Heroes Reborn: Marvel releases trailer for comic book series


If last week we told you that Marvel Comics had announced a new Heroes Reborn For this year, today we get some more material: a new trailer in which we will know what awaits us in the new series of comics that is incorporated into the universe of the brand. You can see it below:

Marvel already announced that Heroes Reborn will return this year. And although they have only published a small teaser in the form of an image, expectations are high, since this new work comes at a time when the original comic turns 25 years old.

The image in question only featured the words “Heroes Reborn” in bold white letters on an orange gradient background. And under the title you could read the following description: “What happened to the most powerful heroes on Earth?” and the year 2021.

Heroes Reborn was a massive crossover released between 1996 and 1997 with titles featuring iconic Marvel heroes such as the Avengers or the Fantastic Four, Hulk, made by Jim Lee (WildStorm Studios) and Rob Liefeld (Extreme Studios).

Source: Comicbook

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