Here Are The 30 Finest Short Movies You Can Watch Right Now On Netflix


Here Are The 30 Finest Short Movies You Can Watch Right Now On Netflix:

A lot of people know that Netflix has some of the most effective movies, TV shows, and cartoons, but not as many people know that Netflix also has some of the best short films. Some people don’t respect or pay attention to short films, but movie fans love them.

Netflix has a wide range of short films that offer almost everything within a bite-sized package, from interesting plots to strong acting to scenes that make you think to insightful conversation.

Short films have always been a way for new or underrated makers to show their work, but they can be hard to find outside of film events. Netflix has put a lot of money into short pictures and made them easier to find.

The Elephant Whisperers:

“The Elephant Whisperers” is a documentary movie that was made by Kartiki Gonsalves. The movie takes place in the beautiful Mudumalai National Park and shows how deeply connected an indigenous couple named Bomman and Bellie are to a baby elephant called Raghu.

People watching the story see how hard it is for the couple to take care of Raghu and how dedicated they are as they do it.

In addition to showing the deep connection between people and animals, this moving documentary also highlights the rich weave of Indian culture as well as its long history of protecting the environment.

The film brilliantly explores themes of love, suffering, and living together, winning its spot on this list. It won the Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Film.

Heart Shot:

A young love story is at the heart of Marielle Woods’s 19-minute short film Heart Shot. Sam and Nikki are both juniors in high school. They love each other very much and hope to have a great future together.

But when a truth from Nikki’s troubled past comes out, it puts everything at risk, even the girls. Heuzé as well as Sondaya have electric energy on screen and do a great job of capturing the crazy, but hopeful, feelings of young love.

People who watch Heart Shot will want to see more of the main characters because they are so interesting. The short film has enough content to grow into a full-length movie or even a TV show.

The Present:

“The Present” is a short drama movie written and directed by Farah Nabulsi as well as Hind Shoufani. This captivating story is set in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, in a Palestinian area, and is about a father named Yusef and his daughter’s search for a gift for their wedding anniversary.

They have to deal with not only the distance, but also the intimidating Checkpoint 300, which stands for the suffocating job. As Yusef fights off the prying eyes of armed soldiers as well as is put down, watchers are drawn into the demeaning situation that many Palestinians face every day.

The movie shows the harsh realities of capture while also focused on the strength of the human spirit. It was made with a mix of fantasy and fact, especially the scene at Checkpoint 300.

Winner of the BAFTA Award for Best Short Film, “The Present” is a deep look at love, hope, and sticking with things even when things get hard.

The Room:

The Room, as well as La chambre, is not the same as Tommy Wiseau’s “so awful it’s good” popular classic. It’s about loss, finding, and painful family truths.

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Marie Montoya acts Annie, a young woman who has to pick up her dead father’s things because she is the only person who can claim them.

It turns out that he really loved Annie after all these years, even though they were not close. Annie learns more concerning him as she goes through his things.

The Room, directed by Latifa Said, got the Jury Prize at the Journées Cinématographiques de Kairouan within Tunisia and was shown at many film festivals.

It was a unique experience to watch because Said’s quick writing and Montoya’s multi-layered acting so wonderfully and painfully show how hard it is to lose a faraway family member.

Two Distant Strangers:

This was a short sci-fi drama movie called “Two Distant Strangers.” It was written through Travon Free and produced by Him and Martin Desmond Roe. The movie takes viewers into the scary world of Carter James, an artist who is stuck in an endless loop of time. It’s a frightening example of déjà vu.

Every day, on his way home to his beloved dog, he has a fatal fight with Officer Merk, which makes him live through the same terrible day over and over again.

The movie, which stars Joey Bada$$, Andrew Howard, as well as Zaria Simone in important parts, is a somber reminder of how often black Americans die tragically when they are stopped by police.

The story goes back and forth between hopeful and sad times, and it all comes together in a strong ending that shows the names of black Americans who have died in terrible accidents.

The film won the award for Best Live Action Short Film at the 93rd Academy Awards. Its powerful portrayal of systemic racism and police abuse solidified its place on the list. This is where you can watch it.

Disco Inferno:

In Disco Inferno, a Netflix original short film, a disco bar that used to be a church turns into a scary place. Young people Mel and Brandon really want to win the club’s big dance event. But when Mel finds out she’s pregnant, she wakes up a dark magical being.

Disco Inferno was a short 18-minute horror movie that still has a lot of scary images, especially ones that involve eyes, that horror movie fans will enjoy.

There’s no doubt that Bringas and Ruffin will become stars because of how well they play each other and on their own. People who liked this short will want it to be made into a movie.

If Anything Happens, I Love You:

This is a cartoon drama movie called “If Anything Happens, I Love You.” It was directed through Will McCormack as well as Michael Govier.

It is very quiet in the room where two parents are dealing with their unbearable sadness over the death of their daughter within a school shooting.

The cartoon movie shows their trip with great care, showing in a raw and moving way how they grieve, feel sorrow, and go through the painful process of accepting what happened.

Its simple black-and-white animation makes the emotional effect stronger by focusing on the parents’ inner strife and the memories that haunt them.

It was nominated for the 93rd Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film and really hits home with viewers, showing how scary things are for many families today.

This movie really gets into the complicated feelings of people and the deep effects of loss, so it deserves to be on this list.

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Frankenstein’s Monster’s Monster, Frankenstein:

David Harbour, who is famous for his role on Netflix’s Stranger Things, plays a strange version of himself within Frankenstein’s Monster. Famous theater actor David Harbour Jr. played Dr. Frankenstein in the play Frankenstein’s Monster. Within the 32-minute short film, David Harbour III wants to find out more about his father.

This short will appeal to people who like Harbour’s acting when it’s a little less serious. Some people might not like the weird humor, yet the story never stays too long. The monster from Frankenstein Frankenstein is funny, strange, and all around interesting.


Music video called “Anima” was made through Paul Thomas Anderson. Because Thom Yorke is so creative, Anima is more than just a movie; it’s an experience from another world.

This visual show goes with Yorke’s third studio record and combines hypnotic dancing with dark themes. In the middle of a sea of dressed people, Yorke’s character tries to connect with a woman played through Dajana Roncione.

Their airy dance moves set against strange backgrounds make you feel hunger, loneliness, and brief moments of connection.

It sounds like a trip through the mind, with inspirations ranging from the dark classics Nineteen Eighty-Four as well as Metropolis to the comic genius of Charlie Chaplin. For its unique mix of music and visual stories, the movie was nominated for a Grammy for Best Music Film.


Weathering is a sad but important story about a young woman named Gemina who almost dies while giving birth and loses her baby. Gemina grieves alone at home after she gets back from her trip and has troubling dreams.

The real horror of this movie revolves around how badly women are often treated within the medical system. For example, Gemina says something is wrong, but the doctor says it’s not.

Weathering goes over a lot of ground in twenty minutes, as well as Louder is backed up by a great supporting group that includes Jermaine Fowler and Alfre Woodard.

Maradona’s Legs:

Fires Khoury directed the short adventure drama film “Maradona’s Legs.” The quest that two young Palestinian boys are on takes place during the 1990 World Cup.

They want to get an Atari, and their goal is easy but hard: find the sticker of Maradona’s legs to finish their World Cup record. Their exciting trip takes them to Nazareth, where they walk the streets with boundless energy and drive.

‘Maradona’s Legs’ stands out because it is a live-action version of a children’s story about dreams and hopes that kids have.

The movie makes you think of easier times and how far people would go for what seemed like small wins. The movie gets the spirit of desire as well as the innocence of childhood through the eyes of a child, which makes it a sweet addition to the list.

The After:

David Oyelowo plays Dayo, a London rideshare driver who is dealing with a terrible loss in The After, a moving movie about grief and human connection. When he picks up a passenger, he has to face his past, but it helps him see a way to get better.

Along with Oyelowo, the short film stars Jessica Plummer, Sule Rimi, as well as Izuka Hoyle, among other talented players. It’s also the debut of the famous photographer Misan Harriman, whose photos of the 2020 Black Lives Matter events have been seen all over the world. The After was sure to be a beautiful and even scary short film with Harriman in charge of it.

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The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar:

A movie called “The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar” is an adventure comedy made by Wes Anderson. This movie comes from Roald Dahl’s short story with the same name. It’s the first in a four-part series of short movies based on Roald Dahl’s work.

The story is about Henry Sugar, a rich man who uses his inheritance to feed his gaming habit. His life changes when he comes across an odd book about Imdad Khan, a man who has an unusual capacity to see without his eyes.

When Henry finds out about Imdad’s method, he spends three years perfecting it. He uses his new skill in a game, but then he realizes that what he’s doing is wrong.

When put together, Wes Anderson’s playful movie style and Dahl’s magical reality create a fascinating visual experience. There is a compelling story and a strong ensemble cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Ralph Fiennes, Dev Patel, Ben Kingsley, as well as Richard Ayoade. The film not only shows how discovery and self-realization can change people, but it also shows how short films can capture audiences.


Home attack movies, like Us and The Strangers, are among some of the scariest within the horror genre, as well as Flashback gives you the creeps in just 16 minutes.

In this short film, a yoga teacher is having her home broken into, and as it occurs, her life flashes before her eyes. After that, she has to act quickly to safeguard the man she loves.

That’s right, director Jed Shepherd has worked on horror movies before he co-wrote Host, and he’s bringing back actors who played Host.

The short film Flashback shows that all three of them will be big names within horror in the future. It’s a great way to get scared during the Halloween season.

The Swan:

Wes Anderson has made four short films based on Roald Dahl’s books. This second movie is a thriller. The movie, which is told through Rupert Friend, presents us to Peter Watson, a smart boy who has always liked birds.

His life takes a scary turn when he is chased by two mean kids, alongside Ernie leading the way in cruelty. Ralph Fiennes as well as Asa Jennings play important parts in the movie.

Wes Anderson goes in a different direction from his usual style and explores the inner landscapes of pain, perseverance, and the unbreakable will of the human spirit to rise above hardship.

The haunting story, small cast, and steadfast obedience to Dahl’s original work are all proof of Anderson’s unmatched writing skills.

“The Swan” is a masterpiece of filmmaking because it packs a wide range of emotions into a short 17-minute span and makes you feel more deeply than many full-length films.

Amsterdam To Anatolia:

In the movie Amsterdam to Anatolia, Adam Bakri as well as Clara Khoury play loves who are meant to be together but can’t be. They meet up for a dangerous loving encounter. It only takes Bakri and Khoury six minutes to build a great chemistry that some A-list stars need a whole movie to do.

The movie Amsterdam to Anatolia, which was directed by Susan Youssef, shows how sad violence can happen when two people just dare to love each other. This great short film makes you think even more because it leaves a lot open to opinion.