Hitman 3: Speedrunners clear the first level in 8 seconds


Los speedrunners de Hitman 3 They’ve already managed to get past the first level of the game in less than ten seconds, and they’re getting faster and faster, with the current record set to eight, which is absolutely outrageous.

The Assassination Mission in Dubi “On Top of the World” can be solved extraordinarily fast due to the position of the two main objectives at the beginning of the level. At Speedrun.com there are already several users who have broken records, including five who have dropped below ten seconds.

User Goron has managed to finish it in eight. It happened on January 25, and you can see it in the corresponding video. Don’t even go upstairs. Use the atrium elevator to enter the level, shoot the wall to alert them, and then they are ventilated with the silenced pistol. Go back to the elevator and end of the matter. What if it can be faster? Of course. We bet on it.

Hitman 3 is a critical hit. We invite you to read our analysis of the closing of the current trilogy of the shaven hitman.

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