Hitman 3 is already the most successful digital launch of the saga


The criticism has been unanimous when it comes to receiving Hitman 3. The IO Interactive title, which completes the World of Assassination trilogy, is available now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. And the press is calling it an excellent game that represents the culmination of the formula that has made us enjoy so much in the past.

A full-fledged more and better that, from what sales suggest, seems to have also caught on with players. To the point of Hitman 3, it has already become the fastest-selling game (in digital format) in the series.

As you can see, the information has been published by the official IO Interactive account and Twitter. And in the image that accompanies the message, you can see some of the spectacular notes that the game has taken. Without going any further, the title has an average of 88 on Metacritic at the moment.

As for the game itself, remember that those users who enjoy the PlayStation versions can also play the campaign in virtual reality mode. For their part, Stadia players will be able to use State Share. A unique feature that allows us to “capture” our games to offer challenges to the community.

Regarding our own analysis, IGN Spain has given Hitman 3 a score of 8.6, highlighting that “It’s a perfect climax to this Murder World trilogy because of the ambition on some of its levels, and the thousand and one assassination possibilities, that make you want to replay it until there’s nothing else left to discover.”.

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