Here Are The Fifteen Best Space Movies You Can Watch Right Now


Here Are The Fifteen Best Space Movies You Can Watch Right Now:

Space has always been interesting to artists because it is so open to possibility and the unknown. This is clear from the huge number of space-themed as well as set-in-space movies that have come out over the years.

There are likely more space-related movies out there than you think. They range from silly comedies such as “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” to serious dramas like “First Man” and huge hits like “Star Wars.”

A lot of these hit films are based on real-life trips into space. For example, Apollo 13 as well as First Man are based on a few of the most famous rocket flights ever. Other movies, like Alien and High Life, look at the scarier sides of space travel.

This is why there are so many fans of space movies: the people who make them put a lot of time and effort into making sure the movies show what life would be like outside of Earth.


The military hires linguist Louise Banks and scientist Ian Donnelly to talk to the seven-legged “heptapods” and find out what they want when a dozen of the strangest monoliths since 2001: A Space Odyssey float around the world.

Arrival has been called “a language lesson masquerading as a blockbuster” and “a movie about aliens aimed at those who don’t like movies about aliens.” Arrival received eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, and holds a 94% fresh rating on the review website Rotten Tomatoes.


When explorers arrive, water up to their knees covers the world. Faraway “mountains” come crashing down on them, a killer tide that is kilometers high and covers the whole world. After they get away, an astronaut who isn’t well controlled locks them up on a solid cloud of strange ice in the air.

Interstellar is the most excellent response to Stanley Kubrick’s groundbreaking 2001: A Space Odyssey yet. It is often silly and sometimes truly creative.

NASA pilot Joseph Cooper, portrayed by Matthew McConaughey, embarks on a mission to find a “Planet B” similar to Earth, offering a potential new home for humanity in the face of Earth’s failing food system. His grown-up daughter, haunted by her dead father, is played by Jessica Chastain.


Duncan Jones’s first full-length movie moves slowly and needs some time to settle down. Sam is a scientist who works alone on a space station on the moon. Everyday life bores him.

An A.I. grin that helps Sam with everyday jobs is the only company he has. At the very end of his three-year deal, Sam has an accident that makes him see double. This makes him think over and over again about how tragic his life is.

Mr. Nobody:

Sure, this list is mostly about space movies, which is why you came, but “Mr. Nobody” also features on it. Jared Leto portrays the main character, Nemo Nobody. He is the last human being on Earth after cellular regeneration technology makes everyone else ageless.

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The movie mostly takes place on Earth, but Nemo writes a narrative about going to Mars by spaceship, which is shown in beautiful detail. “Mr. Nobody” received the Golden Osella and Biografilm Lancia Awards at the 66th Venice International Film Festival.


There are three men on the International Space Station who think they have found proof of life on Mars. This is the plot of the science fiction movie Life. Things get dangerous, though, when they keep looking into it and find that the strange life is smarter than they thought.

Life is a great space thriller for people who like scary movies. The movie creates a lot of drama by building on people’s fears of aliens and the danger they pose to the people on the space station, despite being set in space.

October Sky:

For the coal workers in a small town in West Virginia, Sputnik was either a sign that the Soviet Union was going to fail or a useless science project, according to who you asked.

The first man-made satellite gave Homer Hickam Jr. and his friends hope that they could do more with their lives than just work as shovel handlers. Hickam and his group of oddball friends got a dying town to focus on space exploration instead of their shrinking coal reserves.

They did this by scavenging railroads for rocket parts, launching homemade rockets on sometimes scary paths, and writing to the famous rocket scientist Wernher von Braun.

October Sky is based on an actual account of how Hickam got a job at NASA. People admire the film for its portrayal of Homer’s rise to fame in space and the complex relationship he has with his difficult coal-miner father.

October Sky is still a favorite among space fans. The American Film Institute nominated it for their top 100 list of the most exciting American movies released before 2005.


Proxima, Alice Winocour’s third movie, was shot on the training grounds of the European Space Agency in Germany and the complex outside of Moscow that is home to the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. The movie never leaves the ground, but it is still an amazing experience.

Cinematographer Georges Lechaptois does a great job of showing these rarely seen places in all their strangeness, monotony, and sometimes weariness.
When you watch this, you can’t help but think that being an astronaut must be a lot like being a skilled athlete, where you spend most of your time in stinky locker rooms.

Also, Eva Green did a great job playing Sarah Loreau, a single mother who got a last-minute chance to go on a journey to the International Space Station.

Green shows how Sarah feels when she wants to go to space yet doesn’t want to be away from her daughter. The answer is there, but it will be hard to find, and Green’s performance breaks my heart.

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If someone more popular had directed Sunshine, its plot would have turned into an overly silly space movie. Lucky for us, Danny Boyle directed the movie, Alex Garland wrote it, and Chris Evans, Cillian Murphy, and Rose Byrne were in it and did a great job.

The story of the movie seems a bit ridiculous on paper, but Boyle handles it as a drama about the end of the world with a realistic, mature eye, giving it an honest and caring tone.

THX 1138:

“THX 1138” didn’t work. That is, until “Star Wars” made George Lucas famous, fans went back to watch his initial film, which is about a totalitarian society where drugs change people’s minds and a robot police force runs things.

To get people to follow the rules, the title refers to the main character of the movie, and names are just three letters and four numbers. The International Federation of Film Critics put the movie in the Directors’ Fortnight part of the 1971 Cannes Film Festival and gave it a mention.

Ad Astra:

Thirty years after a man as well as his crew go missing in space, the man’s son, who is also an astronaut, goes on a trip to Neptune. Brad Pitt portrays Roy, who attempts to unravel the events of a decade ago and investigates a power surge that poses a threat to the world in Ad Astra.

Ad Astra isn’t the most exciting or action-packed space movie, yet it has a sad story that makes people feel things. Brad Pitt got great reviews for his role as Roy within Ad Astra. He did a great job of showing a man who hides his emotions but has clear emotional scars.


In this Hollywood version of the Kessler Syndrome, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney play Hubble-repairing astronauts who are stuck in space after a Russian anti-satellite missile test causes a thrilling but too fast series of orbital debris strikes that damage their space shuttle and make low Earth orbit look like a 20-car crash.

People who read Space News love Gravity, even though it has some weak science and technical errors. It also gets enough things right. That’s one reason why this amazing drama about being alone, being afraid, and surviving won seven Oscars, more than any other movie that year.


Sigourney Weaver portrays Ripley. She is part of a smart and clever space cargo team, but their skills will not help them at all when they face a dangerous alien stowaway.

What people thought of Alien was so good that it changed the way people thought about science fiction. Some of us who saw it at the right time also changed the way we thought about biology. We’ve been the top hunters for so long that we’ve forgotten how special our position is.

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The movie Alien makes us remember how the real world is. It puts us in the middle of things, not short on resources but also not at the top of a food chain. It makes us remember that living things are predators and that life involves ripping them apart to get their raw materials.

Alien’s controversial “xenomorph” has a life cycle that is partly based on that of some parasite bugs, but with the added feature of being able to change shape. A lifelike alien emerges when a person is hugged. When you hug a dog, you get a dog.


This is a classic “no brains, all brawn” movie by Michael Bay, who is great at making bombs. Because the story of the movie is so far from reality, it’s funny by accident.

When there is a big asteroid heading straight for Earth, the US government asks an oil driller to help them make a hole in it in order to drop a bomb into it.

There are parts of the script that read like they came from a school plan, but Bruce Willis’ loud pranks and Michael Bay’s sloppy direction make the movie exciting.


The movie Gattaca, directed by Andrew Niccol, explores a dystopian future where genetic engineering determines a person’s social status and opportunities. Twenty-one years after “Gattaca” came out, scientists had to deal with a problem that the movie brought up: gene editing.

Scientists can now change specific parts of DNA in embryos using CRISPR technology. This makes the embryos resistant to diseases like HIV, smallpox, and cholera. In the long run, this technology could exactly decide many things about a person, from intelligence to eye color, based on what the parents wanted.

In the world of “Gattaca,” a man who was born naturally and had none of his genes changed pretends to be another man to avoid genetic discrimination and follow his dream of going to space. This brings up important questions regarding whether gene editing is just a new form of eugenics.

The movie received numerous awards and nominations, including the Academy Award for Best Art Direction and the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.

First Man:

First Man stars Ryan Gosling as the lead role and is primarily set at NASA in the 1960s during the planning of the big and dangerous journey to land on the moon. The movie shows Armstrong as well as his two fellow men landing on the moon in 1969 in a way that looks incredibly real.

Even though this movie is mostly about space travel, First Man is mostly about how Armstrong felt about the journey and how his life changed after the famous event. Some viewers weren’t interested in the story, but most reviewers thought it was great that First Man didn’t follow the usual steps for biopics.