HGTV Sells The Brady Bunch’s House For Less Than The Asking Price Of $5.5 Million


HGTV Sells The Brady Bunch’s House For Less Than The Asking Price Of $5.5 Million:

The Brady Bunch house has been sold by HGTV. It was sold for less than the asking price as well as less than what they paid for it in 2018.

The popular 1970s TV show showed the outside of the Los Angeles house. HGTV bought the house and fixed up the inside to look like the sets in Hollywood where Florence Henderson as well as Robert Reed filmed their comedy.

Tina Trahan told The Wall Street Journal, “No one is going in there to make pork chops as well as applesauce in that kitchen.” “Anything you could do to make the house liveable would take away from what I consider art.”

Trahan, who lives mostly in Bel Air and says he likes the comedy, spent $3.2 million for the house in Studio City, Los Angeles. This is roughly nine percent less than what HGTV paid for the house in 2018.

The House Was Sold For $3.2 Million, The Person Said:

A source said that the home traded for $3.2 million. Earlier this year, the cable network placed the home on the market for $5.5 million.

At the time, HGTV bought the house for $3.5 million, and the improvements were shown on shows like A Very Brady Renovation as well as A Very Brady Renovation Holiday Edition.

Even at a low price, Trahan said the purchase was “the worst investment ever” and added that she plans to use the house for charity events and fundraisers.

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Trahan has been wedded to former HBO CEO Chris Albrecht since 2016. She says she likes old houses and is a fan of both The Brady Bunch TV show and The Brady Bunch Movie, which came out in 1995. She told the WSJ that about the movie: “I thought it was funny.”

In 2018, The Network Paid $3.5 Million For The House:

In 2018, the network purchased the house for $3.5 million, which was almost double what it was listed for. The show’s external shots were taken in front of the famous building, but the show’s interior scenes were shot on a set, so the interior of the real house did not appear like what people remembered.

In the show A Very Brady Renovation, the inside of the house was fully redone by a group of HGTV stars and the 6 actors who played the Brady kids.

HGTV placed the house up for sale previously this year after spending $1.9 million on it and adding a full second tale and 2,000 square feet to its original size.

The famous floating stairs, the bright orange and avocado green kitchen, the Jack-and-Jill bathroom for the kids, and the garden alongside a swing set, teeter-totter, as well as Tiger’s dog house are some of the best parts of the finished house.

The Network Gives Turn Up Fight Hunger 250,000 Meals With Some Of The Money From The Purchase Of The House:

The network stated they planned to use some of the money from their sale of the house to help No Kid Hungry’s Turn Up! Fight Hunger program provide up to 250,000 food for hungry kids in the U.S.

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The house was probably built around 1959, but it is now bigger than 5,000 square feet. The orange and lime green kitchen from the show has been made to look just like it did within the show.

Reports Say That HGTV Thought About Putting The House On The Market For Between $3 Million As Well As $10 Million:

The listing for the home says that HGTV built a second level that added 3,000 square feet and made the home bigger. It now has five bedrooms as well as five bathrooms.

Listing agent Danny Brown of Compass reportedly stated the property was hard to price, and HGTV reportedly discussed putting the price between $3 million and $10 million.

“No normal family could move in and live there,” Brown said. “It was almost as if you were offering up a fixer-upper.” “Should I compare it to Freddy Krueger’s house upon Elm Street as well as the house from Home Alone?”