Here Are The Prices For Seeing Beyoncé At Levi’s Stadium


Here Are The Prices For Seeing Beyoncé At Levi’s Stadium:

The “Queen Bey” will be in the Bay Area soon. Wednesday night, Beyoncé’s “Renaissance World Tour” will stop at Levi’s Stadium for a much-anticipated show.

If you want to go to the show at the last minute, you’ll have to pay some money, yet not nearly as much as it would have cost to catch Taylor Swift at Levi’s Stadium.

On Tuesday afternoon, the cheapest ticket for seeing Beyoncé on SeatGeek was $224. After fees, though, that price jumps to $305. The tickets are for Section 413, which is regarding middle for a football game.

A Ticket Can Be Bought On StubHub For $225:

It shows an angle of the stage for Beyoncé’s show. On StubHub, you can buy tickets to see Beyoncé for $225 each. After fees, they cost $288, which is a little less than what SeatGeek charges. You can still get tickets to see Queen Bey in the Bay Area.

Beyoncé, who has won 32 Grammy Awards, is in the middle of her highly anticipated 2023 Renaissance World Tour. On Wednesday, August 30, the legendary show comes to Levi’s Stadium, and tickets start at $205, which is about $1,000 less than last-minute tickets to Taylor Swift’s stadium concert last month.

The price is much higher for people who want to see things up close. After fees, the cheapest floor chairs in Section 7 on StubHub on Tuesday were $731.

You Can Pay $3,000 To Sit At A B-Hive As Well As Club To Enjoy This Beautiful View:

In one of the 13 areas on the floor, many of the ads were at or close to $1,000 per ticket. Tickets were just under $3,000 to sit in either of the special “B-Hive” as well as “Club Renaissance” sections alongside the best view in the house.

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Even so, Beyoncé tickets are cheaper the week of the show than Taylor Swift tickets were in July. People who wanted to view Swift from the top areas of Levi’s Stadium had to shell out more than $1,000.

Tomorrow, the “Halo” singer will perform in Santa Clara. The following week, she will finish her California shows within Los Angeles. This is Beyoncé’s first solo show in the Bay Area because her Formation World Tour within 2016.

Beyoncé Was Made An Honorary Mayor Of Santa Clara Just Before Her Show:

Before her show, Beyoncé was given the title of special mayor of Santa Clara. This will be her fifth show at Levi’s Stadium, including the halftime show for Super Bowl 50.

During her nearly three-hour show at the home of the San Francisco 49ers, which is in a private area of Santa Clara and had a cut-off time of 11 p.m., the pop star went well past that time.

The mistake happened as she was switching from “Naughty Girl” to “Move” and stalking the stage alongside the other dancers in a rebellious way in front of a sold-out crowd of about 50,000 people.

The Authorities Gave The Show An Extra Hour:

Even though a law says that the stadium has to be dark by 10 p.m. on weekdays, the Santa Clara City Council was very flexible with Queen B.

Authorities gave her show a rare exception that allowed it to go on for an extra hour. This is something that can only be done for up to five non-NFL events per year.

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Beyoncé took her place close to 9 p.m., which was an hour later than when the show was supposed to start. She did a show that covered her whole career and included all of the songs from the album she just released, “Renaissance.” She didn’t seem to care about sticking to the time limit.

This Was The 3rd Time The Pop Star Didn’t Follow The Rules Of The Place:

“I’m so glad to be here on stage. “You know, today is special because I’m the mayor,” she said at the beginning of the show, referring to a resolution passed through the Santa Clara City Council that evening that given her the honored title and a key to the city. “I’m so grateful. Many thanks. This is my tour of thanks. I don’t think anything is a given.

This was the 3rd time the pop star didn’t follow the rules of the place. She had broken the curfew before, both when she and Jay-Z performed together on the On the Run II Tour within 2018 and when she performed alone on the Formation World Tour within 2016.

Since It Opened In 2014, Levi’s Stadium Has Been Dealing With Noise Problems:

Since it opened in 2014, Levi’s Stadium has had problems with noise, and very few music artists have followed the venue’s strict rules. Last month, Taylor Swift added the Rolling Stones, U2, as well as Coldplay as acts who have played past the venue’s 11 p.m. weekend ban.

She did this by giving a 3.5-hour show with more than 40 songs and a fireworks show. On July 28 and 29, her two shows in Santa Clara finished at 11:38 p.m. and 11:26 p.m., respectively.

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Ed Sheeran, a big name in British pop music, dropped Levi’s Stadium from his tour in 2018 because of the curfew. However, he is now set to play there on September 16 because he is free from the rule.