Hitman 3 has recouped its development costs in just one week


A few days ago we learned that Hitman 3 it had already become the fastest-selling game in the series in digital format. But of course, apart from the fact that the figures themselves were not shared, that was too generic to be able to know what the global sales of the IO Interactive game had been.

Today we still do not have concrete numbers. However, its creators have wanted to share with the players that the title is already profitable. In other words, in just one week since its launch, Hitman 3 has already recouped all development costs.

The news has come from Hakan Abrak, the CEO of IO Interactive. Or more specifically, thanks to a statement he has made for the GamesIndustry medium. This is what he has commented on this whole topic:

“It has been a labor of love between our fans and everyone in the studio. As developers and publishers, we are immensely proud to say that Hitman 3 is already profitable. We have recovered the full costs of the project in less than a week. That puts us in a really good place and allows us to confidently move forward with our ambitious plans for future projects. “.

Regarding the reasons for success, Abrak has been clear in pointing out the fact that Hitman 3 is the first game that IO Interactive has published on its own:

“We’ve been able to create a game that our players will love and take to in the most direct way possible; developed and published by IOI. Having that approach from the beginning has kept us on a path we all believed in. Everyone in the studio was on behind the vision of the game and know the Hitman universe better than anyone. That combination makes us very effective as an editor because we have our creative and development teams working closely with publishing and marketing throughout the project. We need that collaboration because we all want to create a quality product. “.

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