Hideo Kojima has a “radical project” in hand to move “to the next level” in 2022


The Japanese creative begins the year by talking about his plans for the next few months.

Perhaps we have lacked more than Hideo Kojima during 2021, where we have only enjoyed Death Stranding: Director’s Cut, but 2022 seems to bring us more prominence from the Japanese creative. And, after recently revealing that he has two new games in development, he wanted to start the year with new features to increase the desire of the followers of his work.

Through a message posted on his official Twitter account, Kojima has spoken of a new “radical project” with which you will try to get to the “next level of experimentation”. It would not be something so remarkable if we did not talk about the creator of Death Stranding, a triple A project that surprised everyone at the time for having a very particular and differentiated game proposal compared to the usual titles that we can find in the market.

Also mention a radio projectWithout much more detail about it, in the tweet he also talks about a radio project that could point to something related to the world of podcasting or streaming. Regarding both things, we do not know if he refers to something related to his other great passion, cinema, or video games, but the message has accompanied him with an image from Kojima Productions. In it, he congratulates us on the year with the slogan ‘From Sapiens to Ludens’ and the characteristic art style that usually accompanies him since his first works in Metal Gear Solid.

A Metal Gear Solid that, by the way, he was the protagonist again just a few days ago a secret was discovered 23 years after its launch. In addition, Hideo Kojima himself celebrated last November the 17th anniversary of the third numbered installment of the saga, sharing details of the development and different curiosities that surrounded the production.

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