Hollywood Studio Brings Back Mask Mandate Amid Rise In COVID Cases


Hollywood Studio Brings Back Mask Mandate Amid Rise In COVID Cases:

Many of Lionsgate’s workers will have to wear masks again because of the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles.

In an email that Deadline got from Lionsgate/Starz’s response manager, Sommer McElroy, she said that workers at the company’s main office within Santa Monica, California, will have to wear a medical-grade mask like a surgery mask or a KN95 or N95 mask.

As the number of COVID-19 cases and hospitals rise, universities and businesses are thinking about requiring masks in indoor spaces.

The CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker Says That There Are 12,613 New Cases In The Past Six Days:

The most current numbers from the CDC COVID-19 Data Tracker, which cover August 6 through August 12, show that 12,613 people were admitted to the hospital. This is a 21.6% rise from the previous week.

During the same week, there were 1.3% more deaths than the week before. This was a rise of 8.3%. The emailed letter says that employees must wear the mask until they are alone within an office alongside the door closed, eating or drinking within their work space, or are the only person in a big open workspace.

Studio workers must also do a self-screening every day before going to work. If the worker has signs of COVID-19, they must stay at home and let McElroy know.

The Message Comes At A Time When The Number Of Crimes In Los Angeles Has Been Going Up:

They also have to stay at home if they’ve been out of the country in the past 10 days. In the last few weeks, the number of crimes in Los Angeles has been going up. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health said last month that there were “small increases in COVID-19 indicators.”

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In response to a recent rise in COVID-19 cases at the company, Lionsgate has required covering at its main office in Santa Monica, according to an email from the company that was received by Deadline.

This would mean that almost half of the company’s workers would have to wear “medical-grade” face masks once more.

Almost Half Of The Company’s Workers Would Have To Wear “Medical Grade” Face Masks:

“Except when they are alone within an office alongside the door closed, consuming food or beverages at their desk or workstation, or if they have the only person in a large open workspace,” the company rule says.

The company is tracking down contacts and selling COVID-19 test kits that people can use at home. As fall classes start at colleges and universities, some schools have taken steps to keep their students safe.

Masks are needed at both Rutgers University as well as Georgetown University. Also, Morris Brown College within Atlanta said that it was bringing back its mask rule because COVID-19 cases had been reported.

Employees Must Now Also Check Themselves Every Day As Well As Stay Home If They Have Signs:

In an email to the whole company that Deadline got a hold of, it was said that nearly half of the workers would have to wear “medical grade” face masks again in the main buildings in Los Angeles.

The rule applies “except when they are alone within an office alongside the door closed, actively consuming food or beverages at their desk as well as workstation, or if they are the sole individual in a large open workspace.”

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Employees are also now expected to self-screen every day as well as stay home if they have symptoms as well as have flown abroad in the last 10 days. The company is additionally bringing back contact tracking and giving people test kits they can use at home when they need to.

After a few workers tested positive, the rules are being put back in place. Lionsgate is most recognized for its series of movies like John Wick, Saw, as well as The Hunger Games.

COVID Was Declared Over In Los Angeles County In March But Right Now COVID Cases Are Increasing  In LA:

COVID was declared over in Los Angeles County in March, but there have been recent cases on the set of The Masked Singer on Fox, at Taylor Swift events at So-Fi Stadium, as well as Warner’s offices in Culver City.

The Department of Public Health has said that there have been “small increases,” but it has also said that “overall metrics remain at a low level of concern.”

Number Of Sick People In California As A Whole Has Gone Up By 29% Within 14 Days:

The Los Angeles Times tracker shows that the number of sick people in California as a whole has gone up by 29% in the past 14 days.

This week, there was also word that Morris Brown College within Atlanta is bringing back a 14-day mask rule after students were found to have HIV.