Hinamatsuri Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know


Hinamatsuri Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need to Know

We haven’t seen Hinamatsuri in a very long time, despite the manga’s current state of publication. For the devoted followers of Hinamatsuri, there is some wonderful news after a long time.

There was a worldwide uproar in 2018 once the animated series made its Netflix premiere because of the outstanding plot, which made viewers automatically want for a season 2.

In fact, the source material was amassed into such a pile after a long time of publishing the graphic novel that there may be a number of further seasons in the future.

Based on a well-known manga, The Hinamatsuri Series constitutes a Japanese comedy as well as slice-of-life anime series.

Its creator and artist is Masao Otake.Feel Studio turned the manga into a series for television as a result of the comic’s success.

When it was made accessible on Netflix in 2018, The Hinamatsuri Series had a significant influence on people all around the globe.

There are 18 volumes in the manga series of this programme. The 19th book, which serves as the series’ capstone, was released on July 15, 2020. Through the publishing company One Peace Books, the manga is accessible in English.

The programme has been very well-liked by audiences all around the globe and has increased in popularity.

Fans who already started viewing the series are at the proper spot since this page contains details on its unexplored elements.

In April 2018, the 12-episode comedy, seinen, superpowers, or slice-of-life anime Hinamatsuri debuted on television. The manga series created and drawn by Masao Take served as the inspiration for the anime.

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The Feel studio produced the animation, which tells the tale of Hina and Nitta, two adolescent girls with special abilities.

Since 2005, the studio has created many critically praised anime, with Remake Our Life!, a light novel adaptation, being the most recent.

Kei Oikawa, who previously worked in a few episode of Naruto also helmed the final season of Oregairu, is the series’ director.

Hinamatsuri Season 2 Release Date

The 12-episode first season for the Hinamatsuri television series ran from April 6 to June 22, 2018. It had its Netflix debut under Kei Oikawa’s direction.

The official team did not provide any Hinamatsuri Season 2 Release Date. Season 2 has not been decided.

However, the cast is certain that Series 1 is receiving a warm and supportive reaction from audiences all across the globe.

The majority of viewers and followers favour continuing this series. The release date for Hinamatsuri Season 2 is widely anticipated by anime enthusiasts. If manufacturing begins this year, the next renewal won’t happen until 2023.

Hinamatsuri Season 2 Cast

Information about Hinamatsuri’s second season is currently unavailable. However, we are aware which performers will reprise their roles.

Hina’s voice is portrayed by Brina Palencia, Yoshifumi Nitta’s by Jarrod Greene, Anzu’s by Amanda Lee, and Hitomi Mishima’s by Tabitha Ray.

Utako Sakura’s voice was provided by Mallorie Rodak, Mao’s by Ariel Graham, and Saburo Tanaka’s by Kyle Philips.

  • Hinamatsuri anime was directed by Kei Oikawa.
  • Studio- Feel
  • Produced by Mitsuhiro Ogata, Noritomo Isogai, and four others.
  • Written by Keiichirō Ōchi.
  • Music by Yasuhiro Misawa.
  • Licensed by Crunchyroll and Funimation
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Hinamatsuri Season 2 Trailer

Hinamatsuri Season 2 Plot

Nitta Yoshifumi, a member of the Yakuza, likes to collect porcelain vases. He was unwinding in his unit on the top level of the building one evening when a metal box suddenly collapsed on top of him.

He tries to ignore the human face on the front from the metal box the next morning, but it commands Nitta to get her out of it.

When Nitta unlocks the metal box, a girl called Hina, who has her years of eleven and twelve, comes out. Soon after learning that the girl has telekinetic powers, Nitta is coerced against his will to take her along.

Taking care of Hina is a complete agony for Nitta, despite the fact that her talents help him in his yakuza job.

When Hina’s friends in the fresh world and others who have followed them from the old world grow involved, everything will turn into complete chaos as a result of all these occurrences.

The first season featured a fantastic plot that was very engrossing. Yoshifumi Nitta, a gruff middle-aged man, is the protagonist of the tale and finds himself alone and lost within his own thoughts.

He spends a lot of time in his flat, extremely dissatisfied with his life and everything he possesses. He was at his flat one day when a female came out of nowhere in in front of them.

She is none less than Hina, the show’s main character. Yoshifumi Nitta doesn’t understand how Hina got into his apartment at first, but he later discovers the entire thing!

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Hina is more than simply a typical teenage girl; she has superhuman traits, such as psychokinetic ability. These abilities are potent enough to move someone’s physical body without really touching it.

It’s only her mental fortitude that saves her, and Yoshifumi Nitta quickly recognises he must now step in as Hina’s “father” since she has nowhere else to turn.

Just as she enters his apartment, the plot abruptly changes as other females appear from the past to bring Hina back since she does not belong in that time period. The pursuit now begins.

Hina often utilises her psychic powers to stop herself from assaulting others during confrontations, and she mostly want to remain with Yoshifumi Nitta, his fictitious father.

Another time, when Hina enters the timeline, events in the city begin to change as a result of a series of events which did not originate from the timeline.