers can choose to watch just one show or both collections, as each has its own story.

Duck Tales:

Duck Tales is a modern take on the 1980s cartoon that started the Disney Afternoon animation block, which was a big part of many kids’ lives. It’s a surprisingly fun adventure that goes back and forth between funny stand-alone episodes as well as season-long stories.

David Tennant voices Scrooge McDuck, and the voice cast is great. The show brings back the whole gang, including the nephews, Webby, and Launchpad McQuack, as well as some familiar names from the first show.

Watch for some old favorites from the Disney Afternoon to show up as the show goes on, especially a crime fighter in a cape who flaps around at night.

Gravity Falls:

Gravity Falls, which debuted on the Disney Channel in 2012, was about twins who were dropped off in the town of the same name in Oregon for the summer. When they get to Gravity Falls alongside their great uncle Stan, they find out that it’s more than anyone thought it would be, and it gives them a lot of fear fuel.

The show had two seasons and forty episodes, and it was a great mix of mystery and humor. It ended on Disney XD and is now on Disney+ so that new fans can watch it. Rotten Tomatoes gives both seasons of the series a perfect score of 100%, which shows how good it is.


These scary books by R. L. Stine have been giving kids nightmares for over thirty years, which makes the kids very happy. Now Disney is ready to bring a whole new generation of horror fans to the genre with this fun series.

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It follows the lives of a group of high school students as they start to figure out the scary truth about a murder that happened decades ago and the possible roles their loved ones may have played in it in their otherwise perfect hometown. Justin Long, who is always nice, plays a teacher who might or might not be crazy.

The Santa Clauses:

Scott Calvin was back at the North Pole as Santa Claus with his wife Carol and their children Cal and Sandra. In the initial season of The Santa Clauses, he tried to quit his job as Santa Claus.

In season 2, Scott as well as his loved ones have to deal with Magnus Antas, the Mad Santa, after Kris Kringle lets him go. They are the only ones stopping Magnus from taking over the North Pole.

Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Christmas: Cabin Fever:

Disney+ will add two very different shows on December 8. “The Mission,” a National Geographic show, recounts the story of Christian missionary John Chau, who was killed while visiting a remote group of people.

He made the controversial choice to go to uncharted areas and try to convert the local people who lived there. This part of his story has been in the news, yet the documentary will also look at his love of adventure.

On the other hand, Disney+ is adding a holiday extra to its Diary of a Wimpy Kid films. Greg is afraid that he might be on the bad list because he wasn’t being good and broke something that wasn’t his problem.

Because of the snow, he has to stay inside with his family for several days. This makes him even more stressed and afraid that he won’t get what he truly desires for Christmas.

Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur:

Lunella, 13, brings a 10-ton T-Rex into New York City by mistake when she uses a time warp. She and the T-Rex work together to safeguard the Lower East Side. This is what Disney’s cartoon kids’ show Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is about.

It started airing in 2023 and stars Fred Tatasciore, Libe Barer, Laurence Fishburne, Sasheer Zamata, and Alfre Woodard. There have been two seasons of the show so far, and it was made by Jeffrey M. Howard, Kate Kondell, and Steve Loter.

People like the show’s voice players, its bright cartoon style, and how it can capture a child’s mind. There has been no news about whether or not the show will return for a third season. It is possible to watch both seasons on Disney+.


After The Mandalorian became a hit with people of all ages, Lucasfilm did an amazing job with Andor, a more adult political thriller with complex characters, a rich story, and dramatic tension that wowed reviewers. Think of Star Wars crossed with Game of Thrones.

The story of Andor takes place five years before the events of Rogue One. Its main character, Cassian Andor, goes from being a shady thief to an important part of the growing Rebel Alliance. Stellan Skarsgård gives one of his most outstanding performances as the cruel and cunning Luthen Rael.

The Owl House:

People were so excited for The Owl House to start on the Disney Channel in 2020 that it was picked up for a second season before the first one even came out.

Even though it was only on for three seasons, the show is still a great example of what outstanding Disney+ cartoon shows can do. To show that everyone is welcome, The Owl House has a lot of strong characters, including the lead couple, who are LGBTQ+.

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The show is about a young girl who discovers a way to get to the demon realm. There, she meets the Owl Lady and decides to become a witch herself. It won the Peabody Award for Children’s and Youth Programming because of its good story and upbeat message.


The MCU is too big to handle. But even though Loki is part of that world, the series could work just as well as a stand-alone story, which makes it more fun and shocking.

There are enough plot changes, funny one-liners, and time-traveling antics to keep everyone happy. There’s even an alligator that makes jokes. If that doesn’t fix it, Loki has so much money for special effects that it would make most Hollywood movies look cheap.

While the show itself isn’t the smartest thing ever, Tom Hiddleston does an excellent job of making Loki a pretty complicated and interesting character. Finally, Loki’s long-awaited second season came out on October 5, and new shows will be available every week.


The first hints about Ahsoka’s story came in 2018 with the last episode of Star Wars Rebels. Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati are two Dark Jedi who want to help the Empire bring back Grand Admiral Thrawn and start a new war with the New Republic. Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren, who used to be her students, are working together to fight them.

Sad to say, Ahsoka and Sabine need to work out their differences before they can stop a disaster. And all of their work will have been for nothing if they can’t stop Thrawn from bringing the Empire back to life.

Science Fair: The Series:

There have been science shows with kids from all over the world, and now National Geographic is letting everyone see what one looks like. As the name suggests, the documentary series is about a group of kids who are fighting at a science show.

Those interested in seeing how science shows have evolved since their childhood will find it intriguing. Kids who might want to compete one day will also find it interesting. All shows from the initial season will be added to Disney+ on December 11.

Lizzie McGuire:

Hilary Duff’s big break came when she played the title character in Lizzie McGuire on the Disney Channel in the early 2000s. Terri Minsky made the funny comedy Lizzie McGuire, which is about a cute tween girl and her closest companions finding out who they are and where they fit in the world.

The show had a great comedic supporting cast, including Hallie Todd as well as Robert Carradine as Lizzie’s parents. It only had two seasons with a total of 65 episodes, but millennials still remember it for how it used animation to show the main character’s inner monologues.

Even though Lizzie McGuire only had a few episodes, the characters are so well-liked that they led to a movie remake and a few failed reboots, one of which happened almost 20 years after the show ended.

Good-natured episodes about silly shenanigans as well as themes like popularity, crushes, and family relationships made Duff a star with her portrayal of the shy teen. This role launched her famous music career and led to more success in shows such as Younger as well as How I Met Your Father.