Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

Tatsuhiko Urahata and Yoshiki Yamakawa are the writers and directors of the Japanese animation Hi Score Girl. The song’s composer is Yoko Shimomura.

On July 13, 2018, its inaugural campaign was made available. The second season of the programme, which was later published on October 25, 2019, was anxiously anticipated by fans after the first season had such a positive reception.

Youth of today adore and rely on the programme. The protagonist is a gamer named Haruo Yaguchi, and the narrative centres on his life.

Yaguchi Haruo was a professional player, yet he is also a sixth-grader who leads an unremarkable existence.

The animated series is based on Rensuke Okikiri’s manga series. This highly regarded anime series was created by J.C.This highly regarded anime series was created by J.C.

The crew was animated by SMDE and is a familiar face from shows like Food Wars! or One Punch Man. The Tokyo MX and MBS networks were the first to broadcast the series.

Then Netflix started airing it in English. On April 9, 2020, Netflix launched its global broadcast of the second episode of this show.

The manga series Hi Score Girl, also known as Hai Sukoa Gru, is also being adapted into a television series.

Rensuke Oshikiri is the author and illustrator of the manga. The author of the anime is Tatsuhiko Urahata.

The third season of Hi Score Girl has already been discussed since the release of season 2. I’ll talk about Hi Score Girl season 3 as well as other significant information in this article.

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here article contains spoilers as well; for those of you who dislike spoiler stuff, here is a little spoiler warning. Let’s start talking about the subject so that the article doesn’t become further delayed.

Square Enix is the publisher of Manga Hi Score Girl. The Magazine Big Gangan publishes the Seinen manga series.

The His Score Girl comics began publication in 2010 and ran until 2018. Then, in 2019, it made a comeback and hasn’t stopped since.

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release Date

The fans were very excited since Season 2’s cliffhanger had left them in suspense. The decision to not continue the programme for a third season was made since the previous two seasons had covered every volume of the manga.

For for the fans who had been impatiently awaiting the new season, it was a huge letdown. A spin-off from the programme debuted in 2019.

The main character of the spin-off is Koharu Hidaka. The likelihood of this anime having a third season is still very low since the primary plot has already been resolved.

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Cast

  • Haruo Yaguchi
  • Akira Oono
  • Koharu Hidaka
  • Namie Yaguchi
  • Genta Doi
  • Guile
  • Kotaro Miyao
  • Chihiro Onizuka
  • Makoto Ono
  • Moemi Goda

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Trailer

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Plot

When Akira defeats all of Haruo’s Street Fighter II challenges, the episode opens with Haruo being humiliated at a nearby arcade. Akira assists Haruo with his studies as he skips school because of a severe fever. Later, Haruo gives Akira access to his library of PC-engine video games.

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When Haruo and Akira visit a flower garden with their classmates, they really prefer the nearby amusement park.

Then, when Hidaka makes his way home, he is stranded in a blizzard, so Haruo asks him to play the game Street Fighter II.

Hidaka purchases a copy of the last battle because she can’t wait to play with Haruo. Haruo is travelling to Kyoto at the exact same time for an evening school trip.

Later, when Haruo is looking for Akira at the neighbourhood arcades, Hidaka questions Akira about her love for Haruo. At his regular arcade at the conclusion of season 1, Hariuo eventually runs across Akira, his equal.

Akira has been pressured to do well throughout her life, yet all she is interested in are the video games. She enjoys Haruo in addition to her passion of arcade games.

Koharu is continuously tarnishing Haruo as he watches Akira and Koharu compete in Virtual Fighter 2. While Makoto tells him about his affections for Akira and Koharu, Haruo runs and is kidnapped by a bunch of guys.

Later, after realising how much Akira meant to him, Haruo pays a visit to Miyao. Prior to the competition, Haruo gets barely any rest, so he is taken aback by Akira’s performance.

The tournament’s championship match features a confrontation between Akira and Haruo. Haruo hasn’t fully healed even after months have passed, and Akira’s departure is now a certainty.

The show takes place in 1991, a time when arcade video games were very popular. Haruo Yaguchi, who is now leading a life of dismay, intends to continue on this road.

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He gained a lot of pride and confidence in the gaming industry, but he lost it when Akira easily beat him in Street Fighter 2.

Akira, on the other side, is wealthy, attractive, and gifted in many ways. They slowly begin to fall in love with one another.

This spin-off’s future future plot centres around a 30-year-old teacher named Koharu Hidaka.

Fans shouldn’t be shocked if Rensuke Oshikiri decides to create this manga version’s final plot.

Season 3 of this anime seems unlikely, however, considering the primary plot has already been concluded. Unless the creators decide to do anything with the anime spin-off, there is nothing left to wrap up in the third season.