Hilda Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know Far


Hilda is an animated streaming TV show based on a series of comic books by Luke Pearson with the same name. Silvergate Media and Mercury Filmworks are in charge of making it. The series follows the adventures of brave Hilda, an 11-year-old girl with blue hair who moves to Trolberg with her mother, Johanna, and their pet deerfox, Twig, after a giant destroys their old home on the edge of a forest. Hilda makes friends with even the most dangerous monsters, even though she moved from the wild to a busy city.

Also, the first episode of the series as a Netflix miniseries was released on September 21, 2018, to a lot of praise. Due to how well the show did, it was given a second season on October 8, 2018. At the New York International Children’s Film Festival on February 25, 2018, the first two episodes were shown for the first time outside of the United States. On December 14, 2020, season 2 will be out.

When was Hilda renewed for season 3?

Animation Magazine’s issue 317 from February 2022 told people that Hilda would be coming back for a third season. In the article, they said that there will be a third and last season of the show. Luke Pearson, who wrote Hilda, confirmed several key facts about the forthcoming third and final season, saying:

“Season three will move on from the events of the movie and venture into some new territory. Although there will be some detours, it’s a more focused, ongoing story than we’ve told previously, which is exciting. It will sadly be the final season, but I’m excited for people to see what we’ve got in store — especially since we’re beyond the books, so it’s all a surprise. I’d say it’s less about checking in on what we’ve seen before and more about exploring aspects of Hilda’s world that have gone unspoken until now.”

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Hilda storyline

Luke Pearson made the animated show Hilda, which is about a girl who is 11 years old. Her mother raises her in a cabin on the edge of a wooded area near the city of Trolberg. The show is about a girl and her friends going on adventures. Her friends David and Frida, as well as the deer fox Twig and the elf Alfur, are also in her group. As they move around Trolberg, the whole team goes on different adventures and meets many animals, spirits, and people.

The girl makes friends with all of the dangerous monsters. This gives the show a lot of puzzles, adventure, comedy, and the supernatural. Hilda is one of the best series for kids right now. Still, it’s good for adults too, because we all have a child inside of us. The dialogue in the show doesn’t have any bad words, and it’s fun to watch. The proof is in the reviews, which have given the show high marks for everything it has to offer.

Over the years, animated shows have gained an immense number of fans. Most animated movies can bring in a good amount of money at the box office. Hilda is one of these shows that do well. When the third season comes out, people are likely to like it more than they did Season 1.

Hilda Season 3 Cast

If Hilda’s third season ever comes out, we can be sure that all of the main characters will be back. This means that Hilda’s voice actress, Bella Ramsay, will have to come back. In the same way, it is very safe to bet on returns from the show’s other major cast members. Frida and David, two of Hilda’s friends, will probably be played by Ameerah Falzon-Ojo and Oliver Nelson, who usually play those roles. At the same time, Hilda’s mother, Johanna, and Alfur the elf, played by Daisy Haggard and Rasmus Hardiker, should come back. Lastly, if the characters who came back in season 2 become regulars, we’ll probably see John Hopkins, Lucy Montgomery, Erik, and Gerda again.

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In this case, the only real question is whether or not Hilda will add any new characters in season 3. If that’s the case, we’ll probably hear from some new voice actors. But, just like we don’t know when season 3 will come out, we can’t be sure of anything until Netflix tells us.

Hilda Season 3 Release Date

As part of Netflix’s announcement of upcoming kids’ shows and movies, it is now official that “more episodes” of Hilda will start airing on the streaming service in 2023. Even though there is no actual date for its release yet, remain tuned in this space for more news.

Where can I watch Hilda season 3?

Hilda is an animated adventure comedy-drama that you can watch as a movie on Netflix. Both the first and 2nd seasons have 26 episodes. Each episode of the first season runs for 32 minutes, while each episode of Season 2 runs for 44 minutes.

Hilda Season 3 Trailer

The third season of Hilda hasn’t finished being made yet. Because of this, there isn’t a trailer for season 3 yet.

Hilda Season 2 Review

The second season of Hilda just feels like a more grown-up version of the first. In Season 1, most of the action took place in the city of Trollberg. Season 2, on the other hand, starts to add more variety to its characters and settings, fully embracing the imaginative and fantastical side of its world, which is a very good thing. Viewers will love getting lost in each idyllic episode. The second season keeps the familiar warm Hilda feel while trying to execute and improve the original “monster of the week” episodic formula by adding additional story depth.

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Even though the action scenes and pace of the season aren’t always very exciting, one could argue that this just adds to Hilda’s cozy charm. The show takes its time to really deepen the connections and level of lore development in the Scandinavian-inspired world, which makes the heartwarming scenes that much more emotional. This season, the relationships between the characters are much stronger and more charming, which is very nice and fun to watch. The elves and Wood Man, in particular, steal the show with their dry humor and fun interactions with the others in the cast.

Season 2 of Hilda continues to be one of the most enjoyable shows of this year. At first glance, Hilda seems like a typical adventure show with not much going on emotionally. But this is not even close to the truth. Hilda’s long-awaited second season not only lives up to the high praise for the first season, but it also builds on what made the first season great.

The result is a warm and heartfelt masterpiece of a series that combines adventure, emotional stability, fantasy, and wonder in a way that is truly unique. No matter how old you are, Hilda’s plot and art style are likely to be better than you expected. This makes it a great choice for a cozy binge-watching session with loved ones this December.