Hindus can never be anti-India, patriotism is their basic character and nature: Bhagwat

new Delhi: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat said on Friday that if someone is a Hindu then he will be a patriot and this is his basic character and nature. The Sangh chief said this while quoting Mahatma Gandhi’s comment in which he said that his patriotism originated from his religion. Mohan Bhagwat said this while inaugurating the book ‘Making of a Hindu Patriot: Background of Gandhiji Hind Swaraj’ written by JK Bajaj and MD Srinivas. Also Read – RSS office attacked, vandalized, three arrested, two policemen suspended in UP

Bhagwat said that by releasing the name of the book and mine, there can be speculation that it is an attempt to define Gandhiji according to his own. He said, “Nobody can define great men according to their own.” He said that this book is based on extensive research and those who have different opinions from it can also write research. Also Read – RSS ideologue MG Vaidya dies, Mohan Bhagwat expressed grief

The Sangh chief said, “Gandhiji said that my patriotism originates from my religion. I will understand my religion and become a good patriot and ask people to do the same. Gandhiji said that to understand Swaraj one has to understand self-religion. “Referring to the religion and patriotism, the Sangh chief said that if he is a Hindu, he has to be a patriot because it is at its core. It may be the soy that needs to be awakened, but no Hindu can be anti-India. Also Read – Organization associated with the association said- Modi government should change the agricultural laws

He said that as long as there is a fear in my mind that my existence is a threat to my existence and you will be threatened by my existence by my being, then there can be deals, but not intimacy.

Bhagwat said that separation does not mean that we cannot live as sons of one society, one earth. He said that diversity in unity, unity in diversity is the basic thinking of India. However, in the book, the author quoted Gandhiji’s talk to Leo Tolstoy, in which he has mentioned his growing love for India and things related to it. Bajaj said that in this book, Gandhi’s journey and life from Porbandar to England and then South Africa have been mentioned.

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