Here’s how you should date in the 21st century


Dating and courtship have now evolved thanks to the emergence of communications technology. You don’t have to wait for many weeks or months just to receive a single letter from your loved one living in another country or other part of the globe.

Nowadays, almost everything can be done instantly from searching a partner to having quick dates. Dating in this generation might be perceived as a perfect setup, but it actually depends. Having a technologically inclined dating life could be a bad thing or a good one. 

What the world of dating looks like in this generation

Dating has indeed changed in the previous years. Most of the old methods to show our affection seem forgotten by the younger individuals or they don’t even bother to try it.  While forming a relationship is now fairly easy, it doesn’t mean everything’s in good hands. Having a dating life that is virtually inclined has its perks and downsides.  

It seems like everyone’s in a rush

Through Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms, we can see how life is going for our friends or colleagues. We can see the enjoyment they get from their relationship and how happy they are with their current partners. This may stir a feeling of emptiness or jealousy. 

It’s natural to feel uneasy and insecure. However, the least thing you might want to do is to jump into a relationship just to fill the void or brag that you found a new partner. 

Almost zero effort

Remember the time when courtship is full of effort? Men will show their affection through creative ways like writing long love letters and so much more. During these days, you can express your feelings without exerting much effort. As long as you have your phone, you can send a short message to your partner saying, “I love you” or “I miss you.” 

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Everything goes quickly

Some women and men are easy to commit to a relationship even if they just met a few weeks ago. This is not entirely bad, and you’re lucky that you finally met someone you’d like. However, jumping into a relationship without knowing your partner that much can cause you problems in the future and result in a breakup. 

It’s better to have a great understanding of your potential partner’s background, past relationships, and personality before making a decision.    

Love with “ulterior motives”

Nowadays, some people commit themselves to a relationship not only because they love their partner, but they also have other reasons for doing so. Dating someone due to convenience is now also taking place in reality. Nonetheless, having a relationship with someone because they are rich and popular or have good looks is not healthy and will not lead to any good at the end. 

Some important pieces of advice for you

Dating in the 21st century can be a good or bad experience. A relationship might be full of deceptions and huge sacrifices. Regardless of the hardships and possible conflicts, you can have a successful dating life. Here are some of the tips you can follow:    

Use dating apps wisely 

With the abundance of dating platforms, people have the tendency to install and use multiple apps at the same time. This might lead to burnout or sudden disengagement in love search or virtual dating as a whole. If you don’t know what platforms would work best for you, you can read detailed date app reviews on this site to help narrow down your search.

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Be mindful of your virtual dating expectations

Setting unrealistic expectations for your partner or for the relationship itself may leave you disappointed at the end. If you decide to try virtual dating, you should always keep your expectations in check. Your potential partner may look different when you meet them personally compared to their appearance in video calls or photos.   

Exert the necessary effort to make the relationship work

The lifeline of a relationship is trust and collaborative effort. There’s nothing wrong about going the extra mile to make your partner happy and feel special. 

Don’t dispose the idea of meeting the right one within a real-life setup

Dating apps are indeed helpful. These platforms make your search easier and less hassle. No matter how convenient these apps can be, don’t settle on finding love online. That being said, you should still be open to the possibility of meeting the right person anywhere, probably in a market, coffee shop, or other random places. 

Be always true to yourself

Nowadays, people place great importance on our “image,” which can also be observed on dating platforms. However, it doesn’t mean you have to act like someone else just to be attractive to the opporsite sex. The best thing to do is to be yourself, and you’ll surely meet the right partner for you.