Hideo Kojima jokes with Norman Reedus after the unexpected confirmation of Death Stranding 2


The creative has made reference to one of the most characteristic elements of the first installment.

If you lived excited the long walks of Sam Porter Bridges on your journey from end to end of a disorganized United States, this week has been great for you too. Most unexpectedly and probably most carelessly, Norman Reeduswho gives life to Sam in the adventure, confirmed in an interview the development of Death Stranding 2.

Taking into account the character Hideo Kojima usually shows on social networks, it was evident that the Japanese creative would soon respond in some way to the situation, and he has done so in the funniest way. Kojima has shared several photos with Norman Reedussurrounded by elements of The Walking Dead, a series that elevated the actor, recreating one of the most famous scenes.

Next to the photos, he has attached the text “Go to your private room, my friend“, that as you already know, if you have played the title of Kojima Productions, the private room it is the place where Norman Reedus’ character retreats to in the game. An amusing cryptic response very typical of the father of Metal Gear. In his interview, Reedus talked about the time it took to finish the MoCap sessions and all the work that went into it.

The actor also recalled how he lived his first approach to the video game and Hideo Kojima: “William of the Bullwho gave me my first movie, called me up and said ‘Hey, there’s a guy named Hideo Kojima, he’s going to call you, just say yes“. If you haven’t played Kojima’s brave title yet, remember that at 3DJuegos you have our Death Stranding analysis available.

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