Hogwarts Legacy chief designer resigns after controversy on his YouTube channel


Hogwarts Legacy Chief Designer Troy Leavitt He has left the Avalanche Software team and is withdrawing from the project following a controversy on his YouTube channel.

Leavitt became the center of attention of the controversy a couple of weeks ago, when journalist Liam Robertson pointed out that the designer had uploaded a series of videos in the past that, among other topics, expressed their support for the Gamergate movement and downplayed recent high-profile sexual harassment cases in the industry.

Leavitt has explained in Twitter leaving Avalanche Software, adding that “I only have good things to say about the game, the development team and WB Games.” Afterward, Leavitt comments that he felt “absolutely secure” in his position at Avalanche, but has made the decision to resign.

Neither Avalanche Software nor WB Games have commented on Leavitt’s departure at the time of writing the story. IGN has contacted both.

Hogwarts Legacy, slated for release in 2022, has been the subject of much controversy since its announcement. The first focused on the controversy with JK Rowling and her transphobic vision, to which the study had to comment that the writer was not directly involved in the project. Yesterday’s news also suggests that there will be the possibility of creating transgender characters.

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The president of WB Interactive, David Haddad, did not want to criticize Rowling saying that “she has every right to have her opinions“.