Horizon Call of the Mountain is the first game for PlayStation VR2, and shares trailer and details


Guerrilla expands the universe of the Horizon series on PS5 with this collaboration with Firesprite Games.

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A few hours ago, Sony has surprised us by thoroughly presenting the characteristics of PlayStation VR2, their new device for virtual reality aimed at the new titles that will take advantage of this experience on PlayStation 5. Both the helmet and the new Sense VR2 controls have been detailed, but they also wanted to accompany the announcement with the first title that seems to make use of the technology.

We talk about Horizon Call of the Mountain, a new experience from Guerrilla Games that, together with Firesprite Games, will seek to offer an immersion designed specifically for the new Sony device. The title has been officially announced through the PlayStation blog, and will expand the universe post-apocalyptic we know with Horizon Zero Dawn and the upcoming Forbidden West.

It will have a new characterThrough a small teaser trailer that they have shared, we can see a short footage of the game in motion, observing how the player directs his gaze towards one of the most iconic machines of the saga, which is truly gigantic from this first-person perspective. They officially treat it as an experience, so we do not expect to find here all the capabilities of a complete game as such, but something more aimed at showing us the potential of the device.

Horizon: Call of the Mountain

As the Guerrilla itself tells us, Call of the Mountain will feature a New Character created for the occasion of which they assure that we will know more soon. We can, yes, meet Aloy and other familiar faces, in addition to discovering new companions never seen before.

For the moment, we do not have a date launch or approximate window, as does not have PlayStation VR2, so they could be accompanied. Of course, from the development team they urge us to remain vigilant, since we will be able to learn more details about this Call of the Mountain experience very soon. Until then, we have to wait for a Horizon Forbidden West that launches next February 18 with new machines to face and a new story to know.

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