Here Are The Fifteen Best Movies About Ai That You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The Fifteen Best Movies About Ai That You Can Watch Right Now:

A computer or a computer-run robot can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence, such as understanding visual information, making decisions, translating languages, and recognizing speech.

Home computers already have some kind of AI in them for most people. A lot of voice-controlled personal helpers, like Siri, Bixby, Alexa, and Cortana, as well as more, use AI.

Everyone knows that most science fiction movies with AI end up being scary stories about AI. One of the main ideas behind science fiction is to look into the risks and unexpected outcomes of technology and other advances that seem to be good for people.

Science fiction and fantasy stories have always been interested in robotics, AI, and other connected technologies. This is especially true for movies. As tools and software that are smart become more popular, it’s hard not to think about the lessons we can learn from movies about AI.

Some books and movies have made people wonder what would happen if AI learned to think for itself. They want to know if people will be able to survive and grow with AI or if they will be wiped out by technology that is smarter and stronger than them.


The rich are going to employ machines to take away the workers’ rights; wow, that makes us think of a present struggle. Fritz Lang’s silent expressionist masterpiece was one of the first science fiction movies ever made.

It takes place in a world where the richest people live in shiny buildings and people work beneath them to maintain the machines that keep the city running.

As tensions between the classes rise after an explosion kills many working-class people, a crazy scientist named Rotwang tries to destroy Metropolis by filling it with his robots and getting the underclass to support him.


You work as a robot engineer at a toy company and make stylish, lifelike dolls in your free time. She becomes intent on executing you via karate chop the instant you realize that your sister is an orphan.

Even though M3GAN is way too campy and silly to be truly scary, a list of killer AIs would not be complete without including everyone’s favorite gay hero.


Michael Crichton was the first person to tell people about the risks of AI when he directed Westworld in 1973, based on the book of the same name he wrote.

An HBO show that ran for four seasons would later be based on the idea. In the story, the computer bug spreads to the three floors of the Delos amusement park, where the androids are pretending to live.

Yul Brynner, who plays the cowboy robot, fights the two human stars of the story. Back in the day, this was the first movie to use computer-generated VXF. It still serves as a powerful example of the potential pitfalls when AI is allowed to grow unsupervised.

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2001: A Space Odyssey:

In his excellent movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick shows one of the most famous examples of AI gone wrong. The movie, which is based on the writings of Arthur C. Clarke, looks into the meaning of life by looking into time and evolution.

Besides the famous finish, one of the most memorable things about 2001 is HAL 9000, the computer that controls Discovery One’s systems and is an example of conscious artificial general intelligence. At first, HAL is a reliable member of the spaceship’s crew, but soon the AI starts to act badly toward its human coworkers.

The astronauts try to talk about HAL’s problems behind closed doors, but the computer can read their lips, knows they are in immediate danger, and begins killing the astronauts to ensure the success of its mission order.

A scary picture of man vs. machine, 2001 A Space Odyssey is about a lot of things besides AI, but HAL is what people will always remember it for.

The Terminator:

James Cameron’s “The Terminator,” with Arnold Schwarzenegger, was the first truly evil AI movie, and no other movie has been able to top it since. The bad AI of 2029 sends a specially made Terminator back to 1984 to kill a woman who is going to give birth to a threat to the robots’ survival in the future.

Mostly praised for its action, acting, and sci-fi idea, the movie’s premise is pretty simple. It came out at a time when sci-fi stories were particularly popular, thanks to movies like Blade Runner, WarGames, and E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Colossus: The Forbin Project:

“Obey me and live, or disobey me and die,” says the title of Colossus, a machine that got out of hand and was built by the Americans in Joseph Sargent’s 1970 science fiction war movie.

During the conflict with the Soviets, the CIA develops an advanced AI system to control their nuclear weapons, which inexplicably interfaces with a corresponding system created by the enemy.

Soon, the working robots run away with not only the result of the war but additionally the future of all people. Eric Braeden plays the title character, Dr. Forbin, who is the computer scientist who made Colossus and also tries to bring it down in a story similar to “1984” to get nuclear power back.


T.I.M. is like the nasty little princeling if M3GAN were the queen bee of evil humanoid robots. It’s funny that T.I.M. stands for “technologically.” Put together.

“Manservant,” and while he is such, at least at first, he turns out to be evil, obsessed, sneaky, and murderous in the end. Again, no matter how friendly and helpful an AI-powered robot seems at first, do not let it into your home.

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Yeon Sang-ho wrote and directed the South Korean sci-fi action/drama movie of the same name. The movie takes place in a terrible future where climate change has left Earth empty and hopeless.

The Allied Forces are channeling all their efforts into creating a supersoldier army centered around the genes and memories of renowned captain Yun Jung-yi, while various groups of people engage in conflict amongst themselves.

What’s the matter? Jung-yi’s daughter is the project’s lead scientist, but she can’t make the technology work for the Alliance because the Kronoid clones she made can’t beat the models of the Captain’s last mission.

Ex Machina:

In Alex Garland’s sci-fi psychological movie Ex Machina, the main character is a coder who goes to the remote home of his eccentric CEO to give an AI-enhanced humanoid robot the Turing test.

Alan Turing came up with the so-called “imitation game” in 1950. It checks a machine’s intelligence by seeing if it can behave intelligently, like a person.

The clinical, simple style of Ex Machina adds to the creepy mood of the movie, but Alicia Vikander’s Ava, the AI robot, is what really scares you. The movie, which is a modern-day Frankenstein story, makes it easy to feel both sorry for and scared of Ava.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence:

Steven Spielberg directed A.I., which stars a young Haley Joel Osment as David, a small robot boy who can really feel emotions. David really gets acquainted with his new mother, Monica, after being adopted by a family to help them deal with the death of their severely ill son.

But when a fix is found, their real son is magically healed and goes back home. The movie follows David as he tries to become a real boy, even though his human family starts to reject him. A.I. is both deep and scary, and it can really hurt your gut at times.

The Stepford Wives:

Joanna finds herself bothered by her new female neighbors’ need for beauty and cleanliness in Stepford, Connecticut, a seemingly nice place to live.

When Joanna makes a friend, she is shocked when that friend also gives in to something bad and starts thinking like the other women in town.

What’s going on? There is only one group of guys who replace their messy, picky wives with sex robots who love cleaning. No, Joanna does not make it out of Stepford whole.

I, Robot:

It’s strange to consider that the 2004 movie I, Robot is set in the “distant future” of 2035, a mere 12 years from now. Alex Proyas directed this science fiction action movie where people coexist with an army of robots designed to assist and safeguard them.

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But when Sonny, one of the robots, goes crazy, there is a full-on war between robots and humans. A film that relies heavily on computer effects appears dated in the present day, but isn’t that what makes science fiction films enjoyable?

The Matrix:

The Matrix changed the sci-fi genre as well as showing what happens when people’s ambitions aren’t slowed down.

The Wachowski brothers wrote and directed the movie, which is about what happened in human history after the big step forward in making clever robots. Most of these machines do the boring jobs that people no longer want to do.

The machines swiftly discover that they don’t have the same rights as the people who made them, so they start their own country and become better than people in every way.

Because the world’s powers think this is wrong, they go to war with the machines, only to lose badly. The machines then enslave and employ people as living batteries, keeping them alive within a visual simulation that always starts over due to a code flaw known as “The One.”

Demon Seed:

The cult classic movie Demon Seed is a mix of science fiction and horror. It was based on the same-named Dean Koontz book. The movie, which was directed by Donald Cammell, looks at both the nature of AI and the right to take care of one’s own body. In short, Proteus IV, an AI, locks up a woman and forcibly impregnates her.

Proteus develops a life-saving cancer treatment in just a few days, but the tech also craves to be released from its confines. Dr. Harris, who made Proteus, turns off the AI, but it turns itself back on and takes control of Harris’ smart home gadgets. Demon Seed is a movie about an artificial intelligence that breaks into people’s homes. Eventually, Proteus wants to have a child with Dr. Harris’s wife, Susan.


The show Morgan, starring Anya Taylor-Joy as Morgan and Kate Mara as Lee Weathers, shows how a very powerful manufactured robot grows, learns, and feels.

Morgan is the ninth version of this type of synthetic being. She can feel strong feelings, but she has trouble holding them in and acts out. Weathers’ job is to figure out how dangerous this is and decide if the project should go forward.

The movie is about a high-tech lifeform that gets out of hand and has some very scary turns along the way. It’s an interesting look at how people interact with these products as well as why it’s crucial to remember that they are not humans.